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Reducing Redundancies in Sports Board Unlimited Organization

The key risk presented by recruiting many new employees within an organization is the possibility of redundancy. The human resource department is responsible for issues concerning human capital, functionality and forming strategies that benefit the organization (Belcourt et al., 2020). In The Sports Board Unlimited organization, recruitment was done to meet the demands of the market, but it led to redundancy. This paper will focus on how I, as the HR director, will eliminate the redundancies in the organization. Redundancy can be solved through job analysis, which allows for comparing the different responsibilities and tasks present in The Sports Board Unlimited organization, highlighting the jobs to be terminated.

The criteria that will be used to determine what job will be terminated will be dependent on job analysis. Job analysis is the process used to gain information on the job’s activities, tasks and duties (Belcourt et al., 2020). This will allow for comparing the influence of the jobs and determining the critical level of the various jobs in The Sports Board Unlimited organization. In specific, the analysis will use the approach of the critical incident method in order to gain information on the job description and the job specification. The information gained through the method will allow for comparison of the jobs and hence hint at areas of redundancy and critical jobs that should be maintained. The critical incident method aims at identifying critical job tasks (Belcourt et al., 2020). Critical jobs are the responsibilities and activities that are essential in leading to the job’s success and the business’s success. This analysis can be conducted through the use of interviews with managers or employees and, in some cases, through self-report statements filled by employees (Belcourt et al., 2020). This analysis will use the employee interview statement in which a sample can participate.

The interview will hold important questions on areas such as job duties, purposes, training, criteria, results, conditions, compensation and authority, among other key vital areas (Belcourt et al., 2020). Therefore, the critical incident method covers areas such as the tools and equipment used, what is done and how the job is performed. After the data is collected, a separate task statement is created, which indicates import job activities. It allows for the separation of the required behaviour from those not critical to the business’s success (Belcourt et al., 2020). It will also be easy to notice cases of redundancy in the performance of the business. The job analysis approach creates the job description and the job specification that can act as guidelines in noticing cases of redundancy and also act as guidelines in the termination process. Overall, it will give hints on what to consider in the termination process and the critical jobs that should not be considered.


The first job that I will eliminate is the maintenance and cleaning leadership. The purpose of operations leaders is to oversee the daily activities of the business; hence maintenance and cleaning are part of operations. This makes this job redundant and hence will be terminated. The employees present in maintenance and cleaning should be part of the operations teams and hence managed by the operations managers. In finance and accounting, I would eliminate the jobs in the four hourly employees and one of the manager positions. The number of finance and management employees is low; hence, one manager can easily keep tabs on them.

I would also eliminate the sales job. This is because it causes redundancy in performing the tasks that are present in the marketing job. The function of marketing is to ensure that the product’s advertising is achieved through sharing information. On the other hand, the salesperson also ensures that the goods are sold. Operations can account for the distribution and any issues that may arise together with customer care. Operations ensure all distributions are made in and out of the organization, while marketing focuses on the advertisement and selling of the product. Marketing and sales both aim at increasing awareness of the business.

I would also eliminate the quality control job because it causes redundancy in the manufacturing team. The manufacturing team is responsible for the production of the goods and checking the quality of the goods before sending them to the operations team that deals with the distribution and inventory of the finished goods. According to the critical incident method, this function is not critical because they will be performing duties that are included in the manufacturing team.


The marketing jobs will be maintained because of their vital role in the business’s success. The method that the business uses to keep up with the competition in the market is the penetration strategy, which involves using greater marketing efforts. This will also encourage product development of the kneeboard. The other job than will be maintained is manufacturing. The output of the business needs to be improved by around 37%, which makes this job important. Operation’s job will also be maintained because of the need to meet the increased demands of the consumers. HR will also be maintained to solve the issue of redundancy that may arise and solve the conflicts created by the employment of different generations.


In conclusion, redundancy can be solved through job analysis, which allows for a comparison of the different responsibilities and tasks present in The Sports Board Unlimited organization, which highlights the jobs to be terminated. The job analysis approach that was used to determine the jobs to be terminated is the critical incident method, which used interviews. The method has, therefore, shown that it is very efficient in reducing the number of job redundancies that can be present in an organization. It encourages the efficiency of the business.


Belcourt, M., Singh, P., Snell, S. A., & Morris, S. S. (2020). Managing Human Resources (9th ed.). Nelson Education Ltd.


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