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Theory in Nursing

Many existing scientific theories define practice in nursing. They are developed from the evidence-based study with valid data to improve health care and patient outcome. My experience with nursing theory involves understanding what nursing theory is and how it should be used when handling patients. Moreover, some nursing theories exist, and understanding them can be effective when it comes to the issue of health promotions, nurse leadership, and its role in the healthcare sector. While schooling, we were taught different nursing theories, whereby I learned how to use the nursing theory and its effectiveness (Kääriäinen et al., 2019). Interacting with nursing theory has significantly been a great experience since interacting with different people, including patients and other practitioners, and the best strategy as a profession when certain issues arise.

Importance of Nursing Theory

Nursing theory is imperative in nursing professionals as well us to understand why nursing theory exists and why it is critical in delivering high-quality patient care. It provides the foundational knowledge of core concepts and helps healthcare practitioners expound on how they handle their patients and their reasons for their actions. Therefore, it is easier to provide evidence that validates the methodologies applied in their practice. Nursing theory fundamentally provides concepts and a blueprint to use when approaching my patient as a nurse practitioner (Contreras et al., 2020). It becomes easier to observe several primary ideas in nursing, including safeguarding parents from harm. Fundamentally, nursing theory application and theory-based evidence are essential in structuring practice, and adhering to the nursing theory helps improve the quality of care. Patience seeks quality service and, through considering nursing practice in a theory context, assists me in developing analytical skills and critical thinking ability while clarifying value or even assumptions.

Theory Application

Nursing theories are widely applied in healthcare, and I have come across them when implemented in a healthcare facility. For example, the healthcare facility relies on the Nutshell nursing theory when providing healthcare services to the patients. In this case, the idea defines what nurses do and its reasons. Besides, theories are applied to assist in shaping the constraints of patient care delivery and aligning with a range of expected outcomes (Yangin et al., 2020). Through this application, I learned how theory could be effective in healthcare service delivery. Everyone understands his role, and the leadership can guide the involved parties to prioritize patients. I find it most interesting nursing theory since the patient is given priority and their decisions and respecting their own choices.

Nursing view in a different perspective

Indeed, my mind and heart are broadly open to learning new concepts and knowledge related to different perspectives. The use of a similar can affect learning in several ways, especially if the concepts covered are difficult. Learning and understanding nursing from diverse angles is possible when different perspectives are applied. The most fundamental thing is learning basic nursing skills and knowledge and delivering high-quality services. Opening minds is the genesis of becoming a competent and qualified healthcare practitioner since one can acquire nursing broadly and easily. As a result, I would be delighted and open both heart and mind when provided with nursing skills and knowledge. A different perspective can be depicted as motivation and the best approach to escaping boredom.


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