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Analysis of “Police Searching for Two People Accused of FBI Agent Carjacking in Washington.”

Please Describe in Detail the Event you are Studying.

The Article that I have decided to analyze is titled “Police Searching for two people accused of FBI agent carjacking in Washington.” The CBC network published this Article on November 29, 2023. A crime scene is described in the Article, in which reports indicate that an FBI agent was carjacked at gunpoint by two suspected thieves (Whitehurst, 2023). The media house says that the event occurred in the capital city at 2200 of the 14th Street. The news house has not given the name of the police officer since the research is ongoing. Also, the department of justice has not issued the suspects’ information to the public. The media reports that the justice department has commenced investigations to identify the suspects.

To accelerate the investigation and also motivate witnesses, the FBI has offered a USD 10,000 reward for information resulting in their conviction and arrest. The hijacking of an FBI agent has naturally raised security worries in Washington. Public alertness has risen, and authorities are taking every measure to safeguard residents and government officials. The community aspires to additional details and hopes for a fast resolution as the investigation continues. Justice for these crooks will assure accountability and provide the city with a feeling of security. This particular incident is a sharp reminder of the daily risks police officers face. It also demonstrates the arrogance of offenders who dare to murder all those accused of upholding the law. The hope remains that justice is going to prevail and the car will be returned as the investigation progresses.

How Self-control Theory can be used to Explain Crime Scene Present in this Article

The carjacking of an FBI agent in Washington, D.C., may be understood using self-control theory, a top criminological concept created by Travis Hirschi and Michael Gottfredson (Vazsonyi et al., 2021). This particular theory asserts that lower self-control people are more prone to commit opportunistic and impulsive crimes, taking pleasure in the instant without considering the long-term effects. There are various qualities of standard self-control theory that are visible in the crime scene described by the Article. The characteristics include

Impulsivity: The carjacking had been a public display of impunity, an action that showed a disregard for the long term and an inability to suppress emotions.

Dangerous: Choosing to strike the vehicle of an FBI agent demonstrates an ability to take sizable risks, along with possibly sustaining severe consequences.

Short Attention span: the perpetrators only cared about the immediate gain of obtaining the car and paid little attention to the longer-term effects of the activities.

 Insensitivity: Threatening an armed federal officer with a weapon shows Insensitivity and fear of damage.

Please Describe how the Criminal Justice System Might Respond to this Event to Prevent it from Occurring in the Future.

The Met and FBI jointly examined the issue following the incident. They are concentrating on catching the two suspects and recovering the vehicle. They are currently looking for surveillance videos, questioning witnesses, and gathering evidence from the scene. The FBI has announced a USD 10,000 reward for information resulting in their arrest and conviction. The money encourages possible witnesses to offer important information on the investigation. If the suspects are arrested they are going to mostly face federal and state charges based on the particulars of the offense. These charges might include:

Carjacking: A federal crime punishable with fifteen years in jail.

Assault with a lethal weapon: criminal offense punishable with as much as twenty years in jail.

Robbery: state crime with different sentences dependent on jurisdiction.

Having a gun in a crime: a federal offense that can be punished by as much as five years in jail

Allegations: the accused will likely be brought before a judge and might be kept pre-trial in custody or even released on bail depending on the judge’s determination of the flight risk and the neighborhood danger.

The suspects also have to convince a jury beyond a reasonable doubt that they are not guilty in case they are acquitted. They will be sentenced depending on the particular charges and the judge’s discretion. (Hartmann & Wenzelburger, 2021). Beyond arresting the perpetrators, the criminal justice system also wants to prevent future carjackings and also keeps society secure. Listed here are some potential approaches:

More significant police presence: Increased patrols near crime areas and specialized deployments of officers specialized in carjacking cases are able to bring down crime and accelerate response times.

Improved surveillance: Adding security cameras at big points will offer footage utilized during investigations and aid in identifying suspects.

Education campaigns: Awareness of carjacking prevention, which includes remaining alert, avoiding isolated areas, and utilizing car protection features.

By combining immediate response, prosecution, and preventative initiatives, the criminal justice system can contribute to a more secure environment and minimize future carjacking risks.


Hartmann, K., & Wenzelburger, G. (2021, January 29). Uncertainty, risk and the use of algorithms in policy decisions: A case study on criminal justice in the USA – Policy Sciences. SpringerLink.

Vazsonyi, A. T., Ksinan, A. J., & Javakhishvili, M. (2021). Problems of cross-cultural criminology no more! testing two central tenets of self-control theory across 28 nations. Journal of Criminal Justice75, 101827.

Whitehurst, L. (2023, November 30). Police searching for two people accused in FBI agent carjacking in Washington. AP News.


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