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School Nurses Creating Family Engagement Programming

The capsule project focuses on the study of the impacts of parent and family engagement on students’ educational outcomes in a school district. The study’s effectiveness is based on setting objectives and implementation goals that measure the overall results of the project (Posey & Haley, 2020). The goals are measurable towards the effects of the engagement programs. The implementation program involves planning and adopting the technology in the school district that requires family engagement programs by the school nurses.

Objective 1: The school nurses should change their approach to creating a family engagement program in two weeks.

The project’s significance focuses on the relationship between the family plan and the engagement program in the school district. The school nurses should aim at inducing relevant programs within the school that promotes parental engagement. The approaches should cater to the needs of various family plans to create the effectiveness of adopting the program in the educational system (Sanders et al., 2019). The goal reflects the need to intervene in learner differences and create continuity in parent-learner engagement. The purpose of implementation is essential in ensuring that the school nurses have adopted the most appropriate approach that impacts the education system.

Objective 2: The school nurses should foster family involvement in the programs in a month.

Programming family engagement in the school district aims at fostering parental involvement in the health outcomes within the school. The project’s goal is measured in one month based on the achievement of the participation of parents in the programs. The school nurses are required to cater to the efficacy of the adoption of the program and enhance parental involvement to achieve the project goal. Therefore, the objective of implementation is to measure the achievement of increasing correlation between family engagement and programs in the school district.

Objective 3: The school nurses should adopt the best family plan in the engagement program in two weeks.

The project’s goal is to create the effect of the family plan in the parental engagement program. The school nurses should ensure that the program sustains the needs of various family plans to impact the learners’ educational progress through increased parental involvement (Action for Healthy Kids, 2022). The objective is measured in two weeks, a significant time frame that entails normalcy in the school’s academic operations.

Objective 4: The adopted family engagement program should improve the learners’ educational performance within a term.

The goal of the program’s implementation focuses on the correlation between the adopted parental engagement program and the educational outcomes or performance of the learners. The school nurses should ensure that the program’s designation focuses on improving overall learner capability by increasing health outcomes and well-being (Action for Healthy Kids, 2022). The health status and well-being of the learner reflect the practicability of their involvement in teaching and learning activities, which motivates better performance. The objective is to measure at the end of the term by considering the learners’ performance before and after adopting the parental engagement program.


The implementation goals of the family engagement program in the school district are measurable, simple in purpose, and straightforward. The school nurses are involved in fostering the achievement of the objectives, where they are engaged in creating effectiveness in designing the programs to suit the varying needs of the educational system. These goals correlate the well-being and health outcomes of the learners to the overall academic involvement of the learner in the school district system.


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