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Reflection on Biblical Worldview

A biblical worldview is defined as the worldview based on the unchanging word of God. Chapter four talks about the book of Genesis. The chapter focuses on God’s creation, and it portrays God as the perfect being who created human beings in his image. (1:27) The book talks about the beginning of the human race and the relationship between man and God. There is also the fall of man where sin becomes part of the human fabric. Genesis tells the gives account of various characters’ highs and lows, including Adam, Eve, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and others. Genesis gives us the chance to see human nature in the ancient world.

These characters fall short of God’s grace, but God’s nature allows human beings to fall back under His wings and offers forgiveness. Adam and Eve were created in the perfected world. Even with all these, they fell into the trap of Satan and disobeyed God. God still forgave them even though they were thrown out of the Garden of Eden. They were still able to fulfill their purpose of procreating and filling the earth.

God allows us to live in his shelter to fulfill our purpose in this world. We are unique from all the other animals God created as human beings. This uniqueness allows us to have the capacity to know God and to have a relationship with Him. This relationship entirely depends on human beings willingness to learn the Lord and live in His word. God reveals Himself to us in various ways, and we can continue doing his work and spread God’s word. This allows us to get to know Him and live in our sinful nature with God’s guidance. As a result, the word is spread to our family, friends, and society(Hindson and Towns 39)

God rewards those who follow his word and fulfill His purpose. In Genesis, Abraham is promised to be the father of nations and lands when he chooses to abandon his religion and follow the word of God. Even in today’s world, we are promised God’s blessings and greatness. We can know what the price of following God’s word is. Making a covenant with God and having faith in His word just like Abraham will allow people to live in God’s purpose for their lives. Even with all these promises, human beings still have the nature of having doubt, just like Sarai, who was promised to be the mother of nations. Despite this promise, she still insisted that Abram have a child with Hagar, an Egyptian slave(Hindson and Towns 43).

Deception is also another human quality that is evident in this chapter. It recurs in Jacob’s story. Even though Jacob deceived Esau, the covenant was reconfirmed. This shows us that the covenant was unconditional and God’s love is unconditional. in today’s world; we can see that all the evil is going on. God’s love is unconditional and steadfast. Human beings are bound to commit sins, and God’s love allows us to repent and return to Him. Jacob deceived his brother, but God did not abandon him. Instead, Jacob was made the father of the twelve tribes of Israel.

Joseph’s story focuses on how God uses His people as instruments to help His people. When Joseph was sold into slavery, the thought behind it was evil, and his brothers were jealous of him. God turned this situation around and used joseph to help his family from a devastating famine. God uses the least expected people to propel His power. He uses His children as a vessel of His word and manifestation of His greatness. This allows us to see that God’s chosen people can be anyone and that God does not favor people. He can turn a bad situation into the greatest one of your life(Hindson and Towns 44).

In conclusion, Genesis provides us with an insight into human nature according to the historical Israelites. This shows us how human nature blended with God’s relationship and covenant with Him.


The book of Genesis is a record of the earth’s creation, the origination of the Jews, the early history of Israelites and their forefathers. It is the first book in the Bible. The book is split into two parts: the primeval history from chapter one to chapter eleven and the ancestral history from chapter twelve to chapter fifty (“Book of Genesis”). The first section focuses on the creation of the world and the relationship between man and God. God created the world with no evil in it, but Adam and Eve (who were made in the image of God) brought evil on earth. Sin increased, and God sent a flood to wipe out humanity. Noah and his family built an ark where they survived the flood. Noah’s descendant Abraham is chosen to be the father of God’s chosen people, the Israelites. Through his child Isaac and grandchild Jacob, he became the forefather of the twelve tribes of Israel. God chooses Jacob’s son Joseph to go to Egypt. This act meant to be evil ended with joseph saving Jacob’s people from a devastating famine. Genesis ends with Israelites ready for Moses and the exodus(“Summary of the Book of Genesis – Bible Survey”).


Exodus is the book that comes after Genesis in the Hebrew bible. This means it is the second book. It gives an account of how God’s people escaped from Egypt with the guidance of Moses and the strength of Yahweh. God uses ten plagues to force the Pharaoh to let go of His people. Moses leads the Israelites through the desert and across the Sea of Reeds. They reach the Biblical Mt. Sinai, and God promises them the land of Canaan, which was the “Promised Land.” At the mountain, God makes a covenant with the Israelites. They are presented with ten commandments that they had to live by (Exodus | Definition, Summary, & Facts | Britannica). The book’s first half (chapter one to chapter eighteen) focuses on Israelites slavery and bondage at the hands of Egyptians and their escape and journey to Mt.sinai. The other half talks about the covenant that Israelites made with God and gives laws that were put out for them to follow(“Book of Exodus”).

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