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Roles of Core Technologies in an Effective IT System

Various crucial components make up an IT system. There are five generally accepted classifications: computer programs, networks, databases, information assurance, and web technologies. Since the early days of digital information, each has evolved into formally realized technology branches in its capacity and is essential to the continued survival of the other. This essay examines the relationships between the five fundamental technologies that make up a successful IT system.

Computer Programs and Programming

The first creature to emerge from the cloud-based sea is a computer program such as an operating system. Programs significantly improve the performance of the I/O switching devices that make up the “memory” of a virtual machine (Kwon et al., 2022). They enable the programmer to assemble, store, and analyze information at the most fundamental threshold and to manipulate it to design a particular interface design and complete particular tasks. Programs allow users to interact with computers, which would otherwise be an unsightly piece of semiconductor, fiberglass, and metal sans them. The people who write the computer programs that operating systems use are known as programmers. They are responsible for writing the systems that use coding to govern data transmission. Although a computer may be used independently, its capabilities are constrained, making it easier to connect to multiple gadgets with a network.

Computer Networks

Computer networks are made up of many kinds of systems that build communication channels between workstations. Wired, wireless, or a hybrid of the two are all possible types of networks. LAN (Local Area Network) networks that operate independently or WAN (Wide Area Network) systems that encompass substantial geographic regions, such as cities, are examples of networks. Both can establish connections to the Internet, the vast network of roads that connects all computer systems that have established connections to it(Alwasel et al., 2020). The channels that enable data to go from one computer to another are built and maintained by network specialists and engineers, enabling the sharing of databases among all networks.


Databases are software applications that hold and manage information. Browsers may easily retrieve, add, and investigate that information using these applications. Databases are frequently categorized under the type of material they include; the most popular categories are filled to the brim, pictures, metadata, and arithmetic (Vaitkus et al., 2021). Databases support most of the tasks by modern IT systems, yet they are frequently interconnected across a wide range and run invisibly. Databases are used by cloud computing to retain user details, enhance web pages, and carry out a variety of other tasks.

Information Assurance

The vast discipline of information assurance is responsible for developing and maintaining cybersecurity. The area covers everything from network security laws to software and users that guard computers, systems, and even specific computers. Whenever data is transported via network infrastructure and connectivity involving computer networks occurs, information assurance regulates vulnerability.

Web Technologies

Web technologies employ software that enables people to do an enormous and expanding range of tasks through the Internet. Website developers create user interfaces that users may utilize while online for businesses. These apps run on various platforms, including computers, laptops, intelligent applications, and many others that use web technologies to connect to the Internet. Web technology is very dynamic and uses cutting-edge visuals. However, since the Internet is so linked, there are opportunities for security lapses and vicious assaults on software and information across the networks connecting systems (Valle Melón et al., 2019).


Interdependence exists among the five foundational IT technologies. Applications and software developers, therefore, provide a fundamental framework of the framework network – based enable system connectivity, data sets assemble and store the metadata apps use, expedite interactive dialogue over a network infrastructure, and enable web technologies to access user and software suite tools to generate a smooth user encounter. An IT system is fully protected by web assurance. A system might be affected or even disintegrate if only one of the five fundamental technologies malfunctions.


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