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Why Am I Me?

Human behavior is multifaceted and is determined by various factors including biological variables as well as how we relate to other humans. Biological variables encompass those associated with genetic makeup and also those from the environment we live. Genetics influence who we are. Human intelligence and coyness are inherited. Besides, a change in biological structures can result in a change in human behavior. For instance, a polite person may become aggressive following brain damage. According to research by Harris, Wayne and Stephen, people with Down syndrome are very social. Environmental variables such as exposure to particular chemicals tend to make people more active. Social variables that affect human behavior include our past and current relationships with family members, friends, and workmates as well as our neighbors. Other factors influencing our behavior include gender, age, and nationality among others.

I am a college student and an athlete too. Since when I was growing up, I have been very passionate about sports and competition. I’m physically healthy and active in games. Besides, I have played exemplary well in high school as well as in college. My speed is well conditioned to perform in all weather. I have also mastered the art of footwork as well as hand-eye organization skills (Britt, Paige and Selina 64). When I was young, I played with my older friends who challenged me more often that in the end, my skills are now advanced. I have attended practices four times a week for nine years to improve my skills. Playing soccer in high school and college requires a lot of commitment, so I have to sacrifice my social life to balance my studies and sports given that they are time-consuming.

Playing soccer in college is an achievement for me since this provides me with an opportunity to chase what I like most at a senior level. My parents have played a significant role as far as my passion in sports is concerned. My parents encouraged me to participate in various activities in sports when I was young. My father, in particular, was my coach at home when I was not practicing in my school soccer team where they used to drive me. They have also given me financial support to participate in tournaments as well as buying me the required equipment. They have encouraged me to provide my best effort to sports regardless of a win or a loss and, in every game, I participated in, they were always present to cheer me on. My involvement in sports is related to Sandra Scarr’s heredity-environment correlations. The correlation suggests that the environment in which a child grows has been influenced by the parent’s actions (Scarr 18). Besides, children are made of their parent’s genes. Additionally, children with sporty characteristics may drive their parents to provide an environment that suits their course. Hence, genetics and environment are directly intertwined.

Other developmental variables that have affected the role I now play in life today are gender, nationality and the era in which I grew up. Regarding my sex, more males are associated with soccer compared to females. Men tend to have a natural liking for soccer either as fans or as players (Scarr 16). My nationality is also intertwined with my role as a soccer player. Most of the best soccer players and coaches come from my country. Besides, sports are one of the economic pillars of our nation. Furthermore, I grew up in the era of football premier leagues where worldwide soccer teams compete for trophies and World Cup. I am very fond of these competitions, and I also have role models in soccer.


Human behavior is influenced by factors such as genetics, environment, sex, nationality among others. There exists a positive correlation between who we are and the environment we thrive. The physical environment and the people we interact with determine what we become. A child is likely to become what their parents mould him to be. Children can also become what their parents are since they share same genes. The environment we grow in influence who we are. A person is likely to become an athlete if her growing environment has a sport’s culture. Also, gender influences our roles in the society. Some roles are more associated with males than females and vice versa and these influence who we are.

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