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Set Out the Opportunities/ Limitations for Titian Care Relating to Its Current Technologies and Future Technological Trend


Titian Care’s adoption of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system implies successfully deploying a technology-based solution that effectively combines multiple business processes and functionalities within a unified framework. This facilitates the organization to optimize its business procedures, mitigating redundancy and enhancing operational effectiveness (Tabrizchi et al., 2020). Titian Care can conveniently monitor their business activities, including sales, inventory, and financial data, thanks to implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. This practice aids the organization in acquiring a comprehensive perspective of its operations and facilitates the rational decision-making process by utilizing precise and current information. Implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can result in enhanced operational efficiency, decreased expenses, heightened capacity for informed decision-making, and superior customer satisfaction. Through implementing an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, Titian Care is procuring an enduring trajectory for its business, ensuring a robust basis for progression and expandability.

Implementing a real-time inventory database is poised to offer the company a more precise and prompt approach to monitoring its stock levels. This is well attributable to the real-time updating feature of the database, whereby alterations made to the inventory, namely the arrival of new stock or the sale of products, are accurately and promptly recorded and reflected within the system. By utilizing a precise and current inventory database, the organization can establish knowledgeable determinations concerning the optimal timing for product reordering and the appropriate quantity for ordering and discerning which products are experiencing favorable sales (Gupta et al., 2020). Moreover, it enables individuals to circumvent the issue of excessive inventory, impeding the flow of financial resources and resulting in wasted resources. A real-time inventory database is expected to have facilitated the company’s inventory management procedures, leading to increased efficacy, cost-effectiveness, and superior customer service.

The concurrent updates of purchase orders and inventory data facilitate the streamlined tracking and reconciling of transactions. The current statement entails that the ERP software system employed by Titian Care can facilitate instantaneous updates of inventories and purchase orders. Henceforth, at a procurement request or a variation in inventory levels, the system expeditiously updates the pertinent data. Hence, the organization is better equipped to monitor financial transactions and rectify any observed differences that may arise.

The proposed expansion strategies of Titian Care present a promising prospect for adopting novel and sophisticated technological advancements. As an illustration, the enhancement of the organization’s business operations via the curtailment of manual labor and amplification of operational efficacy is an advantage automation can offer. Data analytics can facilitate pattern recognition and the identification of trends within a company’s operational framework(Tabrizchi et al., 2020). This information may subsequently support improved decision-making processes and foster heightened levels of profitability. By assimilating these novel technologies, Titian Care can persistently refine its operations and sustain a significant advantage over its competitors within the industry.


One potential limitation of Titian Care is its current enterprise resource planning (ERP) system’s capability to handle larger transactions as the company expands. As the organizational scale expands and the volume of transactions processed proliferates, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system may not be competent enough to cope with the augmented workload satisfactorily. Possible academic rewrite: The occurrence of delays and errors during processing can affect the operations and overall performance of the enterprise. The second limitation of Titian Care pertains to its dependence on manual approval procedures for acquisitions of high monetary worth. This phenomenon may result in processing delays and potential inaccuracies owing to human fallibility. The potential ramifications of these delays and errors extend beyond mere inconvenience and can significantly impact the company’s operations, potentially resulting in substantial financial losses. One of the primary drawbacks of Titian Care is its limited integration with external systems. A company needs to improve its ability to collaborate with other businesses or institutions in the industry to impact its growth prospects and competitiveness significantly. Failure to integrate with external systems could potentially result in Titian Care losing the chance to establish lucrative strategic alliances and gain access to essential industry data. The absence of a mobile application or web-based platform within Titian Care’s ERP system has potential implications for the accessibility and convenience of the system, particularly for remote employees who are not physically present in the office. This could pose a considerable constraint for employees who require access to the system while moving or from distant sites. The restricted access to the company’s system for employees may curtail operational efficacy.

Reasons why Titian Care should make improvement

The existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system employed by Titian Care may need more capacity to manage the augmented transactional load expected to result from the company’s expansion. Consequently, it is plausible for the system to exhibit decreased speed, heightened susceptibility to malfunctions, or the egregious possibility of a system crash (Nishant et al., 2020). These hindrances can yield considerable disturbances to the seamless functioning of business operations. In order to mitigate such concerns, Titian Care must enhance its Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to a higher level of sophistication and expandability, which will permit the system to manage the anticipated surge in transactional volume effectively. By implementing a more advanced ERP system, Titian Care can augment its ability to process more transactions without sacrificing overall system efficiency. This signifies that personnel may persistently avail vital information and carry out essential commercial proceedings without interruption (Nishant et al., 2020). Implementing a scalable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system can facilitate the seamless expansion of a company’s operations without apprehension regarding system constraints. This is because a scalable ERP system allows the incorporation of new users or modules as and when necessary.

Titian Care should seek opportunities for integration with external systems, specifically those belonging to their suppliers or customers, to enhance collaborative efforts and streamline data exchange processes. Automated approval can significantly enhance the efficiency of the procurement process while concurrently guaranteeing the timely handling of high-value procurements(Nishant et al., 2020). Adopting this strategy may enable the company to fulfill the expectations of its clientele and patrons, subsequently elevating their contentment levels. In addition, automation has the potential to curtail inaccuracies that may arise in the course of manual approval procedures. Manual procedures are susceptible to errors instigated by human action, which may have far-reaching repercussions such as financial implications or harm to the enterprise’s standing. The implementation of automated approval processes is capable of mitigating the occurrence of errors, consequently diminishing the risks associated with manual processes.

Furthermore, automation can optimize the purchasing process, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness. Through the implementation of automated approval processes for significant purchases, Titian Care can guarantee the appropriate tracking and documentation of all transactions within its enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. This enables the provision of precise and current financial data which can be utilized for analytical purposes and informed decision-making. Implementing an automated approval process for high-value purchases can have a marked impact on Titian Care’s organizational efficiency, precision, and fiscal management, at a broad level.

Incorporating a mobile application or web-based platform could be perceived as a potential enhancement for the accessibility and convenience of the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, particularly for employees who may not be situated in the physical office setting. It is therefore suggested that the company give thoughtful consideration to its development. Titan Care may potentially optimize the accessibility and convenience of the ERP system for remote employees by developing a mobile application or website platform. Presently, the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system is restricted to accessibility solely within the office premises, thereby curbing the flexibility and convenience of this system for employees required to work remotely (Wong, 2016). Titian Care has the potential to enhance the accessibility and convenience of its workforce through the development of a mobile application or web-based platform, resulting in significant improvements in productivity and efficiency.


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