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Digital Marketing Plans Final Goals


A company’s success depends on its ability to communicate with its customers through marketing. Because of this, firms must exercise caution when making their choice of marketing instrument. All of these operations are instances of marketing, which is the process by which an organization tries to make clients aware of its products and services, as well as where they can get the essential artwork and sculptures. Everything from marketing and advertising to purchasing and delivering goods and services falls under this umbrella topic. In the words of Bud Caddell, digital is “a participatory layer of all media that allows consumers to self-select their experiences and affords advertisers the capacity to bridge media, gather feedback and iterate their message, and collect relationships” (artsper , 2022). Furthermore, digital provides an entirely new way for people to find, consume, and interact with content (for marketers). Marketing has evolved as a result of recent technological breakthroughs.

Modern computer systems and technologies have transformed the way businesses conduct their marketing efforts. In today’s world, digital migration has changed a wide range of corporate practices. Marketing has evolved tremendously from its analog predecessors. Because of this, digital marketing has taken off and is employed by a wide range of businesses. In a nutshell, digital marketing refers to the use of the Internet, social media, mobile devices, search engines, and other digital means to communicate with customers and potential customers (Halman, 2021). For businesses, it is a new venture that involves new means of attracting and retaining customers and an understanding of how customers behave compared to the previous ways. Examples of digital marketing plans are provided in this document. A digital marketing plan is a proper way of establishing a company’s products and brand in the digital world. The strategies involve complete integration of the company overview and digital strategy involved.

Through the expansion of the Internet, online shopping has given rise to an entirely new world economy. In today’s environment, a company’s presence on the Internet is essential, or else customers may not take your company seriously. Having your photograph available on the Internet is a great approach to improve your revenue potential. Businesses will benefit from having their products visible worldwide as a result of having their image on the Internet. But it also makes it possible for companies to give better customer service and communicate with their customers in a much timelier manner, resulting in a rise in profits for the companies involved (Hustin p. 12). Getting new customers, increasing the quality of your leads, and spreading awareness of your brand are some of the most common digital marketing objectives. The objectives of your company must be taken into consideration while defining goals. For a goal to be feasible, it must have clearly defined and quantified objectives. Digital marketing has both internal and external roadblocks to overcome. In this paper, we aim to have a clear idea of the Artsper company project frame and provide empirical evidence that includes the functionalities of a digital marketing plan and the company analysis.

Artsper Company Overview

Artsper is a modern art marketplace where galleries worldwide can sell their artworks to a global audience of art enthusiasts. Their collaboration with hundreds of galleries allows us to publicize more than 10,000 artworks proposed by more than 4,000 artists each year. Artsper, founded in 2013 by Hugo Mulliez and François-Xavier Trancart, is the European leader in selling modern art (artsper , 2022). The French start-up was launched to bridge the gap between new and established collectors, art lovers, and the art market. The company is based in Paris. Famous artworks from around the world, including Banksy, JonOne, Andy Warhol, and new contemporary talents represented by the greatest European galleries, are showcased on the platform. Artsper also provides an online magazine, an Art Advisory Service, and, most recently, an Art Service for businesses looking for individualized guidance when purchasing their favorite artworks on the internet. The company founders state, “Purchasing a work of art is not a little inconsequential decision. The values of innovation, originality, and refinement are all incorporated and required in this process. We are members of the ‘digital native’ age, and as such, we believe that humans should be at the center of all ‘business.'”

The company targets a great art network that helps to promote and encourage countless interests and tastes. They do all of these by offering infinite professional choices, access to the platform, and open work that features a variety of products, from sculptures and paintings to mixed media and photographs. The company provides personal assistance to ensure that all types of buyers and sellers have their choices (Halman, 2021). To be more exact, the classification tool developed by the R&D team, along with the online Artsper chat feature, both assist every client in finding and purchasing their requested work from a database of over 170,000 pieces. Due to its wide reach, the renowned contemporary art platform ensures that each location has its individuality, character, and, most importantly, its sense of genuineness.

Brand Mission

Based on the user’s previous search history or previous purchase order, members of the company team hand-pick specific items for the company’s audience based on the customer’s preferences. Using data from the past, the company aims to create a unique customer experience. As a result of the website’s extensive research, users now have access to a wider range of mission works and up-and-coming artists (Prince, 2020). It’s a wide range of art, from graffiti to master prints, sculptures to sketches. Regardless of the size of the space, Artsper helps designers find the focal point or finishing touch that a client may not even be aware they are looking for. Project collaborators, from furniture makers to electricians, are becoming even more diverse, and designers are delving into the art world in the goal of locating one-of-a-kind items for a specific place. Designing a personal art portfolio for your clients can be a time-consuming task, and it can be difficult to know where to find the art you need (Spear’s, 2016). Human experience will be combined with sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to establish a single online marketplace that will speed the search for artwork. The goal is to make the art purchase process easier and more accessible.

