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Applications of the Tuckman Model in the Sydney Multicultural Community Services


The Sydney multicultural community services are a renowned NGO that has been working in this field for 30 years. This organization has helped linguistically and culturally diverse communities, including newly-arrived or aged migrants and refugees in crisis. It supports individuals regarding isolation, barriers, poverty, disability, helplessness, and disadvantages. The mission associated with this organization is to provide direct relief to the individuals suffering who fails to enjoy the advantages due to different barriers such as isolation, language, poverty, and others. This organization can effectively reorganize itself by using the different stages of Tuckman’s model, as stated below.


The dynamics of a team always change. Tuckman’s model effectively describes different stages associated with group development. It was publicized by Bruce W Tuckman in the year 1965 and later revised two years later. It describes five stages forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning. This model holds significant influence regarding the development of organization theory.


This stage checks the dependence of the associated individuals tries to discover the boundaries and nature for the task and interpersonal via testing the interpersonal relationship, and it also attempts to highlight the situation (Jones, 2019). It also advocates the establishment of a proper relationship among the members of the group. The members also explore the norms that everyone can accept.


This model stage is associated with task requirements and resistance towards the group’s influence. The group effectively identifies the conflict prevailing in the intergroup. This phase is highlighted through the lack of polarisation and unity around interpersonal issues. At this stage, the members are reluctant to form a group and are also hostile towards each other.


This is the third stage of the model, and it advocates openness among the members; cohesiveness and ingroup feeling is developed in this stage. New standards and roles are also formed, and the exchange of intimate and personal opinions is expressed through it, and conflicts associated with tasks are avoided to ensure harmony.


The fourth stage of this model is regarding constructive action, and the roles are flexible and functional. Also, the structural issues were resolved, which can effectively support task performance. The group’s energy is channelled towards the task, and solutions emerge.


The last stage of this model is disengagement, and it creates anxiety regarding termination, feelings, sadness, and anxiety. At this final stage, the team controls the behaviors via the implementation of negative and positive motivation. They also recruit new members when the old ones leave (Sydneymcs, 2021). There can be frequent changes within groups, and hence several stages may coexist at the same time, there are also lapse sometimes. Tuckman’s model effectively presents a theoretical basis for study and team formation management.

The development of the Sydney multicultural community

Sydney’s multicultural community looks after the migrants and helps them get mixed with the population and grow as a citizen. At the same time, they also promote regional culture. Many migrants learn the culture and develop respective skills by participating in these groups. Sydney multicultural community is a not-for-profit organization that helps improve the quality of life of migrants.

However, they are certain prevailing problems in the organization regarding development. First of all, they have inherent problems such as an ill management system and experience, and they also don’t have any plan or long-term goal. Also, there is no guarantee regarding location. The group managers lack the appropriate skills of leadership and innovation spirit.

Cultivating strategy for Sydney multicultural community

The organization needs to clear the objectives and support the capital, site, and personnel at the forming stage. Later on, it should build a platform at the storming stage and appropriate classification and highlight the appropriate characteristics (VAIDA & ȘERBAN, 2021). They need to train the core members at the norming stage and encourage innovation. The management strategies for the performing stage should be done using the evaluation method to encourage the employees and lift self-management ability.


This essay suggests how Tuckman’s model is important in shaping the Sydney Multicultural community NGO. It also effectively highlights the points where this model can be useful for this organization. All the associated stages are described effectively and hence be used for the organization’s further benefit.


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