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The Traits of a Global Citizen

Global citizen has become a type of term for today’s travel-obsessed youth. Vacation photos, which fill practically every social network feeds, are frequently accompanied by hashtags like #wanderlust and #worldcitizen (Minerva University, 2020). However, being a global citizen entails far more than a handful of stamps in a person’s passport; it entails recognizing and applying a set of common principles invaluable in today’s complicated world. Furthermore, persons, nations, and markets are becoming increasingly interconnected, meaning that humans are part of a global aspect (Israel, 2012). The most constructive way to respond is to take a route that embraces global citizenship. Furthermore, global citizens see themselves as participants of an evolving global order and are committed to contributing to the evolution of the world community’s values and standards. It is not easy for an individual to leave everything behind and venture into uncertainty. The following are the traits of a global citizen.

Confident and open-minded

Speaking of other individuals, humans live in a complicated society where everyone has an opinion on almost everything. Despite that, humans believe they can coexist peacefully. Virtually every global citizen agrees that understanding each other is far more essential than agreeing on everything (Minerva University, 2020). Taking an attempt to comprehend better where other people are from is critical to prospering in diverse contexts and being a member of the global community. Global citizenship entails engaging in new responsibilities, adapting to a different culture, and remaining open-minded to fit into the new surroundings. Global citizens accept new ideologies and sensations; and are confident that they can and should live in the new region without their assistance in their previous homes (Global Living Magazine, 2015). Therefore, global citizens are confident and not stuck in the past, and they engage in new settings, build new experiences, and learn new things about themselves every day.

Problem-solving and critical thinking

Global citizens actively participate in the world and strive for improvement. It is why creative thinking is so crucial in the context. Substantial problems necessitate big solutions. Global citizens are always ready for a challenge and do not get easily overwhelmed (Minerva University, 2020). Critical thinking is required when dealing with global issues; using logical and analytical argumentation methodologies and examining how diverse components interact may help individuals discover unique remedies to these challenges. Global citizens do not wait for others to solve the difficulties humans all confront (Minerva University, 2020). They might not possess solutions to all problems, but they are capable of making sense of difficult circumstances.

Cross-cultural understanding

Understanding how to connect with people from various cultures can be challenging, although people must improve their general empathy and understanding. Global citizens generally are inquisitive and desire to know more about the globe (Fleming, 2019). Furthermore, global citizens possess cross-cultural knowledge, which means they understand that diverse ideas, and languages, including practices, do not indicate distinct world goals. Global citizens learn about diverse cultures and customs because they recognize how it may help them better comprehend the individuals, places, and occurrences they encounter (Minerva University, 2020). Cultural exposure is unquestionably a component of travelling and meeting new people. This immersion helps global citizens to relate with people, acquire compassion, and work effectively by overcoming cultural obstacles.

Global citizens care about the environment and do not misuse resources

Global citizens embrace ecologically responsible lifestyle choices. Environmental responsibilities are the most prominent source of concern amongst global citizens and the sector where international obligations are most publicly represented (Attfield, 2002). Whatever the need for global citizenship in issues of advancement, harmony, and rights, including democracy, the significance of universal responsibilities and coordinated action based on such commitments appears as the least debatable when it comes to the planet. It also includes its worldwide concerns about environmental issues and pollution, including the threatened state of energy sources (Attfield, 2002). If these obligations are met, future generations will be hurt, including other species in the global ecosystem. Therefore, global citizens care about the environment and do not misuse resources.

As a radiation worker, how will you fulfill your responsibilities as a global citizen while handling ionizing radiation and radioactive materials?

As a radiation worker, who handles ionizing radiation materials, I will still work towards fulfilling my responsibilities as a global citizen, through various ways. For instance, I will raise awareness of the various groups that shape the policies that shape our global community. Such groups include international agencies such as the International Monetary Fund, and legal tribunals such as the International Criminal Court, or transnational corporations such as Starbucks (Israel, 2012). I will also try to learn more and interact with these groups to ensure that they are working in line with the ideals we hold dear. Furthermore, I will participate in protests, donate money, and look into other methods to advocate for globalization. More so, I will also work with other global citizens to demonstrate that people all around the world share common values like human rights, ecological sustainability, and the prohibition of nuclear weapons.

I will also seek to guarantee that our country’s international policy promotes the development of equitable universal approaches to global challenges that benefit all countries. Therefore, I will express my feelings to the state by endorsing leaders that want their country to be involved with the entire globe rather than alienated from it. Being a global citizen also means celebrating our people’s many arts and traditions (Israel, 2012). Therefore, I will take the time to discover how other civilizations express the human spirit. More so, a global citizen is someone who identifies as a member of a growing international community and whose activities contribute to the development of this community’s ideals and practices (Israel, 2012). I will also participate in campaigns to strengthen the settings that determine the welfare of individuals and their well-being as outlined by the UN international goals, like access to safe drinking water, nutritious food, including eliminating systemic disparities that fuel poverty and countering climate change.

In conclusion, a global citizen denotes somebody who is capable of understanding the larger world, as well as their role within it. They participate actively in their society and collaborate with other stakeholders to make the world more sustainable, and equitable. Furthermore, global citizens are eager to assist and collaborate with others. More so, global citizens have their own beliefs and voice them, yet they are willing to change them if proven incorrect. Global citizens are also inquisitive and desire to understand more about their surroundings. Moreover, global citizens care about the environment and do not squander resources. Global citizens work to raise knowledge of the many groups that shape the policies that shape the global community. Furthermore, they promote a way of life that promotes global development. Finally, global citizens celebrate the cultures and arts of different societies, and devote their time to discover how various cultures reflect the human spirit.


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