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The Relationship Between Drinking and Smoking in a Clinical Trial for Smoking Cessation and Drinking Reduction


It is hypothesized that pharmacotherapy influences smoking behaviors, which also influences drinking behaviors that subsequently influence smoking behavior at some time.


The participants were recruited using the radio, social media advertisements, and mass media. The participants included: People who wanted to quit alcohol and smoking or had a strong desire for the same, between 21 and 65 years. People who smoked more than five times a day for the past year and those with carbon monoxide levels above 4ppm. Heavy drinkers that meet the national institute on alcohol abuse include men who drink more than 14 drinks in a week.


The result didn’t find a significant medication impact across the primary and secondary drinking but found a consistent vital auto regression across all dinking variables and CSPD over time.


In this experiment, I first asked the participants to produce a breath alcohol concentration of 0 kg /liter during the research visits and to make sure they tested negative in every drug except Cannabis Sativa. The participants that I found were eligible after the in-person screening, I did a physical exam for them to find out if they were suitable for medication, and then I randomized them to two drugs:

  • I subjected one group to 2mg of varenicline tartrate medication together with placebo pills.
  • I gave the second group varenicline tartrate and 50grammes of naltrexone.

I then gave every participant the first dose of the drugs at the scheduled randomization visits. During the randomization visits, I also performed 20 to 45 minutes of counseling to the participants, particularly the heavy smokers and drinkers. I set smoking quitting date for them and a goal to abstain from or reduce alcohol and smoking. I instructed the participants to return to the laboratory for a weekly in-person assessment.


I collected a series of each participant’s different measures during the in-person visits. I gathered the following: A demographic questionnaire; DSM 5strustured clinical review; I also collected the fagestrone test of nicotine dependence FTND; CIWA –Ar; TLFB (timeline follow back where my clients came back to assess for their past alcohol and smoking behavior. I gave participants the smoking history questionnaires to access their former drinking and smoking habits. I completed the research assessment, including the TLFB at each post-randomization visit, together with the CO recordings.

Reactions to the methods

I would enjoy participating in the experiment because it would stretch my mind by helping me learn something new and open critical thinking for new ideas. I want things that sharpen my problem-saving skills and improve my professionalism. It is exciting to work in an adventurous work that will enhance the future of life since research is the future. I would have guessed the hypothesis of this research because it simply involves alcoholism and smoking addiction. For instance, alcoholism is closely associated with addiction, while at the same time, smoking addiction attracts alcoholism. Overall, the feeling of talking to new people and influencing the change of their lives is a sense of achievement and something to be proud of.


Green, R., Montoya, A. K., & Ray, L. A. (December 30, 2021). The Relationship Between Drinking and Smoking in a Clinical Trial for Smoking Cessation and Drinking Reduction. Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology.


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