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Self-Marketing Plan


Personal marketing is a crucial activity for a job seeker who is seeking for a new position to join. Higher education at colleges and universities is primarily concerned with instilling knowledge and skills into the brains of students. Following graduation, the student enters the job market to gain the necessary experience for the career in which he or she is interested in pursuing a degree. The student’s resume will be more valuable as a result of his or her work experience, which will be advantageous when high-paying career chances materialize later.

Career goals

Short term goal: graduating from the university with a degree in Human Resource Management

Long term goal: to be a senior successful Human resource manager in China in a period of 5 years.

Career objectives

This approach dictates that goals be time-bound and quantifiable to be considered SMART. To get to the level of senior H.R in China, which is my long-term ambition, within the next five years. The goal is to become a permanent resident of China. Thus, I want to relocate there within the following year. My goal is to achieve 6 points on the PTE or IELTS examinations to be assigned a professional year class during the following year. To stay up to date with changes in my field, I’ll be attending seminars and workshops. I plan to obtain a credential that will elevate my status inside the industry. I intend to sign up for weekend programs that teach students to understand more concepts about HR.


Skills/Qualities/Experience Planned activity.

  • The capacity to change one’s mind
  • Possess effective verbal and written communication abilities
  • Motivation and zeal for one’s work

Positioning statement

A future university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in H.R hopes to further their knowledge and analytical abilities in a dynamic and realistic work environment. I want to be a senior Human Resource Manager at a well-respected and renowned Chinese company for my professional aspirations. As a result of my time at university, I am a highly driven and well-versed Human Resource (Narayanan, Chintagunta, & Miravete, 2007). While working as a part-time H.R manager in the past, I have gathered some knowledge of the field. A tour guide with more than five years of experience is more qualified for this role since I am fluent in English and Chinese. As an H.R, I believe these two traits will benefit me. The capacity to solve issues, imaginative thinking, judgment, and decision-making skills, as well as a rigorous way of thinking, are only a few of my strong traits. My profession relies on my ability to think critically and communicate my ideas to others. My mother is an H.R manager, so she will help me learn the ins and outs of the profession and serve as a mentor to me. A SWOT analysis was conducted for me to understand my market position better (Hermawati, 2020). My strengths include an adequate degree, some professional experience, multilingual expertise, and a family history of the field. Because I will be operating in a foreign entity without permanent residency status, I lack China ethnic heritage, and I have yet to develop significant experience in the industry.


Product, promotion, price, and location are the four Ps of marketing used in a private placement in a professional path. P’s may be transformed into physical clues, demeanor, preferences, and prowess as outlined above.


Currently, I have two degrees: a bachelor’s degree in tourism and hospitality management and an undergrad degree in H.R from the People’s Republic of China.

General Mental Capability: I am a hard worker, brave, and an impressionable young man with a lot of room for growth in my career. Adventure, psychology, and curiosity have taught me as a former tour guide. Even though my H.R career is still in its inception, I feel I can rise to the position of senior H.R (Narayanan, Chintagunta, & Miravete, 2007).

Physical Cues

I am a 26-year-old man of Chinese descent in terms of my physical characteristics. Due to workplace inequities, I know that my gender might harm my career prospects. I am also mindful that my young age might contribute to prejudice in the workplace, much as my race.

My height is 1.56 m, and my weight is 62 kg. Concerns about weight prejudice in recruiting and selection criteria have me concerned. As an alternative, one’s stature is seen as a symbol of self-worth and a predictor of future success in leadership roles and the workplace. Because I am a man, my attractiveness can positively impact how people evaluate my competence, likeability, management potential, and earning power. Research suggests that other variables such as professional look, hygiene, beardedness, and skin scars send messages to potential and present employers.


As a young person, I have a wide range of personality traits: I am optimistic, accessible, assertive, autonomous, amusing, straight-shooting, and fearless. Personal integrity, identity, and accountability are my core beliefs and principles. Justice, equality, liberty, and national pride are values I hold dear as a socially conscious individual.


