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Public Relation Campaign

1.0 Executive summary

The study shows the public relation of HNA Technology Investments Holdings company in Hong Kong. Since it is a technological company, the study will develop its strategic planning budgets and social media advertisement that will make the company improve its PR (Casanova & Miroux, 2019). HNA company is a technology company that deals with technology and is based in Hong Kong. It was first known as Advanced Card Systems Holdings, founded in 1995 (Casanova & Miroux, 2019). This report was created as a PR campaign for HNA Technology Investments Holdings company that was put out over the coming two years. The report includes identifying the media that will be used for public relations, promotion of public and social media platforms that will be used. The report will show the objective of the PR using the SMART goals. The other thing is that the report will include research insights that will show the research done about the company and how they were in line with the achievement of the company’s goal. This company is very rich, and a reading technologist in Hong Kong, and hence this study is dedicated to the company.

2.0 Introduction

Company logo

HNA Technology Investments Holdings also runs asset management, investments, and other industries. In the People’s Republic of China, the United States, Fiji, Japan, Turkey, the Philippines, and globally, HNA Technology Investments Holdings Limited produces, sells, and distributes smart card devices, software, and hardware. The Financial Technology and Smart Living Business and the Financial Services and Investment Business are the two segments in which the firm works (United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, 2019). It also offers smart card-related services and advising services such as financial due diligence and corporate operation consulting. In August 2017, the firm changed its name from Advanced Card Systems Holdings Limited to HNA Technology Investments Holdings Limited (Casanova & Miroux, 2019). The firm was created in 1995 and is based in Hong Kong’s Kowloon Bay. HNA Eco-Tech Pioneer Acquisition owns HNA Technology Investments Holdings Limited, a subsidiary of HNA Eco-Tech Pioneer Acquisition.

Company building

The company’s products the provision of sim cards in visa, master cards, and HNA products that are approved and compatible with industry standards both globally and nationally. NFC Forum Certification; EMV Level 1 & 2; Visa payWave; MasterCard Pay Pass; American Express Pay; Discover Zip; UnionPay Quick Pass; Mondex; EMV CAP and VISA DPA; PBOC and PBOC (the People’s Bank of China); NETS (Singapore); CE; UL/CSA; U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC); VCCI (Voluntary Control Council for Interference by Information Technology Equipment) (Baldi & Bodmer, 2017).

Product of the company

The firm has achieved significant advancements in its public image, and there are several activities in which the corporation should engage to acquire new customers and maintain its public image. The corporation should be prepared to budget to achieve its public relations objectives. The firm services customers all around the globe, but it is headquartered in Hong Kong, thus the research will focus on methods to improve HVA’s image in Hong Kong and throughout the world.

3.0 Research and insight

Although the firm has had a lot of success, the market rivalry is fierce. Because the firm provides services worldwide, it is competing with other large corporations. These businesses have a strong market presence, and their services are unquestionably competitive with those provided by other well-established businesses throughout the world. The technology must be cutting-edge. Market research is collecting, evaluating, and interpreting market data (Thomas, 2019). It aids in the identification of marketing opportunities and challenges, the monitoring and evaluation of marketing actions and performance, and the communication of results and consequences to management.

In the growth and sales, the company has been one of the grates in Asia due to various investments in different industries. The company has drowned a lot of customers, and some of the investment the company has is in real estate, technology and IT, transport, and communication (Xing, K. 2020). The company investment brought about $100 billion in 2017, and the assets are estimated to be worth $230 billion. The company earnings have decreased by about 20.1% over the last five years. This has been a negative part of the company, and hence it needs to change the market strategies. The other thing is that the decrease in the company’s revenue can be associated with the rise of Covid-19, which became a disaster to the transport industry. The company’s investment in transport was heavily affected due to the closer of flying and traveling abroad and domestically.

HNA company has some competitors in and out of Hong Kong as the IT services are not a monopoly. Some of the competitors in the region include Quantum thinking limited, Wai Chu Group Holding limited, Kantone Holding limited, Yu Tak international Holding limited. Other competitors include dell company, Baibu company, Yonyon, and Taiji computers. The company has to develop ways that will make it stand out from the others (Chihara & Nakamura, 2010).

4.0 Goal and Objective

The goal and objective of the company are to maintain the competition in social media and maintain the competitive advantage over the other companies. The company should ensure that its products remain unmatched in the competitive world. The objective should be SMART. They should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and time bond (Santangelo, 2020). The objective in social media which the report has come up with to include. To maintain public relations, the report will show the identity of the target group, maintain the company image the reputation of the company.

