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Is the Death Penalty Effective for or Against?

Death penalty is a form of punishment imposed by the government on an offender sentenced to death after persuasion by a court of law of a criminal offense. It is usually practiced as a form of punishment for crimes not tolerated within the state to reduce their occurrence. Although it is viewed as the ultimate punishment our society can give for one’s action, it is also considered a violation of human rights that promotes violence in our community. By referring to historical records, this practice is regarded as the cornerstone in developing justice and providing peace within the state because of its various benefits. It is a way of removing dangerous elements within the country. This essay aims to support the argumentation for practicing the death penalty within the state.

Death penalty is a way of having victims get justice and overcome their fears as well as keeping the other people safe. The government rules and regulations are made to provide peace and security to the country and to prevent the threat of harm to its citizens. Violation of these rules may have consequences in the form of imprisonment. Some citizens will no longer stop obeying the imposed regulations because they will be free to enjoy their life after incarceration. Through this kind of punishment, after they are released to the public they may continue with their bad behaviors. The only way to provide justice and keep the rest of the people is through imposing death penalties since no one is interested in losing their life. By keeping the death penalty as an option in society, we make an appropriate disciplinary consequence that fits the actions made by the criminals. Death penalty ensures that the individuals involved in those crimes will no longer be around. The practice provides peace for victims, their families, and the general population.

It intends to discourage people from committing serious crimes. Some tough consequences should be implemented as punishment for certain crimes such as rape cases, murder, and terrorism. These crimes should not be tolerated within the state, and they can only be abolished through the imposition of serious punishments. The people involved in those cases will see that the consequences of their actions are tough, which will lead to reduced instances of these scenarios. This reduces the rate at which these crimes occur, and it remains a useful tool to have in society (Flander et al., 21). It provides an appropriate consequence for violent behaviors. Some criminals want to continue their criminal behaviors, which can only be abolished by imposing death penalties as a societal tool. This creates appropriate consequence that fits their behaviors. It ensures that the individuals involved are no longer around.

It keeps the prison population at manageable levels. By referring to the history of records, we find that over two million people are currently part of the prison population, which is increasing at a certain rate. This indicates that there is an increased number of criminals in society. Separating those convicted of the death penalty creates more room for rehabilitation programs (Flander et al., 21). The death penalty will act as a tool to lower the number of criminals in society, and the prison population will decrease by a certain rate. This structure makes it possible to lower the financial impact due to the reduced prison population.

Practicing the death penalty does not re-victimize the affected family. This tool mainly protects the family from another threat of victimization since the beloved one could endanger one of the family members. In some cases, it might be the habit of the criminal to perform criminal offenses like murder; they might turn the threat to one of the family members. The death punishment eventually makes the victim’s family feel safe again since there is no more threat. This provides a shield to the family since there could be an occurrence of other forms of victimization.

The punishment fits the crime since every citizen in the state needs to enjoy their own freedom without feeling threatened. Everyone has a right to life, and no one is expected to murder someone else in whatever case. The punishment of murder cases should be very tough to discourage others from committing this crime, and through this, we can reduce the terrorist attacks, murder and other associated crimes. Although the death penalty denies human rights, it acts as a shield to the general population. Murderers should be punished this way because it is a way of discouraging the rest and will stop them (Mhdluli and Sipho 19). The chance of executing the wrong person is balanced with the benefits of executing other murderers in this scenario. A harsh penalty is needed for the criminals who commit the worst crime as it is a way of making people know that the government is protecting them.

In conclusion, the government should continue to practice this kind of punishment since it symbolizes that the government is looking forward to making sure that worse crimes are not tolerated anymore within the country. This way, it is also a way to promote peace within the country and protect citizens’ rights. From this scenario, the Death penalty is a tool of great importance within the state.

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