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1796 Reflection Paper

In this 1796 period of the United States, I spotted out that many events contributed to the development of the U.S. Constitution. These events include the “Great Compromise,” where members of Congress have agreed to separate state and federal powers, which in turn has led to the creation of a bicameral legislature with equal representation from each state, followed by George Washington signing on to be the first president. All these events help shape this nation of ours today.

The founding of the United States of America is a subject that is still under debate. The writing of the United States Constitution is only one part of the debate, and because it is written during a time when there are many conflicting views on what it should be, it has been hard to decide what is true and what is not.

Some believe that James Madison is solely responsible for the development of this document, while others believe other people and religions influence him. I understand that the American nation has not just sprung into being out of nowhere like some people might think. It has come about through much speculation and hard work from many people who believed in its cause.

The ideals that the American Revolutionaries fighting for are not the same values and principles that were in the Revolutionary War/War for Independence, according to my perspective view. Editors (2009) mentions that this is because there have been changes that have removed our foundation of why we fight. When fighting for freedom, we may think about our freedoms, but when you look at what was pushed by the founding fathers, it came from an idea of freedom to create a perfect society. It created a society where people from all races and classes could come together under one banner. If people do not believe in these principles, they are no longer fighting for the same things we are fighting for.

During this American Revolution, there is a stark contrast between what we would call today the founding principles of America and the continuing philosophies that were in place. In my opinion, the colonies are founded on Christian values, except for the minimally changed colonies across the nation that do not believe in the supreme being. It is important to note that these changes have not been happening overnight; instead, there has been a continuous progression of change over time.

America’s founding principles are Christian ideals from which our nation is born. These principles include Biblical references like “In God We Trust,” “All Men Are Created Equal,” and “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness” ( Editors, 2009). During this period, the only different thing is how these beliefs changed throughout history based on societal values and perspectives. In contrast to these founding principles, views in favor of slavery continued to thrive into the 1800s.

The Founding Fathers have become iconic figures because they are being viewed as revolutionary figures leading their country towards freedom from a tyrannical government. They have created a new world with new rules without becoming slaves or destroying themselves. Some of our scholars are still questioning whether or not Britain was convinced to leave by using force or propaganda to cleverly manipulate people into believing it has no choice but to fight for independence from England.

Historians have conflicting opinions on the founding of the American nation. Some say that the United States is founded as a republic, and others say it was founded as a democracy. Some historians point to specific events like the Boston Tea Party or the Declaration of Independence marking significant moments in America’s history. In contrast, other historians point to significant cultural, social, or economic changes that preceded these events.

References Editors. (2009, October 29). Revolutionary War. HISTORY.


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