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Summary of the Movie “Remember the Titans” and How Sport Intertwined With Society

The film, Remember the Titans, is a sports drama movie focusing on a coach managing a football team that include members of different races. The movie was cast when there were great racial tensions, making it challenging for the coach to handle the arising issues. There were variations among the members because of the varying ethnic backgrounds, but the problems are addressed as the movie progresses. The issues are managed uniquely by the coaches, players, and all people involved at a personal level. The central theme in Remember the Titans is racism, but the movie offers numerous great insights on how sports can help overcome societal differences.

It is incredible how games and sports can intertwine society. It does not matter one’s race, the amount of money they earn, or where they reside, sports openly shows the respect that the members have for the other players off and on the playground. Walt Disney pictures developed the film, which shows viewers how football established a bond between whites and blacks in a society (Tate, 2010). The film captures a real-life case that occurred in Alexandria, Virginia. The movie showcases a racially alienated football team. When forced to work as a team, the members’ passion for the game creates a strong bond beyond their appearance. This ends up being a sign of unity in the Alexandria community. The movie uses dialogue, body language, soundtrack, and symbolism, which is impactful among the viewers as it helps them gather lessons on overcoming racial bias.

The film showcases 1971 as a raging year in Alexandria, Virginia. The school system was desegregated in 1963, but the school board decided to merge the three high schools into one facility, T.C. Williams High School (Arias, 2016). On the initial days of the new school year, Alexandria community members were eagerly waiting for the arrival of black learners who were being brought from the other learning institutions. The new black learners were met with hostility, protests, and racial slurs like coon and monkey. Alexandria city had significant changes, and many people did not like the new norm. First, the community was segregated in different daily living aspects. The black people at various establishments attended different schools and lived in specific areas. Earlier in the film, a white storeowner takes the life of a young black teen, and society is on the edge of chaos. However, the community loves football, and it has been accustomed to being their way of life. The community members know that children can advance to the senior class, and if they do not participate in the sports, it can lower their chances at the university or college level.

The white learners still had many prejudices against their white counterparts. Denzel Washington (Herman Boone) was seemingly the most competent football coach to take the head coach position in T.C . Williams’s school team. However, he was mocked for his skin color, and the Boone’s players almost declined to play with him. They were of the perception that he displaced Bill Yoast (white) from the head coach position. To calm the white players, Yoast was offered an assistant coach position. Initially, Yoast declined the assistant coach position but changed his mind after the white team members stated that they would boycott the team if he was not part of them. Disheartened at the possibility of the learners losing their scholarship prospects, Yoast opted to take the defensive coordinator position under Boone. There was much tension when players of both races were compelled to be part of the same football team (Tate, 2010). From the beginning, it was evident that discriminatory attitudes infiltrated the players.

For some time, the white and the black team members frequently disagreed based on racially motivated conflicts. A greater portion of these conflicts were lessened during the Gettysburg, Pennsylvania two week training camp. Through rigorous athletic training and forceful coaching by Boone, which entails a motivational speech and morning run, the members attained racial harmony and emerged as a unified team (Remember the Titans, 2022). Upon the team’s return to Alexandria, the team members found the community in turmoil because of the forceful desegregation of the school. Boone was also informed by the school board members that if he loses even one game, he will be sacked from his position. Luckily the team completed the season undefeated while dealing with racial prejudice before gaining community support. After the Titans emerged winners in the season, the city and the team became closer compared to the previous seasons.

Many scenes in the movie openly show the theme of racism. An important scene is right after the semifinals when the school board chairman tells Yoast that he will be instated to the Hall of Fame once the Titans lose a match (Arias, 2016). This was an indication that the chairman wanted Boone to exit the team. In the same game, the referees were apparently biased towards the Titans. The game was rigged even after seeing the board members watch the game with satisfaction. Yoast confronted the head referee and informed him that if the game is not conducted fairly, he would call the press and expose the unfair deeds. After that, the Titans emerged as the winners, but the chairman informed Yoast that his actions had led to the loss of the promised position.

Another scene is at Gettysburg battle areas where Boone gives an impacting speech that helps the players learn how to overcome racism. While giving the speech, the viewers can see Boone and the cemetery behind him (Remember the Titans, 2022). The shot makes the audience focus on both Boone’s words and the cemetery right behind him. Boone told the players that fifty thousand people lost their lives in that field while fighting a battle similar to what they are experiencing amongst themselves. During the camp training sessions, the two captains would be heard shouting: “strong side” “left side” to each other (Arias, 2016). This was an indication of mutual understanding and respect among all the members. Gettysburg is the film’s turning point where the team members overcome their racism.

Slowly, the tension among the players and the entire community lessened. The team members learned that they are doing well since they have won some games. The film is about the fight for civil rights, but what makes it stand out is the struggle that the players encountered to become one and work as a team towards a common goal. Sports rendered the Remember the Titans a powerful movie (Holbrook Jr, 2009). Watching the team members work in harmony was an indication that it is okay to work and link with persons who are different from us.

Lastly, it is interesting how individuals can use sports or other activities to end racism. For instance, Remember the Titans is an excellent film that has shown its audience how to overcome racism legacy through football sports. At the start of the film, it was a bit challenging, but as days went by, with fights and arguments, the team members understood each other, and both black and white men became aware they were the same, and the only difference was their skin color. The members got along well, interacting peacefully while others developed close relationships. Coach Bill Yoast and Herman Boone had a considerable impact by showing people that skin color does not make people different. Remember the Titans helps people shift their thinking patterns and end the hatred towards each other, promoting a society where people live in harmony, regardless of their skin color, race, or cultural differences.


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