What is special about Artsper compared to other brands?

The art world is a friendly environment, and it would seem unfair when buyers cannot access what they want. According to Francois-Xavier Trancart, an art-selling website provides a unique experience to buyers and art sellers. To him, what makes the company unique is its ability to adapt to client needs and its failure to work for snoots that make prominent collectors or respectable museums unwelcoming. Artsper is also unique in that it stocks its gallery with artwork from artists that are on the less snooty end of the artistic spectrum. Art galleries in France number four thousand, of which 2500 are located in Paris, with Artsper serving as a portal for more than 200 of these galleries. The company’s pricing range is from €100 to €25,000. Sales last year were “a touch less than” my rapid computation of €1.4 million, and it currently sells three or four artworks a day with an “average cart” of €1,500 (Prince , 2020). A dozen galleries in the United Kingdom have already signed on to join its expansion, which makes perfect sense considering the significant concentration of art dealers, collectors, and French-speaking residents in the United Kingdom.

Artsper Digital Presence

Maintaining a digital art presence is one of the goals of Artsper. Technology has saturated the world today. It is not just about business; students learn through online educational platforms. Online applications provide young adults with romantic partners, and numerous professionals work remotely, all of which are done through online presence. Artsper focuses on making its online presence more crucial and lucrative. The digital world has consumed all collective human experience. The art auction or gallery has been integrated online with many software focusing on improving the art and determining its authenticity. With all technology at hand, it only makes sense that artists, too, would utilize the advancements of the modern world when creating arts.

The word “digital art” is often used as a catch-all term for all forms of technology art, although it goes far beyond that. The term “medium” refers to any work where an artist uses a computer or technology tool. A work of art can be classified as digital art, even if technology isn’t the primary driving force behind it. Work is deemed digital if it has a technological component throughout its creation. That’s all there is to it. A common misconception among digital artists is that everyone with access to a computer can create their works of art. Art forms like painting, drawing, and sculpture provide the foundation of the medium. The fundamentals are nearly identical (Spear’s, 2016). Artists can express themselves creatively, even in a digital environment. Many of the processes that conventional artists go through apply to digital artists, too. It requires a lot of practice and a lot of creativity. Digital art is an art form, just like any other, with the difference being Digital tools. Artsper is a great resource for learning about the vast realm of digital art.

Media platforms and their streams

Customers and businesses alike are increasingly reliant on the internet to do many of their tasks. Others have extended the practice beyond what was originally intended as just social or amusing use on the internet. Nowadays, social media has become more of a business than a social platform, and many people log in every day to see what’s new and trending in the world of technology. Creating official social media profiles for your business will be a smart move in the long run. Direct traffic to came from top social media like Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, and other social network services like Linkedin and website development.


Facebook is bringing together a huge number of people from all around the world. Social life, including hookups and making new acquaintances, has long been facilitated by Facebook. However, Facebook’s use has expanded beyond the realm of social interaction; presently, most businesses rely on it to promote their goods. Artsper has more than 4,000,000 followers on Facebook, with one ad or post streaming up to 360,000 likes. Anyone with a question about a company’s product or service can easily inquire and receive a fast response and clarification on their official Facebook page. In addition to the company’s official Facebook page. While watching videos on Facebook or sending them to friends, this may appear in the film’s middle. For Artsper, Facebook is the largest direct traffic for the brand (Artsper, 2022).


Using the Pinterest platform, a business can tell multiple stories about its products and services, allowing creative digital marketing. Artsper will set up a Pinterest account, and it will use the Pinterest handle to reach most of its customers from around the world. A large number of people will be able to use Pinterest simultaneously, which means that the company can provide service to a large number of people very quickly. The company has many Pinterest followers, with one ad streaming up to 240,000 likes and reviews. Businesses can learn a lot about their products and services by reading their customers’ feedback. For Artsper, Pinterest is the second-largest source of organic traffic directly from the internet.


If a company wants to reach a large audience of internet users, it will benefit from setting up a YouTube account. It’s easier for firms to sell items on YouTube because so many people are using it at any given time. YouTube is the third-highest direct traffic generator for Artsper. The YouTube channel of Artsper Entertainment has 2,320,000 subscribers and 141 videos with 428 million views. It is one of the most active social sites for the company compared to its competitors.