  1. To increase the likes of the company on Facebook by customizing the page and posting on the page frequently, and raising the company’s following to 30000.
  2. Increase the sales of the company to double at the two years of the campaign and increase the company orders by 25%
  3. To protect the company reputation and increase the customer referral by 23% and increase the website visiting by 25%
  4. Two designs for social media/posters/stand design/photos will help you convey/ share/ promote your idea for the organization.
  5. To ensure that the company increases the use of its products across Hong Kong, the company investment increased by 15%.
  6. To ensure that after two years, the use of is technology is about 50 % in Hong Kong and increased from 23% to 30% from other countries of the world.
  7.  To design a poster posted on tom social media and bill bonds.
  8. To write a press release that can be publicized in the media.

5.0 Strategy& PR tactics

The strategy used to improve the company’s public image and the period the HNA company holds may be the best if implemented.

5.1 Improving employees’ living conditions

To ensure that its name remains very good to the public, it must treat its workers. This includes good working conditions and giving them good pay. The workers should be involved in management decisions and involve intrapreneurship skills.

5.2 Community Relation

The company is involved in IT can include installing free internet to the schools in Hong Kong. This will help the company earn a good relationship with the community and lead to its products being used.

5.3 Visiting the customers and giving awards

There should be a report on the promotion technique that the company should use to visit some of their loyal customers. The HNA company holding CEO will have a coffee with the customers and awards rewarded to the most loyal customers. The company to give some discount in services like transport and IT services to increase.

5.4 Interviewing the CEO

The company CEO Zhang Ling will be available for an interview and give directives of the company, and it will be broadcast on television and other major media. The company CEO will give some directives on how the HNA company holding will give quality products.

6.0 Media Strategies

The company is supposed to use some of the media services to promote public relations, including the following.

6.1 Television

Viu TV will introduce a company as the best regarding the action done and videos and photos used to make the company well related to the public. There is a need for the company to prepare a video that will also be broadcast on television stations like BBC.

6.2 Social media

Platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram account for the company should ensure that the people following HNA holding pages are updated and can comment on their services. The company is to set up social media management in charge of making the company face in social media very good. The comments on social media platforms should be viewed and some policies made in response to the comments and suggestions in social media.

6.3 Magazines and newspapers.

The major magazine should be given contents of the company to appear in pages. The company can also publish the magazine that includes most of its content and give it free to showcase its interest. In Hong Kong Economic Times, there should be a report of the company message to ensure that it reaches most people in the region.

6.4 Press release

The press is called, and some of the issues that the company what to tell the public to be said using the press. They will help the company share the message to the target groups because the media users are many. The sample should be written as below,

6.5 Posters and photos


To guarantee the clarity of the used statements, the company posters will be displayed on bill bonds issued on HNA holdings social media accounts. Posters are very useful in conveying information that cannot be conveyed in the media and may not be available for some time. HNA corporation is to create a poster in order to get public attention by uploading the posters, images, and bill bonds on their website, social media, and bill bonds.

7.0 Budget for the year

Activity/item Budget in $
Community Relation 40000
Visiting the customers and giving awards 12090
Media Strategies

· Television

· Social media



Magazine and newspaper 10000
Press release 24500
Posters 4500
Improving employees’ living conditions. 20000
Total 115590


Baldi, G., & Bodmer, A. (2017). R&D investments and corporate cash holdings. Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 1-17.

Casanova, L., & Miroux, A. (2019). The era of Chinese multinationals: Competing for global dominance. Academic Press.

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Santangelo, J. J. (2020). Setting goals – Quick & easy worksheet, theory, and SMART goals! John James Santangelo Ph.D.

Thomas, B. (2019). Marketing management. Marketing Management.

United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. (2019). World investment report 2019: Special economic zones. United Nations.

Xing, K. (2020). Economic High-quality Development Research Based on Tax Cut and Fee Reduction.


The poster that is to be designed should contain:

a) The name of the company

b) The new products and the improvements of the previous products

c) The new prices of the products and the discount given by the company services

d) The availability of the company on social media platforms

Press release

“HNA Technology Investments Holdings is a corporation. It’s just gotten larger and better. The company’s services and goods are now available online through your preferred social media channel. We are now on Facebook, where we publish all of our new service promotions; we are also on Twitter, where we answer to whatever you ask for; and we are on Instagram. In case of any inquiries, our phone line is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We are pleased to tell you that we will be personally visiting our clients and presenting presents to our most loyal customers. Mr. Zhang Ling, our CEO, will be enjoying breakfast with customers at our Hong Kong headquarters. Thank you for having faith in us throughout the years. Company HNA Technology Investments Holdings, we are your technical growth partner.


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