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Vitality in Teamwork

What is teamwork? Teamwork is when a group of individuals in an organization come together to work towards a common goal thereby making decisions effectively, efficiently, and with strong power. Here, more complex and brighter ideas come up and these will be so helpful to the organization. Due to these, it has changed the organization’s structure where now many companies are using decentralized patterns of responsibility. Here workers work in groups to achieve given objectives making use of their creativity and production potential. These build and develop their skills through the exchange of ideas, experience, and viewpoints. Working in teams also creates workers’ emotional security, self-confidence and also creates a good working relationship with others which is important for the healthy growth of an organization. Wageman states that “With the help of teamwork company gets to fulfil what is expected of them easily efficiency and with quality”(49). Economic growth is under the control of teamwork and also companies success. So, anybody looking for a job today should know that ability to work in a team is one of the prerequisites to secure a job. So teamwork has much importance including; improving productivity, it creates effectiveness in an organization, bringing cohesiveness, and also creates reliability.

Teamwork improves productivity. When there is teamwork everyone in the team produces his or her personal best. When all these efforts are combined the organization will automatically reach its overall objective of high productivity. Teamwork gives employees a sense of belonging and empowerment where they have total power over their immediate work environment (Goodman et al. 18). When workers are in control and with less disturbance from the outside they give their best. They are most likely to be satisfied with their jobs and committed to meeting organizations’ objectives. Also, they will never be tied in giving discretional effort in terms of skills, knowledge, and even abilities to the organization (cohen et al. 18). Also according to Vaskova teamwork creates productivity growth in areas that need creative solving of problems and operational management (98). This shows that when a well-structured team is formed in an organization there will be increased productivity.

Teamwork creates effectiveness in the organization. When workers trust and believe in each other’s capabilities they are free to share both in terms of ideas and the task at hand. They will be free to divide difficult work into manageable tasks and complete them with ease and faster. This will save on time and makes the organization effective in doing its responsibilities. When employees are dependent on each other it creates job security and satisfaction and they will have fewer worries about the complexities of their jobs. According to Wheelan to solve complexities teamwork is required. Organizations stay effective when they solve these complexities (18). Hence according, to Gwynne organizations should move from individuals to teamwork (21). Teamwork also creates effectiveness in those workers in a team who share work and responsibilities reducing workload and pressure. Teamwork brings a lot of positive implications to the organization one being effectiveness in doing its duties.

Teamwork creates cohesiveness. Cohesiveness is when members of a given group are attracted and motivated to work together in a given organization (Robbins and Judge 228). According to Forsyth cohesiveness is when team members choose to remain together and work together to achieve a common goal. (Sanders and Schyns 541) stated that cohesiveness is important in any group as members will over their time and volunteer to cooperate with others to achieve 0rganization objectives. To achieve this group leaders should play a very important role in the group by encouraging commitment and cohesiveness in the team. This will encourage members to be sensitive to each other and be willing to assist if need be. Cohesiveness will bring a lot of positive things to the company; it will increase team performance, unity of purpose, and efficiency.

It creates reliability. Teamwork is very important in some fields where consequences of errors are very high such as health care organizations, the military, and industries. Teamwork reduces chances for errors and creates reliability. This is very important in surgical operations where there is no room for mistakes and patient safety is paramount. Those working in a team creates fewer mistakes than individual when team members know their responsibilities as well as those of their team members (Smith et al. 44). This will also be paramount in reducing accidents more so in industries where coordination is very important. This shows that teamwork creates reliability in an organization creating customer trust and improvement in the organizations’ reputation.

Teamwork concepts and strategies are very important in any organization in achieving its set goals and visions. The organization should work towards enhancing teamwork for it to strive and also employees should collaborate in a team for this to be successful. The organization should provide a good environment where workers can build trust in each other, effective leadership in the group, and also offer rewards to best-working groups. This will enhance teamwork amongst the workers which will increase productivity, effectiveness, cohesiveness, and reliability of an organization.

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