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Continuing the Performance Management Process


  • Important prerequisites in implementing a performance management process include knowing about Saudi print shops’ mission and strategic goals and getting performance management.
  • Developing performance for the management process needs to be essential for setting objectives that are achievable and help drive the management towards opening a new shop.
  • In developing a formal job description at the second shop, one of my plans will analyze job performance.
  • Another plan is to establish the essential functions in the second shop. It ensures that tasks being part of the job are necessary for performance.
  • Developing an action plan is a component of developing employee performance plans.
  • Oriented performance standards for all employees at Saudi print shops are created by focusing on positions rather than individuals and identifying the parameters that will make the performance more successful.

Continuing the Performance Management Process

Reham needs to consider priority conditions to ensure that the organization attains its goals of widening the market and having many customers at the printing shop. Reham can reframe and re-examine the performance of the employees and compile insights that will outlay approach strategies and a new commission for the Saudi print shop branch. Reham is responsible for accessing the current performance management process giving insights about the Saudi print shop mission and what needs to be achieved. In developing a second shop outside the city, there is a need to strengthen the teams and launch the features of the new products on time. Maintaining teamwork is achieved by creating a theme that can drive prizes and contests. The new feature includes automated personalization, which involves serving mailing requirements and printing many documents that differ from one paper.

With the responsibility of developing a performance management process for the second shop, as a manager, he is conditioned to setting objectives that need to be achieved and set goals that will help drive the management to the new second shop. Through team building within the business, the manager can generate more meaningful conversations and teamwork between the employees and the managers (AlQershi, N. 2021). For success in implementation, Rehab needs to consult other key players at the Saudi print shop in town that may include senior management and other decision-makers in a different department and gather their insights on what they visualize about the new Saudi print shop.

Another prerequisite to implementing the performance management process is a consolidation of perspectives and an action strategy that breaks the goals down and recognizes personal goals that will align and support the fulfillment of the company strategies. A communication strategy will help keep employees on the right tunnel for the second shop outside the town. After a few months, management has a responsibility to set expectations and how much capital will be expected in generating the second shop. Milestones and progress are traced between the managers and the second Saudi print shop.

Developing a formal job description, one of the plans is through analyzing job performance. plans will include the expectations, review of arrangements, and information that will entail a process that will help gather, examine, and interpret data about the job and the second shop. When getting the new employees to the job in the second shop, there will be a need to explore the required tools and expertise that are trained to achieve long-term and short-term success. Long-term success can be attaining the goal of making the second shop lead to a printing shop in another location. The short-term plan can target a specified number of customers weekly by identifying what best is offered to employees for the first week and throughout the year to help gain insight into their roles (Plachy, R. J.2021). It is essential to consider the actions that include deciding the methods appropriate for training and defining the skills required for activity in the second shop.

Another plan is to establish the essential functions in the second shop. Hence ensures that tasks being part of the job are necessary for performance. They are determining the frequencies in which duties are delegated, and the amount of time spent on performing duties by the employees will enhance a form of the formal job description (Tien, N. H.2021). Necessities to consider in planning are computer and software designing in designing printing items for clients. Planning for desktop programs that will best fit creating business cards and documents will benefit the employees in serving customers. Employees will perform tasks successfully from this software and computers by task performance, identifying the tasks that can be reassigned to another person and performed in another manner at the print shop. Once these essentials are well defined, employees will determine if the functions are marginal or essential.

Critical features in developing a performance plan for the employees at the shop are accounting for each department’s goals and the organization in general. To adhere to development plans, examining short and long-term objectives is crucial. For example, new positions might open, or employees might need to acquire new skills in printing services to succeed in the new shop. Creating a customer plan as a strategy can be first achieved by communicating a customer service vision to employees. By focusing on developing staff, the printing company will save more money spent on recruiting specialists. An example is when a client is getting a service, internal systems break down and lead to poor service outcomes. If the employees have a vision and are acquired with service skills, they will provide a better service rather than making clients unsatisfied with the services at the shop.

Another key feature of developing a performance plan for employees is discussing it with employees who work at the shop. In creating a working development plan, there is a need to analyze the employees’ current performance. Assessing the employee’s needs will help determine what is required for combining the strategies necessary for increasing sales and services. Through improvement of initiative talks to employees, they will perceive other services. An example is when a customer is required to offer a specific and unique service at the shop. The shop will have to provide a particular paper type to meet the quality of service provided by the customer.

Developing an action plan is a component of developing performance plans for employees. After expectations are set, it is beneficial to analyze actions that are necessary to achieve goals by employers at the shop. Suppose an employee offering printing services to a client’s evaluation display a lack of knowledge. In that case, the employee needs to undergo training to acquire skills, while others may benefit from the coaching program with experts. For example, if it is necessary to train twenty employees working at a second printing shop, it is essential to consider the cost and time required for preparing the employees. This employee needs a reward for their positive performance in the shop. Employees who provide excellent performance must be rewarded if they display a strong customer service culture that entails desired behaviors.

Performance standards for all employees at Saudi print shops can be created by focusing on positions rather than individuals. Measures for the working environment should be about the place and not the individuals working. If, for instance, several employees are working in the same area, ordinary lives of their performance then should bear similarities. If more than the expected number of employees perform the same task and weigh in terms of standards, then performance on duty needs to be identical. This standard can be measured by management objectives which is more helpful in weighing performance by employees in supervisions and even managerial positions in the shop. This measure starts by identifying goals, and from this point, employees consider the resources required for making Saudi print shops successful (Virgiawan, A. R. 2021). During the evaluation period, employees and the managers meet to discuss the progress and set targets for employees. Performance by the employees is measured by the number of goals accomplished within a specified period.

Choosing the parameters that will make the performance more successful is another way of creating performance standards. To delegate duties successfully, employees must meet the demands of a particular criterion. For effective performance in the workplace, tasks are conducted within the range of time provided to endure customers are satisfied therefore portraying signs of leadership in the printing shop. Employees who perform beyond expectations will display standards like professionalism with their performance at work constantly improving. They also have opportunities to express their opinions regarding activities. This standard can be measured through the forced ranking of workers. Therefore, forced ranking is a way that will create a competitive environment inside Saudi print shops.

Taking into account the errors of the rates makes the performance standards specific and clear so that employees can efficiently work adhering to these standards. If an employee in the organization presents minimal performance and is below the criteria, the strategies can help the organization perform and achieve its goal. First, it is essential to decide the number of increasing errors. Employees can have performance below the required levels. An improvement rating is recommended to maintain the standards if this occurs. This standard is measured by using graphic scales that can provide a list of delegated duties, performance, and levels of employees. The manager at a Saudi print shop manages large departments and compete within an environment that provides little time for management of duties.

Before advancing to the new Saudi print shop, there is a need to focus on management performance for a proper management system. The practices will include performing job analysis and establishing the essential functions and data organization. Considering the goals of the Saudi printing shop, developing an action plan and evaluation of progress will enhance the development of objectives that include opening a new shop. Staff should be appropriately trained for assessment to evaluate and review the performance of employees in the second shop. Some conditions need to be considered. The new Saudi print shop requires good management to ensure its maximum productivity. Well, organization and strategic position will attract more clients in the new place. Employees will also need to be aware of their roles, enabling the print media to run smoothly. A better performance management culture system will help to focus on high perfuming workforce and reward employees who perform to expectations. Having good facilities and employing better technology than other printing organizations will help the new Saudi print shop promise prospective customers.


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