Web page and website development

A website is a must-have for any company hoping to expand its customer base and streamline the work of its employees. Artsper uses both the web page and Artsper magazine page. This will be a collection of web pages devoted to a specific company on the internet. The pages will be dedicated to detailed information about the company that can be traced back to a URL (Uniform Resource Locator). A company’s website makes it easy to accomplish a wide range of tasks. The company’s products and services can be ordered and purchased online. If someone finds a product they want, places an order, and then selects a payment method, the product will be delivered to them wherever they prefer. Credit cards and cash on delivery are two of the most common forms of payment. Artsper website direct traffic originates from most of its social sites including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.


As the world’s most popular visual social media platform, Instagram prioritizes images. Because of this, it holds a prominent position in the art community. Daily, it is used by artists, museums, and organizations to promote and extend their reputation. Your gallery’s visibility will grow if you use this platform. Creating an account simply takes a few seconds, making it extremely user-friendly. However, the nuances and underbelly of its operation can be viewed as a stumbling block for busy gallery owners. Artsper has a following of 96.2K people. In the last four weeks, the account garnered 508 new followers. No one is interacting with the app. Artsper’s Instagram posts receive an average of three likes and 0 comments on average. The majority of the material on Artsper pertains to art and artists.

Current Market Analysis of Art Distributors/ Marketplaces

To help our partners, Artsper is here to offer the most effective advice and resources. You will learn about the advantages of content marketing today. When used correctly, content marketing can be a valuable tool for galleries and artists. Editorial content creation and distribution for the purpose of keeping or attracting customers is referred to as content marketing. It’s critical to have a thorough understanding of the marketing strategy before moving on to new ideas. They make their artists produce the most authentic digital arts, which are attractive and valuable. Limited edition and original works of art are sold through art galleries and auction houses in the art industry. When these companies buy artwork from the artist or an individual owner, they subsequently sell it to customers of their product (What exactly is digital art? 2022).

The art market is a big marketplace for sellers and buyers trading in the articles, services, and works of art that are commonly associated with the cultural and art sector. The art marketplace consists of the primary market – which regards artworks being sold for the first time, and the secondary market, which is a resale of the primary market products. The global market for art was valued at $65.1 billion U.S. Dollars overall in 2021. Other than the global market value, the global art sales volume also increased significantly. Online sales and worldwide antique markets accounted for approximately a fifth of the total art market value. The transaction volume in the global art market increased by about 17 percent in 2021 as compared to the previous year, following a sharp decrease in 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. In 2021, the global art market recorded around 36.7 million transactions. As compared to 2020, the sales volume rose by 5.3 million, staying below the figure reported in 2019.

Call to Action (CTA)

Artsper’s fit lies in its online value proposition, which is its customer value proposition. They have managed to solve the problem of their customers, artists, and art collectors by maintaining a strong digital presence. The company clearly communicates an online experience and content offered by the product and type of social presence. The core of all these is content marketing, as shown below;

The company customer value proposition states the intrinsic benefits obtained by a visitor when they Artsper online sites, page content, web service, or functionality. Many arts organizations are increasingly expanding their online activities as well as increasing their visibility. Cultural commerce is being challenged by new online start-ups that are bringing fresh ideas to the table. For example, the worldwide internet art market includes data, information research, social networks (such as auctions), galleries, and business-to-business art transaction platforms. Online art enterprises are here to stay, according to the survey, with 62% of art experts and 66% of collectors believing they will have a big impact on the art market in the next two to three years. In addition to selling artwork by galleries’ represented artists, the Artsper website also ensures a two-fold level of quality: artworks chosen by the Artsper expert committee and artworks chosen by the galleries themselves (Halman, 2021). The entrepreneurs have chosen to work with galleries run by a small team that lacks the resources to market and builds their web presence on their own.

All of their web marketing, promotion, and sales are taken care of by Artsper. There is a detailed description for each piece on the website, which includes everything a buyer needs to know. Art collectors of all ages and backgrounds are encouraged to use the platform, which claims to be the first of its sort in Europe. Progress for the company can be made by concentrating on different social media platforms’ demographic audiences. As a result of their Facebook and Instagram feeds being the most popular, they should leverage this advantage to increase their sales volume in the future. Most businesses and corporations choose to use digital marketing strategies. Today, many people have access to the internet and often updated electronic devices because of the digital revolution. Because there are millions of individuals using the internet at any given moment, a company’s decision to embrace digital marketing will allow it to reach a much larger audience. Artsper’s digital marketing presence is an incredible opportunity for young artists and black painters. Because digital platforms do not allow for discrimination and artists are judged only on the quality of their work, the platform has become more open to all artists. Emerging black painters have an excellent opportunity to develop their work every day thanks to technological advancements and the growth of AI algorithms.


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