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The Guns of Gotham.

The historical book” The Guns of Gotham “ by Timothy Gilfoyle discusses violence and crime in New York City (Gilfoyle). To the book, the second half of the 19th century was an era of “gun” whereby it was the time when strangers had deeply invaded New York City. As such, the author uncovers firearms domination during the era that propagated increased wars, organized crimes and violence in New York City (Gilfoyle). The author asserts that the strangers were known to be originating from all corners of the world, which made the city to be an area of invasion since guns ad crimes were deeply rooted.

Consequently, the author justifies the link between guns and crime in New York City, whereby there are various ways in which guns contribute to more crimes. Firstly, in the era, there was a high rate of proliferation of firearms which was contributed by the existence of guns (Gilfoyle). It was easy to obtain firearms, especially for people from different socioeconomic statuses, which were purposely used for criminality. The author discusses the role of guns used in gang warfare, such that guns were used to control power and territory .in New York City, there were organized crimes, indicating how firearms influenced the rise of crimes (Gilfoyle). At this juncture, firearms were majorly used by organized criminals to conduct robbery and violence. In addition, the author argues that firearms influenced crimes in New York City because it has been culturally cultivated over a long period. This is evident when the author asserts that every social class was influenced by gun culture and perception towards possessing firearms.

In the text, the author provides insights into a comprehensive evaluation of the intersectionality between guns, crime and society. However, the book discusses how most gangs and strangers acquired firearms during the era and how people and societies possessed and employed them (Gilfoyle). Based on the author’s thoughts, intersectionality elevated the rate at which firearms and crimes prevailed in New York City. As such, the text illuminates the city’s historical context during the era that was affected by crimes and firearms. The author discusses the Five Points Neighborhood as a historical event full of crimes (Gilfoyle). In the text, the event is described to be composed of violence and poverty, which indicates that it is a story behind the criminality and proliferation of guns in the city.

The book also discusses the Gun Laws and Law Enforcement, which were implemented purposely to regulate the use of firearms in New York City (Gilfoyle). This was one of how the city could address the challenge of guns and crimes. Authorities attempted to ensure that the possession of firearms was reduced because everyone could engage in crime. During this period, the authority developed a law restricting the purchase and use of firearms (Gilfoyle). The enforcement of laws was followed by the significance of their formulation, which increased safety and stability in the city. During the regulation process, the author asserts that the authority faced the complexity of tracking illegal gums and limited resources.

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