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Movie Review: Film 42(2013)

Historically, social inequality had an out-standing of not being recognized and not being given equal opportunities and rewards for different societal levels. This affected people from unwell and undeveloped countries. in history, some individuals have fought for the right to equality at all levels of living for equal access to studies, wealth and income, and resources.

As a professional baseball player, Jackie faced constant abuse and racism from his fellow players and his fans (smith, 2021). Jackie chooses to ignore this unfair treatment and play his best. Jackie fought for civil rights and racial integration in sports and other areas. In 1962, he became the first African American to be chosen for the baseball hall of fame. Jackie played as player number 42.

According to Robinson, in 1938, he tried to fight racism when he was arrested by police and taken to custody while he disputed the police’s detention of one of his friends. And he managed to escape a jail sentence; later, he was enlisted in the army during Second World War in the US. (Suddler, C. 2022), and he never experienced direct combat, but his military career was ruined by racialism. Also, Robinson boarded an unintegrated bus and was instructed to sit at the back, but he refused, and an army officer arrested him for disobedience.

In social dynamics that the film pertains to, both before and after this film, are active racism, white privilege, and internalized domination which film 42 presented. Jackie’s career and the obstacles he faced to do what he loved were portrayed in this film. Regardless of all he went through, such as being threatened, abused, slandered, and inequality, he held his ground and enforced integration, helped spark the Civil Rights Movement, and became a positive role model in sports history. The movie, at first, showed how Robinson wasn’t welcome on the Dodgers team. (Merida, K. 2021). And many players refused to play with him, and the opposite team and audience would also engage in racism and promote hatred toward him.

In today’s life, racism is still here with us. Even if a lot has been done to end it and achieve the goal of fighting it, racism is still on, even though nowadays, it is not that strictly on color. Instead, it is there in identifying in today’s lifetime, globally has raised more demands for skilled laborers, particularly in northern America and Europe, while still increasing attempts to attract foreign work the united states, racism is represented in the Black Belt region, where more black people than white people.

Jackie Robinson was African American, as he grew up in a low-income family; he also suffered due to his color, many people didn’t love him due to his skin color, and they mistreated him. Some Americans thought it was good to mistreat people for their color, making Jackie angrier. Jackie tried to show people that he is good as anyone else. This made him work extra hard and become a successful baseball player. Jackie played for a major-league team. Jackie Robinson became the first African American man who fought against racism and became more attractive and a hero to more people.


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