I plan to rely heavily on social media channels, including LinkedIn, for my marketing efforts. To get the most out of this website, I need to create a professional-looking CV highlighting my experience, education, and training. Starting with the fundamentals, such as the correct e-mail address, photo, demographic details, and location, I will begin to construct an attractive profile. I intend to create a shape to give the most excellent possible impression of my abilities and qualifications (Lóio, 2021). To achieve this, I will look at the profiles of more than 50 great H.R managers to gain ideas for my own. After that, I’ll start connecting with people in my personal and professional networks, such as my family, school, and professional network. In addition, I want to solicit the support and endorsements of friends and colleagues by asking them to speak well of my abilities.

Additionally, I’ve come to see the value of joining LinkedIn groups and subscribing to the company news feeds of companies where I’d like to work. I plan to rely heavily on social media channels, including LinkedIn, for my marketing efforts. To get the most out of the site, I’ll begin by creating a résumé that showcases my talents, competence, and education. Starting with the fundamentals, such as the correct e-mail address, photo, demographic details, and location, I will begin to construct an attractive profile (Gumbs, 1999). I intend to create a shape to give the most excellent possible impression of my abilities and qualifications. To achieve this, I’ll look at the profiles of more successful H.R manager to gain ideas for my own. Connecting with people I know and trust is the next step in building my brand. Requesting endorsements and suggestions from others is also something I plan to do. Additionally, I’ve come to see the value of joining LinkedIn groups and subscribing to the company news feeds of companies where I’d like to work.

Evaluation and contingencies

International students face several legal hurdles in the process. So, I estimate that it will take me around 18 months to land the position I desire. I’ll need the means to keep tabs on the progress of my job hunt because I’ll be sending out a lot of resumes. This is why I’m making an excel file to keep track of all the places I’ve applied to and how they are responding (Brennan, Felekis, & Goldring, 2003). I’ll include the firms that have contacted me for an interview, as well as those that haven’t contacted me. I will look into keeping tabs on how well my job hunt is going. To keep track of all the places I’ve applied to, I will build an Excel spreadsheet. I’ll list the firms I’ve been interviewed by and those I haven’t. Getting a job will be a lot easier after I figure out what exactly is standing in my way. I’m going to brush up on my email and phone skills to better follow up on job applications.

As a foreigner, I may have to wait longer to work as an H.R manager in China. As a result, I set a time limit of three years before switching up my approach to job hunting. I’ll look at ways to monitor my job search’s progress. To keep track of all the places I’ve applied to, I will make an excel spreadsheet. I’ll list the firms I’ve been interviewed by and those I haven’t. Getting a job will be a lot easier after I figure out what exactly is standing in my way. I’ll look at ways to monitor my job search’s progress (Czaplicki et al.,2020). This is why I’m making an excel file to keep track of all the places I’ve applied to and how they are responding. I’ll list the firms I’ve been interviewed by and those I haven’t. Getting a job will be a lot easier after I figure out what exactly is standing in my way. In addition, I plan to enhance my graduate-level abilities by gaining new knowledge and working on a variety of projects. I’ll be able to see my strengths and weaknesses in a new light due to the qualities.

SWOT analysis


When competing for job openings and chances in the job market, a recent college graduate might draw on a variety of strengths. When a company is looking to fill an open position or make an offer, a new employee has the relevant education and experience. For a person to graduate from college and be eligible to apply for a job, they must have completed four years of university education. Four years of training is a considerable amount of time, and it provides ample opportunity for students to acquire the knowledge and abilities required for the types of professions that are directly connected to their training (Zhu, 2020). For this reason, a recent college grad is the best candidate for a job opening since he or if she has the necessary education and experience.

Second, a recent university grad brings an eagerness to study and a thirst for knowledge to the table. Candidates who have just graduated from college or university have better morals than those who graduated many years ago. Fear and worry about the outside world is a major factor in this trait’s development. According to a student’s perspective, real life is more difficult than the academic and educational environment, and so they are more willing to comply with an employer’s standards in order to avoid the difficulties of life in general (Calzada, 2020). Disciplinary applicants are widely sought after by companies, who see them as very promising employees who merit the trust of their bosses. Naivety and dread of the repercussions of the real world are a graduate trainee’s best asset.

