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The Divorce of A Student’s Parents

Many Students in society have often been victims of mental torture due to various situations that affect their well-being in their day-to-day lives. Most students who battle with emotional disturbance become ineffective in carrying on with any task given to them because their focus is usually re-directed in the struggle with emotional stress (Lane, 2020). Parents’ divorce can significantly impact a student in three dimensions; school, home, and community. For instance, The likelihood of acquiring several mental health illnesses is higher in people whose parents have divorced. Academic wise such individuals become poor performers in classwork. Many are the instances I have witnessed among such students who have fallen victim to such a case in that most of the time; they may fail to submit their assignments; their concentration is greatly affected hence tampering with their acquisition of knowledge and, in worst cases, some students have to be transferred as an outcome of relocating with one of the parents.

Individuals affected by divorce cases also face challenges in their homes. Such individuals may experience difficulties due to some parents’ possible absences from the house. Children may feel sorry and take responsibility for the split. This emotion could intensify and lead to additional issues like despair. Additionally, some kids might experience behavioral issues. Furthermore, The victims of parents’ divorce may resolve to engage in such behaviors to eliminate the emotional disturbance they grapple with (Arroyo, 2019).To sum it up, individuals may face stigmatization from their peers in the community.

Strategies That may be Adopted To Aid Victims of Parents’ Divorce

School may be the best place to provide stability and support to victims of their parent’s divorce. As a teacher, one strategy I would employ for such individuals is providing consistency and structure. Routines and expectations for their behavior that are explicit help children thrive. As a teacher with experience, I am confident that such students will be able to get along with the struggle that comes from parents’ divorce when such a strategy is adopted. The reason for this is that the student’s daily routine, which includes class time, lunchtime, and recess time, will be consistent thanks to the structure and stability of the program. The student, through this, will feel less anxious and more comfortable.

Another effective strategy is communicating with both parents. Many believe the mother should be the only recipient of communications after a divorce. However, both parents must actively interact with the other adults in the child’s life. This will help parents keep track of their child’s performance, and the individuals will focus on their classwork knowing at the back of their mind that even though they are stressors of divorce, their education is still a priority to both parents and that both parents are still committed to their healthy being at home and school. The students will feel more secure and supported. The result for such students will be being able to cope with the situation at hand at school and home. The strategies adopted, however, may also present their challenges. For instance, Some individuals may not be willing to listen to the advice given to them and still prefer to seek mental healing by engaging in bad vices. One of the Parents may also be unwilling to follow up on the child’s performance after the device with the notion that it is the other parent’s responsibility. Students who may lose focus due to being victims of their parent’s divorce may cope by encouraging them to communicate with a teacher or providing counselors. To help such students, I will also set achievable goals and motivate them to focus in the classroom.


Students are frequently affected by their parent’s divorce. Due to their lack of focus and ability to concentrate, they may be uninterested in class due to the divorce. They may also need help paying attention to instructions. Society-wise, such students may be subjected to stigmatization. As a result, they may engage in vices to end stress. If adequate measures and strategies are adopted, the students may still focus and win the battles that arise due to emotional stress.


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