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Age Difference Interview

It has been an enjoyable time interviewing the young and the old age. I find it interesting because I got to learn different things. They give various aspects as I expected. I face some challenges during the interview because of being a stranger to the discussions. They offer different responses according to further questions. I managed to ask one of the youths what was the main challenge in their life. Drug abuse is the main challenge for the youth, likewise to the wrong company. It is wasting their time and their energy. Obesity is the main challenge for kids. Recent numbers show that increased children and youth, especially in the United States, are becoming obese. Old age is not left behind with freaking challenges. They have been affected with phycological problems the mental disorders. They predominantly suffer from social losses with era. I got a list of common issues like hearing loss, cataracts, refractive errors, and back and neck pain. They are also exposed to considerable risk of diseases like depression and dementia. They spent a lot of money on preventing physical disability and the extension of active life expectancy (Hritz, 2015).

According to Vygotsky’s theory of learning, parents and broader society and culture have an essential role in helping children acquire higher psychological functions. I believe the findings that show that drugs and the peer influences of friends have a significant impact on a person’s growth in learning are consistent with the idea that social community and the environment affect human performance and health. The societal backdrop of old age’s financial instability problems cannot be dissociated. In other words, the sort of individuals in the educational environment must be able to utilize these kinds of technologies naturally. Piaget uses a constructivist process to describe moral development, in which action and intellect interact to generate a moral notion. It was not primarily concerned with whether or not youngsters broke the rules. The physical and mental well-being of children is greatly influenced by the parenting style of the children’s parents. Obesity may be prevented by parents doing all they can to keep their children healthy (Cronch et al., 2006).

Humans grow and change as they become older. The words of the elderly are more refined than those of the young. Adulthood is a time of growth and maturity. Circumstances and psychological development are intertwined with body changes. Strength and sexual function are among the most common physical changes. When it comes to happiness, the young and elderly are pretty different. Relationships, health, and well-being are the most critical factors in young people’s satisfaction. This was followed by having a good connection with your family members and friends and being satisfied with your studies. Social interaction is essential for long-term well-being as we become older. You can count on friends and relatives to cheer up an elderly loved one if they are experiencing low. In addition, some will be around your beloved one’s most important times in their life (Aldridge, Michelle, and Joanne Wood, 1998).

Growth is the physical development we observe from childhood to adulthood. I interviewed a sixteen-year-old boy, and I found it to keep the physical product. He has beads, and he is muscular; this shows the changes during adolescence. This indicates that there are complex changes in the growth of a child. I interviewed a sixty-year-old man, and I saw the physical changes in the man. The face wrinkles, and they get weak. You can tell that they are getting older. Their voices change, too, unlike the one for adolescents. It is hard to find someone of old age without a disability. A question about grandkids I asked all participants who had at minimum one child. Next, questions were asked about the overall number of grandkids and how many children each had grandchildren. In follow-up, they were questioned whether and when their kids had given birth to a new grandchild and which of their kids had done so. Following two years, we were capable of making a distinction between individuals who’ve become grandparents for the very first time, those who were previously grandparents but did not have any new grandchildren, and finally, those who had at least one more grandchild at the moment of the follow-up (Zelan and Joseph, 1969)

This allowed me to generate variables that highlighted the children who had already become parents of the new sex of the child as well as geographic location. This information was used in a subset of analyses that focused on interviewees who had just one grandchild during the study period.

Finally, based on the interview dates and the year their grandchild was born, we could establish a measure of how long it has been since the grandparents became grandparents. First, we separated individuals who had grandchildren taken the same year as our interview from those whose grandchildren were born earlier that year. As a result, I opted to include births within a year after the discussion for all of these grandparents, considering that 50% of the follow-up interviews took place from January to April. People who were grandparents between zero and 16 months well before the follow-up research study and those who did so approximately 16 and 24 months well before follow-up research are categorized in this manner (Tarzia and Laura, 2013)

While most of us will not be fully independent and capable of caring for others by the time we reach early adult years, most of us have already completed the necessary developmental tasks. They’re putting their hearts and souls into their personal connections, as well as their professional ones. Youth, in my perspective, is an essential aspect of life, based on the interview findings. This is where a lot of things that will effect you in the future begin. If people act responsibly while they are young, they may prevent many of the difficulties that come with aging. Giving encouragement, support and opportunities for children’s growth should be the primary job of a nanny. When a kid is born, a parent is their first and finest instructor.


In summation, youngsters seem to be more responsive to lose responses than adults. Notably, the brain coordination and answering of questions showed significant age differences after loss responses, even when adjusting for behavior. In contrast, striatal activity was linked to both ages as well as behavior. Collectively, these findings demonstrate the relevance of examining brain responses to both gains and losses in children’s populations since age differences differ after growth and negative feedback. Furthermore, these findings underscore the necessity of controlling for behavioral and age variations in task strategy even though the assignment is not meant to generate overt actions.

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