Another factor contributing to their strong drive to make money is their significant budgetary deficits associated with the material objects they wish to obtain. To put it another way, they’re more eager to work for money because they’ve just graduated from college, and so have less negotiating leverage when it comes to higher wages than those who have been in the workforce for some time.


Fresh graduates have the toughest challenge in today’s employment market because of the high level of competition. As a means of gaining more information and securing a better employment position, many students pursue advanced degrees such as masters, doctorates, and other certificate programs. With no prior work experience to bolster their credentials, recent grads face an uphill battle in the job market. In today’s society, education appears to have taken a new direction. People used to attend to colleges and universities to better their intellectual capacity till a few decades ago. Among the learned, there was no fierce rivalry because everyone liked applying their knowledge to a specific field of specialty, and employers rewarded promotions merit based in an employee’s contributions to the workplace.

However, today’s world appears to have adopted a different course of action. For the vast majority of people, education is not only a means of gaining wisdom and information, but it is also a means of gaining work advantages like raises and bonuses. The majority of people are now pursuing higher education in order to improve their prospects for advancement and raises at their current workplaces as a result of this unusual situation. The result is a rise in college conspiracies as educational institutions aim to expand student enrollment for financial gain, but not for the sake of providing high-quality education (Membiela-Pollán, Martinez-Fernandez, & Juanatey-Boga, 2019). There’s a growing trend among companies to need master’s degree as a condition of employment, which is a dramatic shift from the last few decades when degrees were seen as a necessity for employment.

Secondly, new grads lack the experience that many businesses are looking for when it comes to finding a new job. Some career possibilities need highly qualified people, which discourages recent grads from applying. Such a practice humiliates recent grads, but it benefits companies by providing them with access to highly competent workers. Tertiary education does not adequately prepare students for high-skilled jobs, preventing them from competing for them. The absence of financial resources is a common problem among recent college grads. Many students dream of starting their own enterprises after they leave college, but they are unable to do so because of a lack of funds. As a result, they are unable to provide employment chances unless they first look for work to earn the money needed to establish their own businesses.


In the SWOT analysis timetable for new graduates, there are always new jobs that demand new graduates. Every new graduate’s ultimate goal is to get a job among the many job opportunities that are always available and begin planning for the future from what he or she gets from that job. In the end, it is up to the candidate to select the best possible work opportunity from the list of available job listings. Fresh graduates are well-prepared for a wide range of jobs that fall within their areas of competence. As a result, companies that offer them the chance to work will find that they perform better than older graduates. An employee’s suitability for a job opportunity hinges on his or her ability to acquire knowledge and skills.


Competition in the job market is the greatest threat to a newly minted college grad looking for a job. Due to the large number of highly educated citizens in society, this level of competition has arisen. Fresh graduates, on the other hand, have few employment options, and this feature threatens their prospects of finding work. Fresh graduates are less likely to land a job because they lack the education and experience of those who have been working for a longer period of time.

The lack of experience that most employers demand from job applicants is the second greatest threat to a recent college grad in their search for employment. Immersion to working environments provides applicants with the opportunity to learn about the working environments and conditions in which they will be working (Firmansyah, et al.,2020). As a result, recent college grads are unable to apply for jobs that need previous work experience. Personal marketing plans should include a clear mission statement that serves as both a source of inspiration for the individual and a vehicle for showcasing the individual’s unique marketing abilities to potential employers. When I started working at the firm, my goal statement reads: To follow the company’s policy and rules as stated in the company’s rules and regulations declarations, while providing my best effort in line with my rightful judgments. Additionally, I’m responsible for promoting the firm to the outside world by ensuring that excellent products and services are consistently produced under my direction in order to maximize shareholder wealth and enhance the company’s external reputation.

