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Symmetric-Key Encryption Algorithm


Encryption is a significant piece of present-day network protection arrangements because of its capacity to confine unapproved admittance to private data. It is a strategy for scrambling information to guarantee that main approved clients get to it. It is fundamental to secure delicate individual monetary data while making web buys. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is liable for laying out and implementing norms in various disciplines, including network safety. In 2001, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) fostered a strategy for choosing a symmetric-key encryption procedure to secure classified government information (National Academies et al., 2022). The outcome was the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), currently considered an industry-driving encryption innovation (Xiong H. et al., 2021). This study will investigate the criteria NIST used to select AES, the significance of those criteria, as well as the efficacy and utility of the algorithms themselves.

Based on your understanding of how AES was selected, what is your opinion of the criteria used?

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)’s criteria for selecting the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) were rigorous enough to meet potential while being defensible. The algorithm needs zero susceptibilities, high productivity, and full compatibility with everything. These procedures guaranteed that the algorithm could be reliable with sensitive information held by the federal government while confirming that it was applied enough to be used extensively by the public and private segments.

 What do you think made these standards so essential?

These criteria were important because encryption is an essential component of modern cybersecurity, and any weakness in the algorithm could potentially compromise national security. Therefore, the algorithm had to be meticulously assessed to guarantee that it met the compulsory standards and could endure outbreaks of viruses.

How do you rate the efficiency and simplicity of AES?

I have comprehended that the Advanced Encryption Standard, largely known as AES, offers security. It has passed through several trials, and those tests have implied that it can endure attacks, making it a sure bet for safeguarding sensical information. The Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) is submissive to set up and use since it is reinforced by a wide range of sites and applications. In General, the choice to install AES was sensible and has had a substantial advantageous impact on cybersecurity in the United States.


In conclusion, NIST’s choice of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) has a most important influence on up-to-date cybersecurity. NIST used strict and appropriate criteria to evaluate several encryption algorithms, ensuring that AES is secure and effective. AES is a trusted choice for protecting sensitive data across various systems and applications due to its acceptance and usability. The popularity of AES serves as a reminder of the importance of creating rigorous standards and testing encryption algorithms. To protect against more sophisticated assaults, encryption standards must be continuously established and improved as cybersecurity threats evolve. AES is expected to be a key tool for subtle defensive information shortly. It has made a main enhancement to general national cybersecurity.


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