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Abortion Rights and Access in Texas


For many decades, there have been arguments in Texas regarding the viability of abortion due to the cases for and against it. Individuals develop different premises to uphold their arguments that seek to establish the most appropriate conclusions. Recently, a ruling held that abortion would be against the law in Texas with effect from September 1, 2021, if the fetal heartbeat is detected (White et al., 2021). However, a formal objection was recognized, relating to saving the mother’s life. Accordingly, this research yields an argumentative essay on abortion questions in Texas. It presents the arguments about both sides of abortion and delves into how most Texas people support women in their choice of keeping abortion legal. It also delves into the aspects of abortions by exploring the cases for undertaking abortion, establishes the counterargument to refute preceding arguments and shows my position.

Arguments For and Against Abortions

Many people from Texas have dissenting opinions about ending a pregnancy; mostly, it is linked with murdering the unborn child (Greubel, 2021). The researchers are endeavoring to help those tied to the cultural myth of abortion by performing experimentation with the protocol meant to maneuver the abortion issues. One of the aspects that facilitate argument concerning the feasibility of abortion lies in social relations dynamics, particularly among young girls. Raifman et al. (2021) performed a study and found that Texas parents participate by revealing to their pregnant children the undesirable aspects connected with early child-rearing.

Greubel’s (2021) findings upheld that, for every ten children that embraced abortion as a technique to solve the unwanted pregnancy questions, six of them contended that their parents inspired them to do abortion. Parents want their children to overcome any hindrances, such as unwanted pregnancies, that they considered would prevent them from firmly establishing significant dynamics of social interactions. The researcher raised a debate to the parents concerning abortion as an action against the religious values within the local religious context (White et al., 2021).

Opposing Argument

The study’s claim is much better than the opposing view because it urges the people from Texas to understand that the organization of the Public Health Association, along with other medical groups, should highly criticize abortion (Greubel, 2021). Control measures also ought to be discussed to develop a suitable solution to early pregnancies for teenagers. Texas must comprehend that the cultural myth of abortion focuses on getting rid of unwanted pregnancies without consideration of their effects on humans. Various ethnic groups have been used, and they are adopting different techniques intending to give their opinions about the cultural myths of abortion (Raifman et al., 2021). They have emerged with different missions, visions, values, and goals regarding the abortion questions.


According to the Texas Health and Human Services, 54,741 abortions happened in Texas in 2020 alone. The number excluded abortions done on Texas residents residing in other states (Tanne, 2021). In 2019, the number of abortions in Texas was 57,275, whereby 13.2% of pregnancies ended in abortion in Texas, excluding the cases of miscarriages. In 2018, 2017, 2016 and 2015, the abortions that took place in Texas were 55,140, 53,227, 53,481 and 53,590 respectively. Accordingly, the numbers of abortions keep changing to the degree that is not proportional (Tanne, 2021).

My Position

My position is that health organizations and government should educate people, especially young girls from Texas, about the implications of abortions. It is because Texas is better positioned to inspire the citizens about the feasibility of undertaking abortion, whether it is right or not. It should carry aggressive research on the implication of abortion and give complete and comprehensive results to the citizens as residents do not know the best way forward to adopting the cultural myth of abortion.


To convince individuals, particularly the girl child, substantial campaigns and workshops are established to capture the mentality, emotion, sensation, and impression of abortion. Such endeavors reveal information against abortion in Texas and inform the audience to keep their pregnancies healthy. The study inspires the conflicting parties to work hard to develop a feasible solution to the abortion questions. For these two sides to compromise, it will be viable for them to establish a bureau that will assist them in ascertaining and executing other methods rather than just killing the unborn baby. The conflicting individuals need to work together and give substantial conclusions about the cultural myth of abortion. The research reveals the emotional and persuading by appealing to the victim’s emotions driven by killing an innocent child for personal benefits.


If we care, there is a need to turn up, devise and implement suitable strategies that will sanction the society to adopt the sense of right and wrong on abortion. It is imperative to pull sock and endorse the addressees to acquire apt measures against abortion. That will be made possible through colloquium and seminars to help in the sensitization on issues related to abortion to empower the entire society to reflect on the reasonable endeavors on the abortion questions.


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