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Book Review: Why Business Matters to God

In, Why Business Matters to God by Duzer, a clear view is presented to make people who engage in business understand that they are not neglected in God’s kingdom and encourage them to use their work for important kingdom purposes. Van Duzer is encouraging and challenging the dominant business paradigm. He presents an alternative view of not seeing profit as the end in itself. Instead, he indicates that business people should view profit as a way to the greater end of service (“Book Review: Jeff van Duzer’s Why Business Matters to God”). This is because businesses provide commodities that build the community and contribute to human flourishing. Business is a task that has offered many people employment, and therefore the profit obtained by doing business can be considered an end or evil. The profit can be seen as a significant end of service that has promotes the welfare of an individual and the society.

Van Duzer engages the theoretical frames of creation, consummation, redemption, and fall to explain why business is important to God. He draws recommendations for those engaged in a business that is founded on the ideas of practice, purpose, and partnership. The recommendations include creating a business to serve, ensuring that a business seeks to conduct its activities most suitably and ethically, and ensuring the business is working together with other institutions to support them as they endure the common good partnership.

Through my analysis on Why Business Matters to God, I learned that virtue ethics is one of the key values that should be applied in business by ensuring good actions as the critical display of personal virtuous characters, such as loyalty, wisdom, or courage. On the other hand, the wrong actions may display a character such as ignorance, treachery, and cowardice. Ethics are essential elements of human flourishing in business since it indicates people differentiate between the vices and virtues; by creating examination, most people can do business in a dedicated way to develop virtues. It emerges that it is one thing to know what is right and a different thing to do the right thing. A person could change how they act in business by observing virtue ethics through virtue ethics.

I noted that ethical values in business are important when hiring, retaining and motivating employees since it is a crucial challenge that many businesses have been facing. Furthermore, the plan should implement strategies that will make them attract and retain competent and motivated employees. Providing an encouraging working atmosphere, involving and engaging workers, recognizing, rewarding, and developing skills and potential are some steps that can stabilize a business’s position in the market since it keeps on improving its standards. Also, ensuring a positive working atmosphere is crucial. Business requires skills, tools, and knowledge to promote the understanding of workers’ need for retention (“Why Business Matters to God – Business as Mission”). These skills and tools enable them to implement a retention plan aiming to increase workforce engagement during the operation of the business, which is facilitated by maintaining a friendly environment since it is about making money and promoting teamwork and helping each other, which is the will of God.

A business should focus on its purpose and on developing the employees’ skills by investing in development, and training would play a key role when hiring, retaining, and motivating workers. Personnel does not like to feel stagnant, and whenever they realize an opportunity that promotes growth, their morale and productivity are boosted. Here, offering training and development that would sharpen workers’ skills and knowledge. For instance, seminars and mentoring programs are able formats the business can use to offer training; investing in training and development would ensure hiring, keeping, and motivating employees. Furthermore, recognizing the rewarding staff is essential. Therefore it would be necessary for the company to look for other methods. Rewarding and recognizing is not expensive to be effective; therefore, finding creative ways to reward workers is more impactful than cash. Evaluation facilitates measuring the progress and realization of satisfying and dissatisfying issues among the staff. A continuous measure of morale, attitudes, and level of engagement plays a key role in maintaining the purpose of the business and continuing to provide goods and services to the community.

The rightness of an action in business is identified by its end, which means that when making a decision in business, the result of the priority made will explain whether the act is ethical or unethical. I learned that the values of loyalty, respect, friendship, intelligence, success, honesty, and kindness are key when to thrive in business. In business, respect is a critical component of my moral framework because it recognizes people’s inherent dignity and reasonable individual expectations of privacy, confidence, and identity. When dealing with individuals of all ages, interpersonal and role distinctions, as well as those depending on age, transgender, race, gender, culture, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation, handicap, language, and socioeconomic position in the business.


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