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Biden’s Speech Analysis

The united states president should deliver a union address, often abbreviated as (SOTU). It involves the president’s annual speech and delivery of the message to the joint session of the united states Congress near the beginning of most calendar years on the contemporary state of the Nation. The announcement of the president usually involves addressing the most crucial issues facing the citizens while at the same time offering suggestions and ideas on how to address the problem and the new proposed laws a policy direction. President Biden directly addressed the American citizens on February seven about the historical progress of the Nation based on past facts, the current situation, and what was projected in the future progress of the Nation.

In his speech, President Biden focused on the need to bring the country together, rebuild the economy for the better and create an equitable environment for all the country’s citizens. Joe Biden’s speech focused more on the current situation in America, especially the impacts of the COVID-19 Pandemic (The White House, 2023). He further emphasized and encouraged the citizens to take responsibility for their health and safety. According to Biden, COVID–19 can be described to be the latest threat to their democracy since the civil war ended. He analyses how the pandemic impacted their education system and business two years back and finally robbed a lot of the citizens.

To a great extent, Biden starts his speech by expressing his higher gratitude to the medical professionals and other essential workers who worked hard to keep the country secure during the tough times (The White House, 2023). The speech highlights the concerns and role of equality and economic justice as the basis for the poly recommendation (The White House, 2023). He notes the need to address the gap between the rich and the poor, thus ensuring the overall welfare of American citizens. Biden proposes to address equality, where the wealthiest should be tasked more than the average and poor citizens. The revenue should thus be invested in education, health needs, and infrastructure. In his speech, he promises to ensure social justice for all citizens of America regardless of race, gender, religion, or any other aspects of discrimination (The White House, 2023)

Several guests were invited to attend the Union address by the White House because each of them tended to personify issues and themes to be addressed during the Biden speech. Others were representations of the Biden – Harris Administration’s policies at work for the American citizens. Both the second Gentleman and Mr. Douglas and the first lady were present at the speech. Maurice and Kandice Barron were invited as critical guests (The White House, 2023). Barron was the three-year daughter who was a survivor of pediatric cancer. She represented gratitude for President Biden’s striving to counter the impacts of cancer. It was a story to give people impacted by cancer hope and possibility in the fight against the increasing rate of instances of cancer. Another guest Lynette Bonar was enrolled as a member of the Navajo Nation and joined the speech and the opening of the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation’s Specialty Care Center. The first cancer center opened on a Native American reservation. Bono (Dublin, Ireland) was a guest who is a groundbreaking activist In the fight against HIV/AIDS and extreme poverty. Other guests included teachers, small business people, healthcare workers, and immigrants. The invitation of such people was crucial 6 to indicate the need for education, the provision of a conducive environment for business, the value of health care, and the role of the Biden administration in support of immigration reforms (The White House, 2023). The Biden selection for the event was suitable as it closely illustrated the values of the speech he delivered to the American citizens. By using them, he was in a position to pass the message of hope, courage, patriotism, and service to the public, and thus, the goal was achieved of policies proposals (The White House, 2023)

During the speech, Biden was able to build a bipartisan consensus in his state union address, and this can be noted by how he used a positive tone during the speech, avoiding partisan rhetoric and, more important, acknowledging the past. He spoke about unity and compromise, emphasizing the need to work together to achieve progress (The White House, 2023). Biden acknowledged the role of each of the parties in making progress in the Nation while at a distance, avoiding direct attack and blame on the actions of the opposition. He also precisely called for bipartisanship in infrastructure and immigration reform. He achieved in addressing the issues concerning the economy, creation of employment, and pulling up the living standards of all the citizens (The White House, 2023)

During the speech, Biden set an optimistic tone for the upcoming year by stressing the need for unity and the power of working together to make a better America (The White House, 2023). He encourages the citizens to stick together to address the country’s challenges while advancing to a better country. He promises potential rewards for those who hold hands together in continuing to make America a more fantastic place to live in. He sets an optimistic tone for the new year by emphasizing resilience and togetherness in fighting the challenges. He makes the American fully feel to be part of the great America (The White House, 2023)

Biden successfully delivered the Union address both visually and vocally. He applied tone variation during his speech to drive emotions where possible and emphasized them on different occasions. He effectively pauses to convey meaning and message depending on the guests’ moods (The White House, 2023). Biden’s nonverbal style was also effective, as he used gestures, facial expressions, and general movement to add emphasis and emotion to his speech. Biden’s speech was effective, as he made a case for his values, policies, and initiatives while attempting to build a bipartisan consensus. President Biden’s State of the Union address was powerful and inspirational. He was able to effectively craft his values, identify targeted issues, and offer policy suggestions (The White House, 2023)

In his speech, President Biden focused on the need to bring the country together, rebuild the economy, and create an equitable future for all Americans (The White House, 2023). Biden emphasized the need for unity by noting that the Nation’s strength lies in its diversity and that no one should be left behind. He was passionate about addressing the worker’s needs and the programs in place to create more jobs. As well as discussed closely international issues like inflation and the war in Ukraine, which interfered with the economy. He also discussed the need to address systemic racism, inequality, and healthcare and education’s importance. Biden spoke about the need to protect American democracy by ensuring the integrity of elections, protecting voting rights, and rejecting efforts to divide the Nation.

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