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Controversial Topic in the Field of Infant and Toddler Development

There are a few key things for the guardians or the parents to remember when thinking about infant and toddler development. The most important thing to know is that every child is unique, and every child grows and develops at their own pace. The guardians or the parents of the child, it is important to keep in their mind that the first three years of a child’s life are crucial to their development and that the experiences they have during that time will shape who they will become as adults. Parents raising children in religion is a controversial topic during infant and toddler development.

Different religions in the world contain beliefs and norms that people believe in. Children raised in a religious setup tend to have strong moral values. Some advantages of teaching moral values to kids when they are growing up are that they help them to become more compassionate and understanding people, and they also help them to instill a sense of right and wrong in them. Moral values help children have a strong work ethic since religion teaches them to be obedient and honest in whatever they do.

Religion is very helpful when a child is growing because it enables them to develop a sense of identity and purpose. Religion helps children develop a sense of identity and purpose by providing them with beliefs and values. Religion teaches children about their place in the world and their role in society by teaching them the importance of being good citizens and treating others how they want to be treated. Religion gives children a community of people to share these beliefs with, which provides them with support and guidance throughout their lives.

When they grow up in a setup where there is religion, they can make the right decision based on several religious teachers. Religion provides the kids with the guidance and moral compass in their life by providing them with a sense of the right things and wrong things, and also it helps them understand the consequences of and decisions they make in their life. Religious leaders help children make decisions by educating them on the best path to follow.

Religion helps the children feel connected to their surroundings by providing a reflection of their personality. Religion help provides a way to connect children with their community which makes them feel connected to the natural world. When kids grow up in a religious surrounding, they can feel connected to their surroundings through the stories and symbols they see around them, and they learn from the lessons in their religion. Religion teaches children to see the world differently and helps them feel connected to other people and things in the world.

Children raised in religious surroundings can learn the order in a chaotic world by providing a plan and structure for life. Religion provides a way to remember past experiences and plan for the future by teaching different lessons. Religion provides a sense of stability and security to a child because there is a supernatural being that protects everybody. When a child is raised in religion, they can get a sense of warmth and comfort, providing hope for the future (Miller-McLemore, 2019). Religion provides a sense of order as a source of comfort and support during difficult times. It teaches different characters in the religious scripts, which went through painful steps but later, through the power of the supernatural being, they made it.

Bringing up a child in a religious setup also affects their relationship with peers with whom they don’t share the same religion. Some beliefs may be harmful to children because they can make them believe in the power of magic or religion, and those that believe in the grotesques as a method of healing deny the fact of getting medication from hospitals which can risk their lives.

Most religion does not give people space to question them because it contains questions that are very difficult to answer. It greatly affects the children because at a certain age in their life, when they start differentiating between right and wrong and start questioning religion can make them discriminated against by the community. Religion may deny some children to pursue some of their interesting activities since it is against their religion. For example, some religious groups were against girls from getting an education, including the Egyptians, who were not allowed to go through the education system (Gaff, 2016). Education has many benefits to society and to the growth of every child.

In conclusion, religion has many advantages in children’s lives, including that it helps children develop their skills and abilities, as well as improve their feelings and morals. Religion also helps children connect with others and their potential, as well as develop their skills and abilities in a way that is possible. Religion also helps to improve the quality of life of children who believe in it.


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