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How Racism Affects America’s Global Policy-Making Goals

As we advance, American ethics and racial politics will focus on the dynamics present in the African American community and the world in general. Race should be considered not an aspect of international relations, but a central organization feature in the world. Considering the three crucial IR paradigms, which include constructivism, realism, and liberalism, one can conclude that the dominant features play an important role when racial matters occur. Core concepts also such as hierarchy and anarchy are affected by race. They are based on several discourses that favor the West and Europe (Hoefer, 2021). As such, the concepts explicitly and implicitly pit developed regions against undeveloped regions and modern and primitive. Besides, their use is racist. There is notable reluctance to grapple with issues of inequality, race, and identity.

System racism in the United States should be termed as a global problem. It is accurate, and many arguments have been brought forward to address it. However, one factor that is commonly ignored in this conversation is the economic dimension. Systematic racism prevents people in the United States and outside the United States from making the most out of its economic power. According to Hoefer, (2021), a less racist economy is quite strong. However, the presence of racism has made it impossible for countries to match up the GDP of the United States. Many investors who may want to move to America seem to be affected because racism is still a big issue in America. As such, they choose to invest in other countries despite the considerable potential of sales around America. While most people are not comfortable going the American way, it becomes challenging for America to agree on some foreign policy goals with other countries. They do not read from the same page and feel that the issue has been ignored for long overdue. When countries disagree on issues regarding humanity, formulating foreign policy goals become a challenging process.

While the idea of inclusivity has not been embraced in the United States, the distribution of equal resources is still an issue. As such, many people in other countries are not for the idea of going to America. However, the number of immigrants moving to America is high, but opportunities drive this move due to their booming activities. This does not guarantee inclusivity since African American people are still discriminated against by their laws. As such, the limitation of America’s government to address the issue of equality and inclusivity when it comes to opportunities makes other countries take a back seat when it comes to implementing important foreign policies that affect its people (Padley & Gökarıksel, 2021).

Just as other countries need each other in trading, America still needs these countries. However, racial discrimination has brought about strained ties between America and other countries, which find it hard to maintain lasting trading relationships. America needs to show concern on the issue of racial discrimination. This is because it paints a negative picture in other countries interested in building lasting relationships with America (Gray et al., 2020). These relationships can be formulated based on trade and other factors that can be driven politically, economically, culturally, and socially. As such, America must convince the rest of the world that it is kicking out inequality and lack of inclusivity based on color in the country. This will help the country foster lasting relationships with other countries hence improving their foreign policy-making goal.


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