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Pro-Choice Perspective on Abortion in Today’s Healthcare Environment


The selected topic for a final essay is “Pro-Choice Perspective on Abortion in Health Care Environment Today.” It has been an illustrious subject concerning healthcare because it raises issues related to women’s reproductive rights, ethics, and societal values. By choosing this topic, one can handle the complex related issues that put individuals in a favorable standpoint concerning pro-choice causes. The abortion debate proves to be a perfect ground for analysis where numerous contradicting views and perspectives are carefully studied.

Rationale for Topic Selection

The decision as to why the topic “Pro-Choice Perspective on Abortion in Today’s Healthcare System” is selected has been based on societal implications and ethical issues involved with reproductive rights. The autonomy of women over their bodies continues in current medicine to be a central component, and Abortion becomes a critical meeting point between individual liberty, medical ethics, and the legal system (Allsbrook et al., 2021). The continued debates and legislative reforms on Abortion reflect its importance, calling for a detailed analysis of the pro-choice position.

Moreover, as healthcare practitioners and advocates, looking into the specifics of Abortion is also helpful for one to understand patient-centered care. Restraining the topic of women’s impediments when seeking reproductive healthcare services, researchers can use a magnifying lens in an external critique of the healthcare systems (Human et al., 2023). It reveals an opportunity to evaluate how policies help protect women’s reproductive rights and provide health services for equal access.

This project selection aligns with the primary goals of promoting open and conscious communication for health care. The process allows the pro-choice argument to encourage women’s emancipation not only in purely intellectual debates but also for policy formation indifferent towards compassionate and patient-friendly practices.

Differences and Similarities between Annotated Bibliography and Regular References Page

An annotated bibliography differs from a references page by not being limited to sources but having details of summary and evaluation for each source. Contrary to a typical references page that includes several specified detail items such as an author, title, publishing year, and other bibliographical data, an annotated bibliography provides more information than just publication data used, methodology, and so on (Visser et al., 2021). A summary of a source is provided in an annotated bibliography that involves information about the main arguments presented by the resource, methods, and findings. It also provides a standard to measure the truthfulness and reliability of this source. APA format is used throughout the annotated bibliography and reference page.

Preparing for the Final Essay Using Annotated Bibliography

A bibliography plays an essential role in preparing the final essay. Annotations help understand the sources and their contribution to a chosen topic better than analysis. This preparation includes critically assessing each source’s strengths and weaknesses, determining key arguments, and judging how relevant this particular source is in relation to one’s chosen perspective (Visser et al., 2021). Such annotations develop a logical and informed position when giving the paper’s findings. Through the interaction with different sources, the bibliography guarantees that the final essay is extensive and well-supported to address some counterarguments.

In conclusion, the suggested topic on the Pro-Choice perspective on Abortion comprehends the complexities of reproductive rights in women. Moreover, the annotated bibliography with the individual summaries and evaluation of selected sources contributes to a better understanding and aids in developing an outstanding final piece on the commentating topic of Abortion. Besides, this project encourages the current discourse on Abortion in healthcare to help medical professionals effectively understand this situation while learning how important it is for women with reproductive choices.


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Allsbrook, J., & Ellmann, N. (2021, March 17). A Proactive Abortion Agenda. Center for American Progress.

Human Rights Watch. (2023, April 18). Human Rights Crisis: Abortion in the United States After Dobbs. Human Rights Watch.


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