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Case Study of a Recent (Within the Last Ten Years) Creative Communications Campaign

Communication forms an essential part of the success of any organization. Viewing the actions of organizations through attribution of the campaigns rolled out for communicative purposes is one of the ways that various organizations reach their targets. There are several issues involved in the communications approaches that the organizations or individuals aim to use in communicative indulgences. In itself, communication is a delicate issue that firms should take seriously to avoid falling into the hands of bad publicity, unintended criticism, and several other issues that can negatively harm the proceedings of a business. Here, the main role of communication is set at ensuring that the intended audience gets the information in the best way possible without any compromises or controversies. With the rise of many similarly-placed organizations (especially in the 4th industrial revolution), good communication has become one of the key precedents of success that the firms gain Creating creative communication approaches has therefore come out as some of the key issues that organizations should take into consideration to stand a better chance of beating their competitors For instance, it has been commonplace happening for most organizations to lose clients and customers upon failed communication campaigns. The failure points stem out of issues such as rebranding gone wrong, changes in the commodities, among others. There have been instances where organizations have reverted back to the prior action plans after a failed encounter which is, in most cases, a necessary innovative move Such problems are solved by ensuring that the organizations invest enough in marketing whereby the campaigns chosen are carefully thought out, executed, and followed up. This write-up aims at analyzing the Cadbury Cooperation creative campaign “Donate your Words” initiated in 2019 and elucidate how successful and innovative it was and the factors surrounding the entire campaign.

Cadbury is one of the most successful confectionery companies in the United Kingdom as it is in the world In fact, it is the second-largest confectionary company in the world after Mars Organization The company is sourced from Birmingham, United Kingdom There are several inputs that the company has had to put into ensuring that they remain competitive and relevant in the confectionery business, among them being effective campaigns Among many things, the company stands out in its advertising strategies, where it uses various approaches creatively One of the things that stand out about this organization is its high level of ethicality in operations (Arya et al., 2021, p2) This implies that the applicability of this issue is also seated in the advertisement options undertaken by Cadbury Cadbury is a conspicuous organization, and its advertisements are all over the internet and mainstream media However, there have been various advertisement campaigns created by the organization for different reasons Among them include the 2019 creative campaign “Donate your Words”. This campaign was created in resonance with Cadbury’s “there is a glass and half of generosity in everyone”.

The campaign was set around the concept of helping society by considering the needs of older people. Cadbury nuanced that they can boost their sales, make a change, and maintain a reputable frame over this campaign. Older individuals in society are often overlooked and misunderstood. Their feelings are also not being well attended to even with the caregivers. However, the understanding of such individuals begins with getting in touch with them. This can be done through simple words, and that is where Cadbury came into play (Arya et al., 2021, p4). The campaign was structured with effective partnerships with the affiliated old-people groups to reach the general public. Cadbury partnered with Age UK and donated the words from the front of their Cadbury Dairy Milk bars.

Loneliness is one of the key issues that old people face Either in hospice or their homes, these individuals are in a constant lonely state that pushes them to further issues such as depression and sometimes early death This facet was key in Cadbury’s campaign A word was simply enough to push the individuals’ morale a long way The campaign was highly successful for several reasons First, the campaign drew considerable public support from other firms and personalities that were not originally drafted as the supporting groups One of the most considerable pop-ups in this list was Manchester United The football club is considered one of the biggest in the world, and their entry and support in this program proved effective for Cadbury Here, Manchester United joined Cadbury in this campaign for various reasons (Walker et al., 2022, p3) However, the positive publicity extended to Cadbury by this club had all to say about the success of the initiative Through their official website, Manchester United labelled Cadbury as “the nation favourite chocolate bar for nearly 200 years” This campaign also correlated with Cadbury’s nomination as the brand for the year 2019.

The campaign was set in the best execution plan to reach most of the 1.4 million residents estimated to be living with loneliness in the United Kingdom With most of this population being old people where 225,000 of them can go a week without speaking to anyone, Cadbury burst into the scene with this innovative campaign The campaign was basically set around removing the words from the confectionary products of the organization to trigger the general public to know how lonely the older people feel and the need to talk to them (Arya et al., 2021, p2) Pertaining to Cadbury, this was a perfect case where it helped them access the totality of its customers and the whole of UK to prove that purpose-led experiences can also be executed commercially The execution of such purposes shows that empathy can also be shown commercially in simple ways such as creative campaigns and advertisements.

Aside from being well-received by the general public, there are several indicators that can be used to estimate the success of this project. First, most of the organizations and feedbacks that came out of this campaign stressed how Cadbury’s generosity and social connection plays a vital role in creating better lives. The story also drew the support and the attention of the VCCP that was available for telling heartfelt stories of the immense negative effect of loneliness among the old people (Clay, 2021, p5). Through the ad stories of television, the general public was thus made fully aware of this campaign and the reason why Cadbury removed their name from their packages. Moving the masses to take action on this matter was the main objective besides raising awareness.

Nevertheless, Cadbury made it clear that the campaign was not about selling any of its chocolate bars The basic concept behind this move, according to the company, was to reignite the lost connection with the elderly in the society. This turned out to be highly successful. First, over one million people pledged to “donate their words” through Age UK’s website directly or through the Cadbury chatbot. Besides, these individuals volunteered to spend time with the elderly because of this campaign. Besides, 75% of the people who saw the campaign were given a new outlook on the impact of loneliness 41% of these individuals stated that the campaign was boosted by Sky and Sue Perkins social experiment and this triggered more of the individuals to donate to the campaign (Clay, 2021, p2) Additionally, Cadbury’s sales of Dairy Milk had a 53% increase in despite not being the key campaign intent.


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