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Banner Health Evaluation

The United States’ healthcare structure is a point of envy for many countries globally. In particular, the system comprises many healthcare networks and agencies that provide the required or demanded patient care services countywide. One of the leading renowned examples of such medical entities is Banner health. Like its numerous counterparts, Banner health has constantly been deemed an ideal source of healthcare services, serving different states, and offering various types of patient care to a diverse population pool. Therefore, it is essential to conduct an in-depth assessment of Banner health that will enable a comprehensive understanding of the network, its readiness when addressing medical care demands, a strategic plan that helps it address different healthcare issues, like nurse staffing, and an ideal medical model that ensure effective implementation of the identified plan.

Healthcare Organization

Banner Health is a non-profitable healthcare network with a detailed medical structure that facilitates its primary objectives. According to Banner Health (2022), the agency is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona, and serves five additional states, including California, Nevada, Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska; the organization has thirty hospitals across all mentioned states offer acute patient care services. Moreover, Banner Health’s healthcare system also encompasses three academic-based medical facilities that offer several professional medical educations, such as nursing; the three centers are Banner- University Medical centers in Tuscon, Phoenix, and South (Banner Health, 2022). Other related medical entities also support the acute healthcare services provided by the earlier mentioned hospitals. Hence, Banner Health is recognized as a fully integrated healthcare system.

Banner health’s vision, mission, goals, and objectives are founded on the existing purpose of the overall healthcare delivery system in the United States. Specifically, the network aims to offer affordable and easily accessible medical services in the six states it has established its hospitals. Besides, the organization’s range of medical services constitutes elements of rehabilitation, heart treatment, children care, psychological disorder care, like Alzheimer’s, hospice, cancer treatment, and home-based patient care via the cooperation between its caregivers and the patients’ families (Banner Health, 2022). Ultimately, the Banner health-based healthcare facilities are acclaimed for helping address some of the top health issues affecting many Americans, primarily diseases like diabetes, cancer, and cardiovascular disorders.

Organization Readiness

Different healthcare research studies predict a gradual increase in medical care demands, placing a heightened value on futuristic patient care needs within the USA. According to Zhang et al. (2020), the predicted high medical needs in the nation’s future are contributed by the increasing number of the aging population, more excellent medical insurance coverage rates, and a significant population growth rate. Firstly, an increment in the aging population leads to a high number of older patients because advanced age is typically associated with many physical and mental health problems. Additionally, with more people gaining medical coverage through the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the affordability and patient care accessibility levels heighten, resulting in more medical care demands. Subsequently, as the population grows, more people will display healthcare needs.

Notably, Banner Health is aware of these predictable futuristic medical care needs, and has established several ways to prepare for the demands. For instance, the network’s system comprises educational centers that help train and education different healthcare disciplines, resulting in an increasing number of nurses, physicians, psychologists, and other medical specialists; the approach will help increase potential employees for jobs like physicians whose demands are predicted to increase by 13% from 2016 to 2026 (Zhang et al., 2020). Additionally, Banner health’s learning centers offer educational continuity opportunities for its staff, which equips them with relevant knowledge of various ways to meet the predicted futuristic medical needs; for example, they learn about evidence-based practice (EBP) and healthcare technology use which support high-quality patient care, safety, and better health outcomes. Finally, the organization has a well-structured leadership body that incorporates ideal leadership styles to facilitate appropriate decisions and policy-making, attributing to staff and patient satisfaction.

Strategic Plan

Although Banner health has integrated various techniques in its healthcare delivery system that increases its readiness to meet futuristic patient care demands, there is a need to establish a strategic plan that aids in addressing four primary concern areas- nurse staffing, patient satisfaction, resource management, and network growth. Firstly, an ideal strategic plan to help manage nurse staffing must encompass approaches that resolve nurse burnout and turnover and improve the professionals’ satisfaction levels; a brilliant example is through utilizing suitable leadership styles, like the transformational or servant models acclaimed for contributing to open and effective communication in an organization, leading to the implementation of decisions and policies that resolve concerns faced by staff (Divya & Suganthi, 2018). Besides, through effective communication, aspects like interprofessional collaboration are established, resulting in quality and safe patient care practices that promote patient satisfaction. Meanwhile, using practical leadership styles increases staff accountability which helps manage existing resources appropriately. Lastly, Banner health can address network growth issues by implementing approaches that facilitate its expansion into other states, such as obtaining financial aid from the government and well-wishers.

Nevertheless, when developing the identified strategic plan and its components, evaluating potential variables that may hinder effective implementation is critical. The first possible barrier is Banner health’s existing leadership style; if the organization illustrates a poor leadership model choice, such as the autocratic or neglectful designs, elements of effective communication and ideal decision and policy-making about factors embedded in the strategic plan will be adversely affected. Moreover, insufficient resources, like finances, may hinder the strategic plan’s implementation. In hindsight, the plan’s elements of incorporating ideal leadership models and network growth depend heavily on a significant monetary investment to train and educate the leaders on the required styles and to advertise to well-wishers the entity’s desire to gain financial support for expansion. Thus, these potential issues must be investigated to determine their existence and addressed to ensure effective implementation of the proposed strategic plan.


In essence, the identified potential barriers are hypothetical scenarios, making it necessary to identify suitable measures to ensure the proposed strategic plan is successfully implanted. Elwyn & Vermunt (2020) describe the goal-based strategic model (GBSM) as a proper technique when desiring effective and fruitful implementation of any created strategic plan; the model showcases many advantages, including its ability to ensure a practical action plan is developed to facilitate any strategic plan’s fruitful implementation. Additionally, the model enables the assessment of an organization’s strengths, threats, weaknesses, and opportunities that directly and indirectly affect the execution; the recognition will ensure ideal steps that favor implementation are explored while addressing possible threats or weaknesses that may hinder the process. The model also helps review or monitor the strategic plan to identify the exact goals that must be met to enable successful enactment. Therefore, these benefits display why the GBSM is the best choice for the proposed strategic plan’s implementation.


Banner Health is a recognized non-profit healthcare network in the United States. The agency offers healthcare services in six states, such as cancer, home-based, children, and chronic illness patient care. Besides, the network has established several factors in readiness to futuristic medical care needs among the American population, like increasing caregivers’ numbers through expanding educational centers. Notably, the readiness can be supported by an idea strategic plan addressing issues concerning resource management, network growth, patient satisfaction, and nurse staffing that may affect Banner health. Ultimately, GBSM is the best model for implementing the proposed strategic plan.


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