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Summary and Response Paper on “Guns and Cars Are Different”

The article title “Guns and Cars are different” by Jacob Macleod in response to a New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof, “our blind spot about guns”. Kristof compares why guns and cars should have sensible gun regulations. Kristof proposes that guidelines on how firearms should be used would drastically decrease the number of deaths in America. To prove this point, he demonstrates guidelines governments have put into place for vehicles have enormously reduced the number of deaths per million miles driven. Cars and guns are different but have a common similarity. Cars are used as a means of transportation, while guns are used in games, taking targets, shooting, and maintaining security. However, many people across the world have succumbed to death through cars and guns. This is evident through the ongoing blame game between the Riffle Association and the Automobile Association, each blaming the other in rising deaths in the United States. Evidence suggests that regulations have had a positive impact on reducing the number of fatalities on the roads. It’ has been postulated that guns and cars comprise some of the leading causes of death in the United States; thus, there is a need for appropriate regulations to remedy the situation.

Cases of death have risen at an alarming rate for the last few decades caused by the involvement of guns and cars. More deaths have been experienced in guns than cars. Kristof argues that there should be sensible regulation which I agree. This is because there are no rules set for gun regulations by the national health and safety in the United States. People who are not allowed to hold guns can use them for theft cases and criminal activities, which, in the end, often leads to innocent death. According to David et al., after conducting research, they found that gun kills approximately 85 Americans per day (2033). Compared with other rates of crimes, gun-related crimes supersede all. This is comparable to cars which though a means of transport, has claimed many peoples’ lives through accidents.

Regulations on guns and cars are pertinent matters that need to be taken seriously by respective departments. Notably, the regulations refer to the set of rules and procedures that need to be followed to acquire a gun or drive a car. Guns have been treated as consumer products where anyone can obtain one. This situation has led to rising cases of theft and bribery in the United States. According to Stevenson, around two million incidents every year, including homicides and suicides, while shooting in mass and active rampage shootings lead at an alarming rate (179). Such events, perpetrated by young youths, are linked to the lack of strict regulations towards the acquisition and handling of guns.

To reduce accidents and deaths in cars, there is a need to have strict measures laid down to every citizen in every state by the specific bodies (Peng 436). Kristof also argues for cars to be safe, their speed needs to be limited, which I agree. There is a need to have speed bumps to prevent those drivers who love driving at a higher speed. The government needs to take action against drivers and motorists who break traffic rules. In my opinion, the way to reduce the number of car and gun-related deaths is to ensure that appropriate regulations are put in place. Measures such as an excellent medical emergency system and penalizing careless and dangerous driving should also be reinforced.

To reduce deaths and crimes associated with guns, there is a need to have strict policies and regulations. For instance, for those holding guns illegally, action should be taken against them since they will be endangering the lives of many innocent. Likewise, the government has the mandate to regulate speed limit guidelines to prevent drivers from high speed. It should also take responsibility against drivers who drive carelessly and are drunk; action has been taken towards them (Peng 436). More importantly, the state should ensure background checks for those who want to buy guns should be expanded and have sensible regulation. There should be rules and procedures to acquire guns, while the manufacturers need to develop a unique way where serial numbers of the guns should not be accessed by anyone. Through this, the rate of deaths and crimes could reduce significantly.

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