Marketing mix

As a recent college grad, I’ll have a hard time figuring out how best to promote myself in order to land a job. For this reason, I’m going to advertise myself in fields where my experience, skillsets, and training are in high demand rather than ones where they aren’t, in order to get an advantage over other job seekers. When it comes to my strengths, I am most qualified in areas that I’ve studied in college, and I am certain that I can outperform my closest opponents because of the abilities and information I’ve gained. As a result, I should feel confident applying for jobs in fields where I know I can provide the high-quality services my employer requires.

Consumer goods package and manufacturing industries are two of the most common industries in which I can find employment. With its recent ranking as the industry’s most profitable and competitive consumer packaging firm, Procter & Gamble is my primary target. The firm provides its employees with a generous compensation package and a variety of training options based on their performance. In my heart, I want to work for Procter and Gamble, and I vow to do my best to help the firm grow and prosper. An essential part of job-hunting as a recent college grad is market mix. I’ll focus on the product, pricing, and promotion components of the marketing mix. The product, viz. a degree in industrial chemistry, is my fundamental product that I need to advertise in the employment market (Dubey, 2019). With a degree, it’s easier to land a job, but the training that follows is often considerably different from what a student would receive after graduating from a four-year university.

Personally, I believe that my academic credentials are the sole thing that can offer my knowledge and talents to possible employers in the industrial sector. However, it has the potential to expand if I begin my master’s degree at a university in the near future. This indicates that I intend to pursue my education in order to achieve a competitive advantage in the sector and a position from which I can easily negotiate a high wage.

Secondly, a product has a set price when it is released to the public. Therefore, I established a minimum pay that I am willing to accept from possible companies since I value my academic skills so highly. The following pricing technique was used to come up with the lowest wage amount that I am willing to accept. To get an idea of the total cost of my university degree, I tallied up the number of years of study I’ve done and discovered that I’ve spent a total of over $100,000. I sought for a venue where I could use my degree certificate as supporting documentation to advertise my expertise. Most job listings in the newspapers and ads require at least five years of experience, which I lack, yet I am in desperate need of a job. The posted employment prospects were not enough for me, so I walked into the HR offices of the firms I wanted to work for and sold myself as an asset. It’s a risky move that only a select few recent college grads do.

I feel this notion of getting inside the HR departments of individual firms is a good one. History has shown that one brave individual who entered Thomas Edison’s office, creator of the light bulb, was able to become his partner and worried less about what kind of employment he could acquire at first. He was fortunate enough to seize on an opportunity and join Thomas Edison’s team as a business partner. It is stories like this that spur me on, since I know that the same thing might happen to me if I entered their offices and presented my credentials to possible employers.

Fourth, I investigate how I might use my expertise and experience to promote other people’s products. Using product promotion as a marketing tool is critical because it provides the producer with a direct line of communication with the target audience. It was my goal to showcase my unique set of experiences, expertise, and abilities in such a way that I would stand out from the crowd of other job searchers. I aspired to get involved in humanitarian causes like environmental management and build a network of sponsors who would eventually hire me into their businesses. Regardless of whether or not the position is in my field of expertise, I am confident that one of the two methods of product marketing outlined above will lead to my employment.


My personal marketing strategy’s final and most critical phase is implementation. To ensure that I achieve my goal of finding a job, I have already devised a plan for marketing my talents and expertise. My plan is to join a social community group that focuses on environmental conservation and lobbying against environmental degradation and participate in social work as soon as possible, according to my schedule. Meanwhile, I’ll be going door-to-door in the HR departments of various organizations, as per my second plan.


In conclusion, this research has demonstrated that creating a thorough personalized marketing plan is essential and challenging due to the apparent time and effort. Here, I’ve laid down my short- and long-term professional goals, as well as my skills, shortcomings, possibilities, and limitations. Recruiters and potential employers will note my professional accomplishments if I have a marketing strategy in place. Before designing a plan to acquire a job, you should first draft a mission statement and analyze the existing circumstances. The four P’s (product, location, pricing, and promotion) are the building blocks of a successful marketing strategy. All of this has been detailed in great detail in the report that was just delivered.


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