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Anti-Harassment Workplace Policy


To cultivate a workplace environment that is devoid of harassment, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation, it is the intended goal of Java Corp to implement this policy. By fostering a climate of respect, inclusivity, and ethical behavior, the policy aims to safeguard the welfare and security of each employee. It serves to avert occurrences of harassment and discrimination by explicitly outlining and forbidding inappropriate actions. Enabling prompt and thorough investigation and appropriate remedial actions, the policy aims to protect employees and the organization (Mujtaba, 2023). The organization meets its legal obligations by complying with relevant legislation and regulations. Additionally, the policy provides a clear and transparent reporting and complaint procedure, benefiting the employees and the organization. Empowering employees to contribute to a harmonious and respectful workplace is the ultimate objective of a policy that fosters a positive work culture through education and awareness programs. This policy aims to create an environment where employees feel valued, respected, and safe from harassment or discrimination.

Prohibited Conduct

Java Corp is devoted to promptly handling and investigating any claims of mistreatment, exclusion, or revenge. It is the expectation that all workers adhere to this guideline and help maintain a work atmosphere that is devoid of these criminal behaviors. Failure to comply may lead to punitive measures, even termination of employment (UNESCO, 2019).


At Java Corp, it is forbidden to discriminate against individuals due to their race, color, ethnicity, religious beliefs, gender, age, disabilities, sexual orientation, marriage status, or any other characteristic protected by the law. Discrimination also encompasses any unfavorable treatment towards employees or potential hires regarding employment essentials like promotions, job assignments, training, payment, perks, or any other conditions of employment (IFRC, 2021).


At Java Corp, we have a zero-tolerance policy for harassment. This means that any spoken, unspoken, or physical behavior that creates an atmosphere of intimidation, hostility, or offensiveness is strictly forbidden. Such behavior includes offensive slurs, jokes, gestures, comments, images, or any actions that belittle or exhibit hostility towards someone or a particular group because of their protected characteristic.

Sexual Harassment

At Java Corp, sexual harassment is unacceptable. This includes creating an uncomfortable work environment through verbal, non-verbal, or physical actions of a sexual nature, making unwelcome advances or requests, or linking employment decisions to acceptance or rejection of such behavior.


Strictly prohibited is retaliation against employees who report discrimination, harassment, or sexual harassment. This includes any adverse action that may deter individuals from exercising their rights, such as termination, demotion, or adverse treatment. Employees participating in an investigation or opposing discriminatory practices are also protected from retaliation.


Java Corp acknowledges the significance of confidentiality in its policy on workplace harassment. We recognize the delicate nature of complaints and the importance of safeguarding the privacy and honor of those involved. Workplace harassment and its corresponding details shall be treated with the utmost confidentiality. Access to this information will be strictly limited to individuals who are directly engaged in the investigation and need to be informed. Java Corp firmly stands behind its commitment to safeguarding the identities of those involved, making every effort to preserve anonymity within legal boundaries. We prioritize creating an environment where individuals can freely report incidents without concern for negative repercussions, as any form of retaliation is strictly forbidden. To maintain the utmost confidentiality, we wholeheartedly understand that there may be instances where we have to disclose information due to legal obligations or practical constraints (International Labour Organization, 2021). Nonetheless, we will keep confidentiality intact while fulfilling our legal duties. If any employees have concerns about confidentiality, we urge them to contact the Human Resources department or designated individuals who handle complaints. Rest assured, we are committed to supporting and nurturing a culture of trust and respect.

Complaint Procedure


Suppose employees suspect they have undergone or observed any harassment. In that case, they are advised to swiftly inform their immediate supervisor, the Human Resources division, or any appointed individual in charge of handling complaints. Employees are strongly urged to report their concerns immediately to ensure a quick investigation and solution.

Alternative Reporting Channels

Employees at Java Corp have multiple options for reporting incidents. They can report to their immediate supervisor, higher-level supervisors, managers, or the Human Resources department. Java Corp wants to ensure employees can report their concerns differently and have a safe avenue.


Java Corp will promptly investigate any complaints received, ensuring a fair and impartial process. Experienced individuals will conduct discreet interviews with the complainant, the alleged harasser, and other pertinent witnesses. Throughout the investigation, utmost respect will be given to the privacy and rights of all individuals involved.

Remedial Actions

Promptly, if the investigation finds harassment is occurring, appropriate remedial actions will be implemented. These actions could include disciplinary measures, counseling, training, or other corrective actions, depending on the severity and frequency of the harassment (Dibateza, 2020). To address and prevent future incidents of harassment, Java Corp is devoted to taking effective remedial measures.


Java Corp will take all necessary steps to preserve confidentiality during the complaint process, considering legal responsibilities and the importance of conducting a comprehensive inquiry. Details concerning the complaint will only be disclosed to individuals directly participating in the investigation and individuals with a valid reason to be informed.


Java Corp takes a strong stand against any reprisals towards those who come forward with complaints or participate in an inquiry. Our priority is to ensure our employees are shielded from negative repercussions from reporting harassment. Should any acts of reprisal occur, they must be promptly reported for necessary intervention and preventive measures.

Employee Acknowledgment of Policy

All team members must be familiarized with its content to guarantee adherence and comprehension of Java Corp’s anti-harassment policy. Consequently, several steps have been devised to facilitate the acknowledgment process.

Distribution of Policy

The policy regarding harassment in the workplace will be readily accessible to all employees and distributed using different channels like email communications, intranet portals, employee handbooks, or any other means that guarantee wide availability.

Review and Readability

The policy will facilitate understanding for employees at all levels of the organization by being written in clear and concise language, without legal jargon or complex terminology.

Training and Education

During new employee orientation or as part of ongoing professional development initiatives, Java Corp will offer training sessions or workshops for employees to become educated on the policy and its consequences. The training will encompass various topics, including recognizing harassment, reporting procedures, and the significance of maintaining a respectful work environment.

Acknowledgment Form

Employees must sign acknowledgment forms confirming their receipt, reading, and comprehension of the workplace harassment policy (Echoing Green, 2023). The Human Resources department will retain these forms for their records.

Periodic Review and Reinforcement

Java Corp values the importance of continuously maintaining a safe and respectful workplace. To ensure the policy’s effectiveness, it will be reviewed regularly. If needed, employees will be informed of any updates or changes, with possible additional training or reminders.




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