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Two Approaches to the Study Significance of the Sports Education Football

The underlying paper presents the two methodological method approaches utilized in the study for the significance of sports within educational football. In this case, each of the methodological approaches will narrate its questions, research problem, techniques of inquiry, the methods utilized to guarantee the trustworthiness of data, and the inclusion of literature of the investigation and issue approaches. Ideally, in the utilization of diverse designs, the purpose, problems, and RQs may alter to align the chosen method. In the application of two various approaches to the inquiry topic of concern, it could get easier to select the approach choice which can influence the entire proposal. Hence, it could get familiar to make decisions required for the future recommendations of the research.

  1. Quantitative Research Approach

A quantitative method is a methodological approach usually used in other research. The quantitative research method came around 1250 A.D., where it was beautiful ng run by the investigators needing quantifying the data (Powell, 2020). The quantitative research method is involved with the numeric and the statistical approach to certain research. Quantitative research methodology keeps assumptions that are had by the empiricist paradigm. The study is usually independent of the involved researcher. Therefore, the data get mainly used when measuring reality. The quantitative research method especially creates meaning through objectivity, uncovered in the data collected.

Quantitative research applies inquiring strategies such as surveys, experiments, and data collection on predetermined instruments yielding certain statistical data. Quantitative analysis can also respond to relational questions of different variables in a study. Quantitative researchers mainly seek predictions and explanations for other places and people. The major intentions are; establishing, confirming, validating relationships, and developing generalization, which has contributed to the theory (Powell, 2020). Quantitative research usually starts with a problem statement and is involved with the formation of a hypothesis, analysis of quantitative data, and literature review.

The quantitative research method mainly involves collecting data to be quantified and subjected to statistical treatment to support the alternative knowledge claims. Quantitative research has an origin from the physical sciences, primarily physics and chemistry. Ideally, the researcher applies various mathematics models as the methodology of analysis of data. Three trends pertain to quantitative research: measurement procedures and tests, research design, and statistical analysis (Rashid & Sipahi, 2021). Quantitative research also involves the numeric collection of data, and the researcher aims to use mathematical models as the data analysis methodology. In addition, the researcher can also use methods of inquiry to ensure there is alignment with the collection methodology of the statistical data.

For this case, the quantitative research method is important in analyzing the importance of sports education. It gets found that a wide range of people is usually helped a lot through sports. Most of the people in the world get sustained by different talents that they have in sports such as playing football. Participating in sports has a lot of advantages to their lives because they have many opportunities that they can use and make them grow in their healthy life and boost them financially (Rashid & Sipahi, 2021).

When carrying out experiments, the researcher has to investigate the treatment of a certain intervention in the study group and then measure the results found in the treatment. The explanatory approach gets classified into three: true experimental, pre-experimental, and quasi-experimental. The pre-experimental design mainly involves the independent variables, which have no variance. The proper experimental setup must get endorsed to provide a higher control degree, which gives a higher validity degree. The design of true empirical impact in the systemic approach to collecting quantitative data involves the mathematical models in the analysis (Rashid & Sipahi, 2021).

On the other hand, quasi-experimental design is mainly engaged with the nonrandom selection of the study participants. Therefore, control gets usually reduced, and true experimentation may not be possible. Since the variables cannot get controlled, validity can get sacrificed.

In causal-comparative research, the researcher mainly examines how the independent variables can be affected by dependent variables and primarily involves the cause and effect relationship within different variables. The factorial design focuses primarily on two or more categories with independent than dependent variables (Rutberg & Bouikidis, 2018). A causal-comparative research design allows the researcher to examine the interaction between the independent variables and their effects on the dependent variables.

Various methods exist in conducting quantitative research. The developmental design, correlational, survey research, and observational studies get mainly used in the descriptive research method (Mortoja et al., 2020). These research methods can also get used in casual and experimental comparative analysis.

The researcher mainly explores how the features can alter over time in a study group during the developmental design. The two types of developmental methods include; longitudinal and cross-sectional. In the longitudinal study, child development research gets mainly used to understand a phenomenon of a certain age group and study a group over a certain period (Rutberg & Bouikidis, 2018). On the other hand, cross-sectional study, the researcher mainly compares two different groups using the same parameters.

