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Classification and Division: Las Vegas Trapped Gamblers

Las Vegas is the hotspot for casinos and gambling. It is a gambling Mecca as individuals are attracted to the city for adventure in trying out their luck. The city is characterized by gaming almost everywhere, including slot machines at the airport, thus allowing individuals to engage in something as they wait for their luggage. Gas stations and convenience stores also have video poker so that people can play while waiting to be served. People go to Las Vegas to play and win. Even though many people lose more than they win, it does not prevent them from continuing to play so they can win the big one. Las Vegas has different types of gamblers who either gamble for fun or as compulsive behavior, the latter presenting a gambling addiction problem that needs treatment.

One classification of Las Vegas gamblers is the professional gambler. Professional gamblers are rare and usually make a living through gambling. They are used to the system and usually depend on skills rather than luck. They are mainly composed and have complete control of the game, including the money they spend, time, and energy. In addition, they are often patient, intelligent, and frustration tolerant. Professional gamblers are careful in their games by weighing the odds in each step before proceeding. Moreover, they are rarely angry or impulsive because they know it would affect their performance (Renzoni, 2022). Professional gamblers cannot be easily addicted since it diminishes rational thinking and self-control.

Another type of notable gambler is the casual social gambler. These types of gamblers are more common than professional gamblers, although less experienced. The social gambler is more interested in the experience and having fun than the thrill of winning. They may stop in a casino a few times and spend a moderate amount of money. They are in control and would go home after a win or lose. In addition, such gamblers are more interested in hanging out with friends, meeting people, and playing to relieve stress (Renzoni, 2022). The social gambler considers gambling a recreation activity and enjoys the experience with friends rather than the experience of playing.

The final group of gamblers in Las Vegas is the compulsive or problem gambler. They are addicted to gambling, and their lives are controlled by money and gambling. In most cases, such people do not want to admit they have a gambling problem. However, they usually display signs of gambling disorder, such as always chasing a win to compensate for the loss, spending too much time gambling, continuing to gamble despite significant problems at work, school, or home, and unsuccessful attempts to stop gambling. The compulsive gambler will always attempt to pretend to be a professional or social gambler. Unlike professional gamblers, they are usually not composed. They quickly lose their temper and self-control, especially when losing. Moreover, they usually do not know when to stop and may stop playing when they do not have money (Renzoni, 2022). Such gamblers need professional treatment and help from family and friends.

Las Vegas is known for its numerous casinos and gambling joints. Many people visit the city to try out their luck to win. Each person wants to win in the casino. Therefore, casinos have different types of gamblers, either professional, social or compulsive gamblers. Professional gamblers are the most composed and in control of the game. They mostly gamble for a living. On the other hand, the social gambler gambles for recreational purposes and to hang out with friends. However, the compulsive gambler is addicted to gambling and always wants to win. They cannot control themselves. Gamblers flocking to the Las Vegas casinos have become a unique feature in the city.


Renzoni, C. (2022, June 24). 7 Types of Gamblers: Which One Are You?


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