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Wearing a Mask During COVID-19

The COVID-19 virus has brought about change and the way of life. The ease in the spread and infection of the virus has made it necessary to have new measures to control the spread of COVID-19. The source of the COVID-19 virus was Wuhan, China. World Health Organization on December 2019 confirmed the presence of COVID-19. The global health organization did verify the existence of the virus and the need for the world to come up with measures that would contain the spread of the virus. The covid-19 virus has led to new ways of living and the need to protect livelihoods from losing lives. Research by the Chinese came up the most effective ways of dealing with the spread of the virus.

Global unity and solidarity were essential to come up with a long-term solution to the virus. There were massive losses of lives in European countries such as Italy and the United Kingdom, thus the desire for all developed countries to remedy the virus. The United States and China did invest considerable resources to ensure a solution was discovered. Upon extensive research and analysis by researchers, they came up with solutions and recommendations aimed at containing the spread of the virus. Global support and solidarity were necessary to ensure it was held and progressive.

The spread of COVID-19 was caused mainly by unclean surfaces which could host the viruses. The spread of the virus and the contamination by other people was a significant cause in the space of the virus. It was thus recommended regular disinfection of public places and homes. Thorough cleaning and disinfection did bring about common infections and contained the spread of the virus. The spread of COVID-19 was a major cause with the rise in disrupting normal activities and operations worldwide. It was necessary and essential to developing strict measures that control the spread of the virus from one person to another. Wearing a mask is one of the measures that were universally agreed upon to contain the spread of COVID-19. The ease in the spread of the virus ensured there was a solution to the contamination and interactions among people. According to a study published online Jan. 7, 2021, by JAMA Network Open. Study authors calculated that more than half of all COVID-19 cases were likely spread by without symptoms of the disease. (HWHW)

The use of a mask limits the spread of particles and other respiratory droplets that could lead to the spread of COVID-19 or any other infection. The department of health did come up with the standard masks that should be worn. The surgical masks used in hospitals by medical practitioners are the most effective and reliable forms of masks worn in the fight against COVID-19. The ease of infection and the comfort of the virus mutating made it challenging for the researchers to have a vaccine and a definitive solution to boost the patients’ immunity.

COVID-19 did cause massive disruption to international travel and everyday living. It was essential to ensure there was a concerted effort and collaboration to bring business back to normal. By using a mask to limit the risk of infection and create a uniform solution to fighting the virus, there was progress and a short-term solution on containing the spread of COVID-19 (John, 93). The importance of wearing a face mask is to limit the spread of respiratory particles from a COVID-19 infected person to a negatively infected person.

Disadvantages of wearing a mask include the inability to breathe properly which could lead to respiratory infection. Due to the weakening of the lungs and ability to fight against infections. The lack of proper aeration causes infection to the lungs and other parts such as bronchitis. Secondly, there is the risk of developing other illnesses such as asthma which are caused by breathing through dirty and infected clothing.

The World Health Organization and the European Union advocated for the use of face masks and sanitization to limit the number of new infections and prevent the loss of lives. The National Health Service did affirm that the use of face masks was the most effective method of restricting the spread of COVID-19. This made sure the numbers of those who were infected remained constant, and in some cases, it was reduced.

In that regard, it is evident that face masks are a very effective solution that did indeed regulate the spread of COVID-19. Answers against the spread of COVID-19 were not well researched and done in-depth. Use of sanitizers has been adopted to ensure the virus does not spread and infect other people. Hygiene on the part of the public has been deemed crucial in reducing the spread of COVID-19. In conclusion, recommendations by virologists and medical practitioners advised on the need to maintain the highest standards of hygiene in the fight against COVID-19. In that case, the wearing of masks was the most effective and appropriate solution to preventing the spread of COVID-19.


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