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Cyberbullying and the First Amendment

Often, students are cruel or bully others without realizing they are practicing harm act. Learners spend a lot of their time in school. Though most of the bullying may not occur within the learning institution, what happens outside, what happens outside the learning has impacted the students, thereby becoming victims of the cyberbullying. In this case, students approach and notify them that they are exposed to cyberbullying through social media Facebook page. This study will explain the steps which ought to be followed by the teachers to curb this situation. Any offending post on social media should lead toward their First Amendments rights and counter suggestions that can be prepared to the offenders’ comeback (Duval, 2015).

The students and teachers under this case have been among the very few who look for assistance under this case. Approximately 50% of the students have been exposed to cyberbullying incidents. Several past pieces of research have revealed that students are afraid of the results, anxious of any if they expose any repercussion and will embrace on to their worries without seeking assistance. Therefore, enchanting these cases extremely and extremely important. Besides, the state to Florida statute 1006.147, cyberbullying and provocation have been prohibited in school, which includes cyberbullying. According to the Duval County School Board, all students and school staff have an education, making it safe, secure, and free from harassment and cyberbullying of any case. In conclusion, a student should be scared of attending school, which should be the safest place for all the students to grow and learn (Duval, 2015).

The teaching staffs have to reassure that the learners made the right thing to come them and let them understand they will help them get this situation. Therefore, it is necessary to make thorough investigations and recommend the learners take a screenshot of the bullying information from the social media pages in case bullying students decide to delete them from the web page. In case there is the security of the students, it is finest to seek the school connexion staff or other law implementation staff (Sunshine, 2015). If the offenders are recognized, the necessary punitive deed aligned with the cypher of conduct should be put into action. Besides, making sure that close relative and guardians are well-versed in the issue and working with them to devise the plan to ensure that their children are well-protected. Most learning intuitions are often sued for above their authority freedom of expression—another way of trying to get with the decision through claiming the freedom of expression. Besides, the teachers can claim that the offense was done outside the learning institution. The action might be deleted. Hence they can claim it was not them, and the victim is lying.

The argument made by the offenders might have been violated by starting what has been incorporated in the school policy and the code of conduct. According to this school policy, bullying is prohibited (Hinduja, 2009). Through the application of computer data and other software which can be assessed using the technology or an automated device which are not possessed, chartered, or applied by the DCPS or learning institutions in case the bullying considerably inhibits with the limit’s the target ability to engaged in advantage from the facilities operations and other prospects which are provided in the school.


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