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Abortion Is Wrong

Abortion is a controversial subject that has prompted much debate around the world. Both proponents and opponents of abortion represent the two sides of the discussion. Abortion becomes a complex subject when debating whether a foetus ought to be considered a human being at the time of the abortion (Flensner). In my opinion, a woman should never terminate a pregnancy that she is bearing unless she has a severe medical condition that causes the toddler’s and the mothers’ survival uncertain. Abortion is much like killing another human being that had no voice in the decision and had done nothing wrong to deserve it. Instead of having an abortion, a woman should consider giving up her child for adoption or foster care. As a result, whenever it comes to abortion, I’m pro-life. As a pro-life campaigner, I believe that there is no moral distinction between a human being as a foetus and an adult; thus, killing at an earlier stage of development is not acceptable. Variations in development, size, dependency, and environment are not good reasons to claim that you didn’t have the right to life previously but do now. This paper has highlighted some of the reasons I am against abortion, including the fact that life begins at conception, it puts a woman at risk for medical problems, and the existence of alternatives such as adoption.

Firstly, abortion is a form of committing murder. The strongest moral argument opposing abortion is that human life begins after being conceived, rendering abortion a form of murder. Determining when life begins has been among the most contentious aspects of the abortion debate. Proponents of abortion claim that life starts at delivery, so a foetus would not be regarded as a human being (Nisar). As per scientific studies, life begins after conception, as that is when children’s genes are synthesized. Apart from in deadly situations, abortion should always be considered a crime against someone else’s life if the value of human life is acknowledged as a universal principle. These situations could be linked to abortion, in which a decision must be taken regarding whether or not to terminate the pregnancy to protect the mother’s health and life. Abortion should be seen as just as horrific and illegal as taking any other human’s life.

Secondly, abortion is a natural sin that exposes a woman to medical issues later in life. Stillbirths, ectopic pregnancies, and conditions such as pelvic inflammatory disease are all on the rise due to carrying out abortions (Swain et al.). Other possible outcomes include stress and emotional anguish. When a woman aborts her baby, the danger of her suffering from a mental illness skyrockets (Reardon). Abortion leads to long-term psychological and physical harm in women, which is much of an ethical reason to oppose it. In some cases, induced abortions are against state legislation, and as a result, they lack legal backing, so they have to be performed correctly in basic healthcare centres. Abortion is generally conducted in filthy facilities since it is illegal, subjecting the victims to illnesses and other risks. Although abortion is much more socially accepted in the US than in many other nations, it is still frowned upon, resulting in a majority of the population getting abortions in secret to avoid social shame. This normally impacts their post-operative health care since the woman may be unwilling to seek more assistance.

Furthermore, options exist like giving up the kids to foster care or adoption. Supporters of abortion argue that the child will be unwanted. In the actual world, there is nothing like an unwanted baby. Adoption has long been a feasible alternative to abortion because it gives the kid a life while also letting the biological mother to follow her goals. In the U. S. alone, almost 1.5 million families have expressed interest in adopting a baby. Adoption is a straightforward solution for which almost every civilization has established adequate structures. Even if a woman wishes to reclaim control of her body upon becoming pregnant, she should resist abortions because they endanger both the kid and the parent. As a consequence of the abortion, the baby will endure pain, and the mom will be at risk of never conceiving another baby.

Abortion is still morally wrong, regardless of the fact that it is no longer prohibited in most places. Abortion should not be treated as an alternative to contraception and abstinence. While still in the womb, abortion subjects the foetus to unnecessary misery and suffering. The effects of abortion don’t really cease once the baby is terminated; the woman may feel emotional distress as a result of her conduct, and post-procedure problems such as loss of other pregnancies are possible. Abortion also goes against fundamental societal norms and religious beliefs that emphasize the value of human life. It also infringes on human’s basic liberties, including that of the right to life. The pregnant woman seeking an abortion and the medical professional executing the procedure are both committing murders.

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