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Surgical Abortion Cultural and Ethical Concerns


The topic of surgical abortion raises difficult cultural, ethical, and medical questions. It is an area that gets explored in this discussion through the analysis of three articles. Article 1 is about the ethical and practical issues raised by AAPT and how they might affect abortion discussions. Article 2 presents a case study of the dangers connected with unsafe, illegal abortions. In Article 3, this population’s social and moral complexity get addressed by examining the experiences and understanding of adolescent girls in Asia regarding surgical abortion.

Article 1

Summary of Article: Segers & Romanis takes a proactive approach to address the moral, governmental, and translational problems brought on by the AAPT. The authors focus on the moral implications of AAPT’s capacity to progress neonatal basic care and its conceivable application to prenatal mediations. It also considers the broader socio-legal ramifications that might affect discussions regarding access to abortion, reproductive options, and gestational options (Segers & Romanis, 2022).

Source Credibility: The credibility of the source gets tied to various elements. It is a recent publication, and it is a peer-reviewed publication. The work has received extensive inspection because both authors are authorities in the field (Segers & Romanis, 2022). The magazine also enjoys a good reputation and is acknowledged by various publications and scholars.

Relevance to the Topic: The article is relevant for its critical approach to abortion, our primary topic. It inspects what AAPT innovation can mean for conversations about abortion access and reproduction choices. This powerful module makes this paper integral to surgical abortion and its social and moral contemplations. As indicated by the authors, this innovation’s moral and legitimate ramifications are turning out to be more crucial as it approaches clinical use. The publication associates with the subject by recognizing vital issues in making and utilizing AAPT. It is an area that will get discussed about surgical abortion.

Article 2

Article Summary: The article takes us through a case study of a 21-year-old woman who experienced an unsafe and illegal abortion. This exercise resulted in serious medical problems, including uterus and colon issues. Following her recovery, the woman received counseling and information on contraception. The authors advocate for a cooperative effort to make safe abortion services accessible; it highlights the public health issues around safe abortion, as Chuah et al. (2022) indicated.

Source Credibility: The significance of the material in the article reveals the reliability of the work. The authors present an exhaustive case report that has been painstakingly researched and is backed up by citations from trustworthy sources, including the Department of General Surgery at Pusat Perubatan Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia and Hospital Sultanah Aminah, Ministry of Health Malaysia (Chuah et al., 2022). It is a dissemination that guarantees an in-depth investigation of the topic. Additionally, it is current, like the first article, and contains accurate information from several studies where it quotes numerous institutions, as seen above.

Relevance to Topic: The issues raised by this article on surgical abortion’s cultural and ethical implications must get addressed. Chuah et al. (2022) highlight concerns like stigma, a lack of services, high costs, and insufficient public awareness of the risks of unsafe and illegal abortions in Malaysia. It is an essential tool for addressing the moral and cultural issues of surgical abortion. It must mainly focus on areas where unsafe abortion is an adverse issue, as presented by the topic.

Article 3

Article Summary: The article review examines adolescent girls’ abortion-related knowledge and experiences in Asia. It incorporates 22 papers, and 41% of the investigations gets conducted in South-East Asia (Hang & Vung, 2021). According to the survey, some adolescent females, maybe as high as 95.7%, lack accurate information on abortion (Hang & Vung, 2021). The review discusses the commonality of medical and surgical abortions, their physical and emotional consequences, and the risky methods some women resort to.

Source Credibility: The source of information for this study appears in the reputed medical research publication “Tp ch Nghiên cu Y hc.” Hang and Vung made sure that it followed all academic and research criteria in addition to conducting a thorough scoping review (Hang & Vung, 2021). The article’s trustworthiness and timeliness are also an optimization to its credibility.

Relevance to Topic: Discussing the social and ethical issues surrounding surgical abortion among young Asian girls requires using this resource. It provides an overview of the knowledge and experiences these girls have. This dynamic makes clear the misunderstandings and challenges they face. It also offers insightful guidance for improving the circumstances. For example, it takes into account the value of teaching individuals about abortion laws and care, promoting open communication with parents, and taking into account legal abortion options for minors.


The three scholarly works under consideration examine the moral and ethical difficulties related to surgical abortion, which is a severe issue. Article 1 discusses the possible influence of emerging technologies like AAPT on abortion issues, while Article 2 illustrates the dreadful consequences of unsafe and illegal abortions. In Article 3, the experiences of teenage females in Asia with abortion are discussed. It emphasizes the importance of education and free speech. These resources increase understanding of the intricate issues surrounding surgical abortion and offer essential guidance for meaningful discussions and policy considerations..


Chuah, J. S., Kumar, R. R. N., & Goh, Y. P. (2022). Emergency surgery for uterine and bowel perforation resulting from an illegally induced unsafe abortion: a case report. J Public Health Emerg, pp. 6, 9.

Hang, N. T., & Vung, N. D. (2021). Knowledge and experiences of abortion among adolescent girls in Asia: a scoping review from 2010 to 2020. Tạp chí Nghiên cứu Y học, 148(12), 165-178.

Segers, S., & Romanis, E. C. (2022). Ethical, translational, and legal issues surrounding the novel adoption of ectogestative technologies. Risk Management and Healthcare Policy, 2207-2220.


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