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Sources for Prevention of Bullying

Bullying is defined as a behavior that is aggressive and caused by an actual imbalance between individuals. The perpetrators of bullying and the victims tend to suffer emotionally, socially, mentally, physically, and educationally (“Model programs guide,” 2019). Children or individuals bullied tend to suffer from anxiety, deteriorating academic achievements, depression, and isolation. At the time, the victims may retaliate by being violent and resort to alcoholism and substance and drug abuse.

According to research, it is important to be in a position where bullying can be prevented. For optimum results, it is necessary for the community to be involved in the approach where vulnerable children can be identified and the perpetrates be controlled (“COE – Bullying at school and electronic bullying,” 2021). The youths should be transformed by the adults who Condon the behavior in the community. Bullying is reported at both the school level and outside the school setting. To get the right solution to bullying, many players can be brought to play to contribute and negate the effects. They include law enforcers, local associations, and mental health specialists, among others, who can work together to resolve the menace. There are programs in place that have been helping children who are victims of bullying. The program is known to locate, identify and expose the perpetrators of bullying and help the victims recover. Since they are keeping records, it can be a vital source of information aid in curbing the spread of the menace (“Model programs guide,” 2019). A bigger percentage of bullying victims have benefitted by being assisted in coping and being involved in the healing process, counseling, and psychological guidance. Another important is that the OJJDPS support has for the longest time been trying to reinforce the juvenile justice system and have young children secured and protected from the negative effects of bullying (“COE – Bullying at school and electronic bullying,” 2021).

An excellent example is the MPG ( module program guide) published by the OJJDP. It is a teaching guide and a resource that has been used to help the communities and practitioners in matters concerning the best practices for child protection and safety. Another source is the three-bold step toolkit for the school community change. It gives data and information that helps guide partnerships for developing a safer environment for school-going children (“COE – Bullying at school and electronic bullying,” 2021). STRYVE is another crucial program that strives to reduce youth violence everywhere. It delineates initiatives nationally by providing access to tools and data, technical assistance, and training. They are also involved in online community forums and active in the practices and strategies aimed at youth violence prevention.


Bullying is a major issue of concern for most communities today, especially in the U.S. It is true empirically that there is a connection between bullying and emotional, psychological, behavioral, and physical distress. Bullying is widespread and, at times, may have long-term or lifelong effects on both the victims and the perpetrators. To prevent bullying, involving the community-wide approach in most settings is important. The Three Bold Steps toolkit for School Community Change provides partnership guidelines, another mechanism, and lastly the STRYVE.


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