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Can Gun Control Policies Help Control and Minimize Terrorist Incidents at Schools?

School shootings continue to plague society, sparking discussion on preventative methods. Gun regulation and comprehensive school safety initiatives are among the ideas that are now being discussed. This annotated bibliography compiles four distinct viewpoints that illuminate various aspects of the subject. By examining public support, policy effectiveness, activism impact, and school shooting proximity, the collection strives to give a comprehensive knowledge of school shooting issues and solutions. The bibliography enriches the conversation on school and community safety via these many perspectives.

Burton, A. L., Pickett, J. T., Jonson, C. L., Cullen, F. T., & Burton, V. S. (2020). Public Support for Policies to Reduce School Shootings: A Moral-Altruistic Model. Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency58(3), 002242782095320.

Summary: This moral-altruistic research examines school safety policy attitudes. Gun restriction, anti-bullying, and school target hardening are strongly supported. Moral intuitions concerning injury, outrage over school criminality, and altruistic dread influence public opinion on these programs.

Evaluation: The peer-reviewed Journal of Research in Crime and Delinquency publishes the paper for rigorous academic analysis. Reputable researchers engaged in the project boost credibility.

Relevance: The study helps explain how moral and altruistic dimensions affect public views on school safety. Understanding these factors is crucial for policymakers and advocates seeking effective strategies to prevent school shootings.

Quote: “The public favors a comprehensive policy response and is willing to pay for it.”

Sen-Crowe, B., Autrey, C., Newsome, K., Mckenney, M., & Elkbuli, A. (2021). Mass shootings and their proximity to a public or private school: Protecting the health and livelihood of our children. The American Surgeon88(11), 2695–2702.

Summary: The American Surgeon released research on mass shootings at public and private schools in the US. The 2019–2020 study shows the growing incidence of mass shootings near schools.

Evaluation: This research is credible due to its medical journal publication and use of reliable data. Its focus on mass shooting health and safety is crucial to the conversation.

Relevance: The study emphasizes the need for prevention by showing the frequency of school shootings. Policymakers and educators need this knowledge to safeguard children.

Quote: “Mass shootings are prevalent throughout the country and the proximity of these events to places of learning warrants further investigation.”

Viscusi, W. K., & Blasinsky, K. J. (2022, January 24). Leveraging Public Support for Gun Laws to Reduce Mass Shootings. Social Science Research Network.

Summary: Gun control strategies are tested for their ability to reduce mass shootings. It stresses political feasibility, examining popular support for universal background checks, assault weapon prohibitions, and extreme risk protection orders. The article evaluates these policies using empirical data.

Evaluation: Published on the Social Science Research Network, the article’s use of empirical data and reputable research network provide legitimacy to its results.

Relevance: The study illuminates gun control regimes’ efficacy and political acceptability. Policymakers need this information to pass legislation that reflects public opinion and has quantifiable effects.

Quote: “This Article reports on new survey evidence indicating that there is widespread support among the public at large for all these measures.”

Zoller, H. M., & Casteel, D. (2021). #March for our lives: Health activism, diagnostic framing, gun control, and the gun industry. Health Communication, 1–11.

Summary: This article explores #March for Our Lives as a form of health activism following the 2018 school shooting in Parkland, Florida. The research examines how the movement’s diagnostic, prognostic, and motivating framing affects gun violence views. It critically evaluates Twitter activism’s ability to challenge the gun industry narrative and attribution.

Evaluation: The peer-reviewed Health Communication essay critically analyzes #March for Our Lives. The insights offered are reliable due to peer evaluation.

Relevance: The study illuminates health campaigners’ framing methods, notably in gun control. Understanding how activism impacts public views is key to understanding health-related social movements.

Quote: “This critical analysis sheds light on how the students’ Twitter activism addressed longstanding framing and attribution practices.”


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