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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Implementing an Online Learning Program and the Rationale Behind Implementing the Proposal

The contemporary issue associated with online learning is that most students need help concentrating during online classes due to face-to-face learning or teaching interruptions. Thus, they witness the physical absence of their fellow students and teachers, which becomes an issue that robs them of their sense of motivation and urgency. Later, we notice that they need to attend classes, progress, or even meet deadlines. Thus, this contemporary issue is associated with or linked to online learning. Therefore, the lens of this paper will seek to critically analyze the advantages and disadvantages of implementing an online learning program and the rationale behind implementing the proposal.

Thus, in implementing the online learning program, the following are some of the anticipated advantages and disadvantages. Looking at the weaknesses;

There will be a need for more motivation among the learners. Previously, online learning was a way that resulted in a new immersive and interactive method of teaching the new generation of individuals. However, the results of rolling out an online learning program speak on the contrary, and this means that there have been endless oceans of quizzes, notes, learning assignments, texts, and other MCQs which have robbed their learning motivation among the learners (Manegre & Sabiri, 2022). Hence, students have been unable to visit the learning portal due to a lack of motivation. Secondly, there are technical and digital literacy issues. Even though the current generation is proficient with working and operating computers, digital literacy is needed (Dung, 2020). Thus, in order fully understand the workings of the online system, students will be required to master the working of multiple software, and this will offer a great learning curve.

Additionally, students have a challenge as they must master online etiquette by understanding their rights and responsibilities in the online learning environment. The third disadvantage of implementing an online learning program is more distractions and the need for more discipline (Elzainy & El-Sadik, 2020). There will be a need for accountability in the online teaching method, and education quality will be compromised. Additionally, when smartphones and the unrestricted use of laptops are involved, this means additional distractions; hence the online learning program becomes impaired.

On the other hand, some advantages can be anticipated from the success of implementing an online learning program. The first advantage is that there will be immediate feedback. Thus, instead of students waiting for weeks after the exams, there will be immediate feedback. as they upload their assignments to their professors, their professors review them and submit their feedback immediately, and this will be an opportunity for the students to learn faster as well as make adjustments for their future assignments (Blaine, 2019). The second advantage associated with this program is that there is personalized Education. Students can choose the best time to complete their readings and assignments. Because the coursework is online, they can complete the courses wherever they have an internet connection (Naik & Govindu, 2022). The third advantage is that there will be increased collaboration. Students will have one-on-one time with their professors through virtual learning, which will be a beneficial aspect of both networking and learning. Also, the students can communicate directly with the professor and upload their assignments for review (Potts, 2019). The fourth advantage is that online learning will bring about increased course variety. It will be a platform that will allow students to earn the same range of degrees which could otherwise be earned in a traditional educational environment. It is an aspect that will include professional and learning certificates to master’s and doctoral degrees.

Rationale; Thus, offering a rationale for whether the online learning program proposal should be implemented will necessitate critical assessment or evaluation of the pros and cons. it is clear that there are students who are okay with setting or developing their learning schedule and completing their assignments. They are willing to collaborate with their fellow students remotely, and they will undoubtedly perform well upon implementing the online learning program. Therefore, the students should grasp that the content covered in the in-person class is also the same content covered in the online course, and this means that there will not be any difference between a degree earned online and that earned in person. Therefore, after carefully analyzing the pros and cons, it is clear that the benefits of the online learning program will outweigh its drawbacks. This area benefits that will be faced by both the learning institution as well as the students. They are benefits that cater to the individual needs of each educator and learner. For instance, implementing the online learning proposal will be a means of achieving flexibility.

Attending the virtual program will be an opportunity that will allow or give rise to more autonomy to all students as they decide and result in their schedules (Alam, 2022). It means that students will be advantaged or opportune to study wherever is convenient for them, and having control over their schedule will better handle their detraction which can hinder them from getting the full benefits of the online learning program. Additionally, the tuition costs will vary between on-campus and online programs (Coulianos et al., 2022). Therefore, there will be less money spent on textbooks through the online learning program since materials will be uploaded and readily available on the learning portal. All these will be sources of cost savings and means of cutting costs, which will benefit the online learning program (Martin, 2019). There will be higher free time in the online learning program as the fact that students will not have to commute will mean saving much time. This will be the extra time channeled on other meaningful aspects, such as committing to focus on their careers and spending quality time with their families. Students will need to grasp that online courses will be opportune to earn the same range of degrees that they would have otherwise earned from an in-person learning process. This will include earning certificates such as master’s or even doctoral and their learning and professional certificates. Some students have been found to master their schedule better; they will be better prepared to work while preparing for their academic credentials (Berry, 2019). Thus, the advantages of the online learning program will be attending to their resume.

Bottom-line is that students will benefit from an online learning program tremendously. If they still need to understand something, they only need to log in to their learning portal and re-watch some uploaded material, such as videos or audio. They will better grasp the content covered in the lecture materials. They will utilize all these videos and audio as additional tools, which would be absent in the traditional or in-person learning process. Hence, the implementation of an online learning program will be worthwhile. The benefits or the advantages associated with it have outweighed the drawbacks; hence it should be a proposal worth implementing.


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