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The Worldwide Popularity of Latin Music

Latin music has grabbed people’s attention in the recent past including marketers who continue using it to popularize TV shows, commercial programs, and movies. It is characterized by unique rhythm and use of glamorous instruments and is played to celebrate rituals and ceremonies. The popularity of Latin music genres has hit the roof and is probably the most listened to and played around the world. This essay reviews the factors that have helped in amplifying the diverse Latin music genres including but not limited to accessibility, collaborations, and the rise of social media platforms.

The Effect of  YouTube in Fueling the Accessibility of Latin Music

The streaming music feature of YouTube is broadening the popularity of Latin music, enabling artists to build a large global fan base. According to Veronica (2017), the platform provides artists with the opportunity to stay in touch with fans without limits. Recently, YouTube launched a program that enhances the relationship with artists, whether upcoming or the already established ones. Besides enhancing artistic relationships, YouTube is also promoting performers work through social media platforms. Recommendation and suggestion to consumers of other videos to watch is another unique feature available on the platform. By virtue of suggestion, YouTube exposes viewers to other artists who may be unknown to them.

The Effect of Bilingual Collaborations

One year after the release of the famous ‘’Despacito” by Luis Fonsi featuring Daddy Yankee, bilingual collaborations have increased tremendously. As Michele (2018) was able to prove, due to its incredible success, the collaboration of Latino artists with English stars became sensible to other artists. Willy Williams and Justin Bieber followed suit, releasing ‘’Mi Gente’’ featuring Beyoncé. Other notable collaborations have followed with a similar format attracting millions of viewers. However, none of the collaborations has surpassed the heights reached by ‘’Despacito”. Bilingual collaborations are gaining a high level of recognition because of their ability to draw diverse audiences. Instead of concentrating on a particular demographic, the performers appeal to several. As a result, collaborations are encouraging different cultures to unite for the love of music.

The Rise of Social Media Platforms

Going forward, Latin music continues to be deeply competitive. Artists continue uploading thousands of Latin music to the internet while viewers continue to stream music at affordable costs every day. Digital and social media sites allow artists to bypass the conventions of the industry and distribute their music with more ease (William, 2018). Facebook, for instance, is enabling Latin musicians to maintain an active profile where they can showcase their latest releases. The lives tream feature on Facebook is also allowing artists to transform their gigs from a local to a global event. With a Twitter account, Latin music artists can create relevant hashtags for promoting their content. Instagram, on the other hand, is allowing musicians to share with their followers’ unique behind-the-scenes content. Before releasing a song, musicians are using Instagram to tease their audience with partial videos of the original version.

In conclusion, Latin music appears to have achieved more dominance than ever before. High demand for Latin music from consumers and accessibility of the music by virtue of streaming services have pushed the popularity of this music genre. Social media platforms and bilingual collaborations also give musicians new and powerful sources every day. Additionally, Latin music discovery is getting easier and marketing it has become more effective.


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