In the observational study method, the researcher mainly observes a certain aspect of the behavior of humans with much objectivity of recording data. This research method can give an alternative to different qualitative research methods. In a survey research method, the researcher aims to capture a phenomenon at the moment. Ideally, this method is mainly used to sample data from respondents representing a certain population and apply closed-ended or open-ended instruments (Rutberg & Bouikidis, 2018). Survey research is one of the ways of gathering data in social sciences. Therefore, the quantitative research approach is best to research the significance of sports education. Thus, this helps nurture most people’s talents because they get easily identified during the research, and therefore, they should always get used.

  1. Qualitative Research Approach

The qualitative approach majorly involves gathering and assessing non-numerical data and information, for example, video, text, and audio. Ideally, this non-numerical data plays a great role in understanding diverse individuals’ opinions, concepts, and experiences. In the current study about the significance of sports education, the qualitative research method got utilized to collect in-depth and comprehensive insights of issues to formulate the new concepts and ideas in the research. In the significance of sports education, the qualitative approach has played a vital role in the considerable strides for the recent years, for instance, addressing the unreasonable arguments in sports. The qualitative research method has extensive application across management studies, sociology, psychology, interdisciplinary research, coaching, and geography. Thus, this has given some solid legitimacy to the approach of investigation. Moreover, the qualitative work has much respect and credit within the thought school hence the dominant system.

In the study about the significance of sports education, the research problem is the gender issues related to sports and its activities. The methodology plays a critical role in collecting insightful opinions and decisions founded on the understanding of perspectives of the data collection. Hence, the introduction of sports education helps to provide authentic and educationally rich experiences for each gender in physical school sports. The most commonly used approach for the underlying research was interviewing within schools and involving girls and boys in semi-structural methods. In this case, sports education got deemed to help formulate the physical, social, and improving learners’ performance in different ways (Mattoni et al., 2018). The important questions in the study were those sought from the structured interviews, which got formulated qualitatively. The major questions, for that matter, were the relation of the importance of sports education for both males and males. Also, another question was the experiences of sports for both genders that it has comprehensive curriculum implications that help in various directives of educations.

The major approaches to inquiry used in the research include case grounded theory and case study research. For the idea, Csikszentmihalyi’s theory was utilized and narrated that four important values are useful while talking about the importance of educational sports (Dioses-Salinas et al., 2021). In that case, the two values, enjoyment and individual growth, were related as unique features for the sporting enjoying. Also, the other inquiry approaches got rounded based on change and development, and they mainly concentrated on the social aspect of educational sports. Moreover, the case study approach of inquiry formulated a strategic design that addressed vital issues and narrated the research on the understanding of cases relation.

The research problem based on the specific case scenario design is that the research concentrates on the need to understand the effect of both genders in sports education to help them comprehend that it can assist their lives in education, physical activity, and skills without gender considerations. Therefore, this design does not sweep the extensive inquiry, and it often narrows the wide field of study. The major purpose of the study based on the case study design is the need to comprehend that educational sports have various benefits for institutions and students as it promotes social skills development, student performance, and physical skills (Llatas et al., 2020). Thus, the study encourages emphasizing and encouraging education sports for both genders. The research questions vital in the case study design for this research include whether sports may increase the mental and physical abilities of the involved and whether sports can help students do well. The last question is whether education in sports can be useful to ensure gender equality for matters sports. In that case, the case study design used research questions that collected the opinions and insights through the researchers.

Ideally, in need to ensure and guarantee trustworthy of data in qualitative research, it is important to utilize the inquiry audit, which helps to formulate dependability that needs the external individual who examines and reviews the process of research and the analysis of data to confirm that there are consistent expected results and findings. Most importantly, trustworthiness needs to focus on transferability, credibility, confirmation, and dependability (Kay et al., 2021). The qualitative researchers apply Transferability to ensure that the data is applicable in other similar cases. On the other hand, credibility relates to how confident the researcher utilizes truth in their findings. The accuracy of data presentations helps to show that the study is credible. Accordingly, dependability ensures that other researchers have used the work and have proven consistent. Finally, there is a need to utilize the confirmation process as it provides the data used is neutral, and the findings are not biased or moved by individual incentives.


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