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Reflection Paper on Personal Competencies and Ethics

Personal and professional development plans are important for informing and planning one’s employability (competence skills) and facilitating the acquisition of the most important abilities. Reflecting on my personal and professional objectives aids in efficient career goal planning and goal setting, which improves my job market competitiveness. This reflection will focus on employability skills such as traits, abilities, amplitudes, and marketability, known as competencies and ethics.

Businesses are exploring a range of abilities that tend to input the greatest productivity to their firms as the number of graduates on the market rises. Students may develop employability skills through the teaching and learning process, participation in community activities and leadership, mentoring and coaching, and job experience (Martin & Rees, 2019). Before evaluating a fresh graduate as a possible team member, employers look for various skills. I want to pursue a higher degree by earning my master’s degree to improve my qualifications. However, I need to have more talents and academic achievements to be competitive in today’s work environment. To be more competent than my classmates, I will apply for a placement position where I can put what I have learned in school, use evidence-based practice to solve issues and use what I have learned to improve organizational performance.

Taking a course on business ethics will be a great advantage because protecting the client’s confidentiality is one of the most critical abilities. If the client’s privacy is guaranteed, they will be more eager to offer information. Avoiding fraudulent methods is another ethical conduct that the market will scrutinize. When you operate in a group, you can be confident that everyone is being honest in their dealings with the customer. Honesty will increase the client’s faith in you. Finally, the ethical code guarantees the customer the right to withdraw if they are not satisfied. If the customer believes that the research is being conducted against their will, they have the right to withdraw from the study. After establishing the ethical talents, the next stage was to conduct a personal analysis of the meetings’ real experiences. First, I discovered that I had excellent teamwork and organizational abilities. As a result of this, I received a high score on my self-assessment exam in the areas of humanistic-encouraging and affiliate. As a team group player, I have learnt to design ways for collaborate tasks to team members so that everyone is aware of the importance of the job they’re doing.

I also found that I am a fantastic self-manager. I have discovered that I can successfully manage my time and complete tasks without feeling rushed. Normally, I make a list of everything I need to get done and then prioritize them by significance and time. I’d also write things down on a calendar to know exactly what has to be done when. It includes noting the meeting dates and ensuring that I did not miss any of the meetings. I also performed all of the work allocated to me during the sessions because of my self-management abilities.

To add to that, I am also adept at picking up new abilities, which means I am eager to learn and put in a lot of effort in doing so. I plan to attended English lessons, and as a result, my basic literacy and English proficiency are strengthened. Furthermore, English’s fundamental usage while doing research is that it facilitates communication between participants and researchers (Clement & Murugavel, 2018). I have also discovered that I have technological abilities. I have basic computer abilities, but I also know how to utilize specialist applications. I can now study applied management and decision modelling, both of which need particular software applications that I learnt to use during the career journey.

However, throughout my research, I discovered a number of faults which leaves room for improvement. The accumulation of connections leads to the creation of new ideas. After generating an idea, I will use critical thinking skills to help me conceptualize, analyse, apply, synthesize, evaluate, reflect, and communicate my thoughts. When it comes to solving an issue, an individual’s capacity to make connections is crucial. In order to increase my capacity to think rationally and develop new ideas, I’m going to do some research, both theoretical and empirical, to help me learn how to look at various situations from different perspectives. The ability to come up with original answers to issues is a benefit of critical thinking, and this is what is meant when someone says they are creative. As a result, I am able to come up with a realistic solution when faced with a problem. I greatly believe in my communication skill both orally and writing. Conversations with strangers comes do easy for me. It indicates that if I want to advance in my work, I’ll have to enhance my communication abilities further.

During my analysis, I discovered that I am capable of devising solutions to address my inadequacies. I learned that I might gain new skills by looking for forums in different social set ups in the school as well as outside. It is critical to appraise oneself and grasp self-knowledge to be a great leader. One must determine their strengths as well as any weaknesses. My second action goal is to consider how I might improve my capacity to face staff members at all levels in a self-managed manner. The justification for this stage is that conflict will inevitably arise at work at all levels, so I will have to manage and face each team member. As a result, the approach for developing my capacity to confront my colleagues in a self-managed manner will focus on resolving disputes.

As a talent manager, I will be responsible for detecting, researching, and resolving problems that might lead to workplace conflict. Notably, this will be unpleasant, but it can only be accomplished with patience and taking certain risks. Managing conflict with my group members will result in a more open and honest method of talking with one another. My last action plan will focus on how I can boost my self-esteem. Notably, the motivation for this is very personal. I’ll focus on developing the bravery to speak in front of a large crowd. It may be accomplished by rehearsing in front of the mirror and with my closest friends. As a group player, I need the confidence to speak out in front of fellow employees to encourage them, correct them when they make mistakes, and even thank them for their efforts. It is why I need my self-assurance abilities.


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