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Relationships Between Writing and Reading Skills and Its Effects on the Discussions and Presentations.


Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in all professional fields, whether spoken words or written language. There are relationships between enhancing writing and reading skills and their effects on the effectiveness of discussions and presentations. People with effective communication skills usually express their ideas with ease and in a coherent manner.


One of the requirements in the current work environment is effective communication that will help in audience engagement and allow companies to communicate effectively with their customers. These effective communications greatly help in persuading and inspiring the audience. Martin Luther King is one of the celebrated good communicators who shows how good communication skills can significantly help in addressing issues affecting people in the current society the way Martin Luther King’s eloquence helped in fighting for America’s civil rights from the 1950s to 1960s (NAACP, 2022). King’s communication skills inspired and persuaded people, making him a good leader. “I Have a Dream,” for instance, is one of Martin Luther King’s speeches that made him famous globally as it helped fight against inequality and injustices related to racism. Even though Martin Luther King is long gone, his legacy and contribution to civil rights remain in our hearts, and his speeches show how efficient communication skills can change the world. This essay explores how reading and writing skills directly relate to effective presentations and discussions, focusing on how clarity and organization are directly correlated, the impact of authenticity and vulnerability in communication, and the role of effective writing in creating influential presentations.

The Power of Vulnerability in Communication.

“The Power of Vulnerability” by Brené Brown in the TED Talk helps greatly in addressing the importance of vulnerability and authenticity in any communication. Brown believes that embracing vulnerability when speaking can be compared to opening a window to your genuine self, as it helps engage the audience more resoundingly. This time enables the speakers to showcase their skills and who they are, including imperfections, strengths, and feelings that help people relate these occurrences to real situations (Brown, 2023). This higher level of transparency helps nurture a strong relationship between the speaker and the audience. To achieve this, communicators are usually encouraged to enhance their vulnerability by assuming they share personal narratives to evoke emotions among these audiences that make them do the same. This flow of ideas transforms the message, prevents it from being simply words, and allows listeners to relate to this shared journey that makes them connected, understood, and motivated. Thus, the TED Talk about ‘The Power of Vulnerability” is significant in offering various insights concerning the power of vulnerability in communication to help speakers engage profoundly with their audience. Finally, Brown adds that an authentic message can create a connection with the listener and become more memorable and relevant. This emphasizes the significance of emotional intelligence as an essential component of communication, as it enables individuals to manage emotions and boost connections with others. This connection is made possible by the expression of emotions in an effective manner that enables people to build strong relationships by resolving conflicts amicably. Thus, individuals who need to engage profoundly with their audience need to use vulnerability to their advantage as it allows the audience to be eager to listen more and connect emotionally with the speakers.

The Role of Effective Writing in Crafting Impactful Presentations

According to Strauss (2018), powerful presentations need clarity and structure. A more precise and structured communication style can be achieved by utilizing the ideas outlined in Strauss’s textbook, which offers complete guidance. The book also emphasizes the significance of persuasion in effective communication. Persuasive skills in writing are similar to a master key that can open all the doors to comprehension. This ability helps in smoothly leading readers and urging them to be Proficient. This ability allows one to guide readers through the complex maze of language and encourage them to assume a specific concept. This skill is more helpful to individuals who aim to persuasively advocate for a particular perspective crucial to success, like marketing campaigns and legal debates, among others. Those who are blessed with proficient writing strategies are capable of influencing readers and clarifying points more quickly. This skill is crucial for professions that require convincing an audience over a particular matter. Thus, effective writing can make presentations more influential.


Based on the points discussed above, it is evident that enhancing reading and writing skills is crucial in effective discussions and presentations. The evidence shows the relationship between effective communication and literary skills, from reading comprehension and presentation performance to the significance of vulnerability in communication and the contribution of good writing in creating memorable presentations. Reading and writing are significant factors for personal and professional development in the current world, where most work depends wholly on communication. Developing these skills will help people improve their communication skills and allow them to succeed in professions that need critical thinking.


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