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President Biden’s State of Union Address

During the first formal address of the State of the Union by President Biden, his main focuses included Ukraine, the coronavirus pandemic, inflation, and the four-point “Unity Agenda” Concerning his focus on the Ukraine conflict, he urged the world union to stand with Ukraine. He presented a positive outlook concerning the end of the Coronavirus pandemic. He gave instances of how he is using to address the rising inflation, irrespective of the weight of their impact in the short term. President Biden’s focus also touched on some progressive policy items constituting the desire for massive voting rights legislation and campaigned for transgender and abortion rights. However, Biden did not address the significant topic of climate change. The three major takeaways from his address include:

Ukraine Conflict

The present conflict between Russia and Ukraine marked president Biden’s start of his speech. He proudly mentioned the economic restriction passed by United States and its friends towards the Russian economy system in financial institutions and oligarchs. Russian flights would be restricted from accessing the American airspace with the partnership between the U.S government and the European Union. Biden reassured the state that he was tactful in ensuring the economic sanctions would not leave the American people with the potential ramifications highlighting that together with U.S allies, they have managed to release thirty million barrels from the United States Strategic Petroleum Reserve and sixty million barrels of oil globally.

COVID-19 Recovery

Biden proceeded to talk about his domestic agenda with regards to state restoration caused by COVID-19. He declared the American Rescue Plan to state and further opposed the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act established during Trump’s reign. Biden reiterated that American lives no were no longer influenced by Covid-19 while he flaunted the economic growth and low employment rates. As he progressed with his speech, he launched a new plan, the “test to treat initiative,” implying that immediate anti-viral pills would be administered for those who test positive for the Corona Virus at a pharmacy.

Domestic Manufacturing

Biden touched on the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act enactment, rolling out its administration’s outlook of the respective goals, which he proceeded to mention as the installation of an estimation of 500,000 electric vehicles (EV) charging stations countrywide, boosting broadband access coverage and replacing lead pipes. Biden’s remarks on infrastructure projects were that the U.S would stick to manufacturing its products. He further talked of competition legislation implying the passing of COMPETES and the U.S Innovation and Competition Act, awaiting implementation by the president. He renamed the competition amendment to “Bipartisan Innovation Act” Biden’s made clear to the state concerning the 20 billion dollar Intel investment in Columbus, Ohio, as a way for fostering domestic manufacturing (West and Kros, 2022). The Chief Executive Officer, Intel, Pat Gelsinger, has attended the congress. Up to eight manufacturing companies and 10,000 new employment opportunities would be available to the state. Biden stated the Ford project towards investing $11 billion in establishing electric vehicles and GM’s 7 dollar billion investment to establishing electric vehicles. These projects bear the potential of creating up to 15,000 new employment opportunities for its citizens. The competition legislation showed relevance in Biden’s speech to reduce inflation on the local lead following the harmful impact of COVID-19 that suppressed production. Biden mentioned that the price increment in automobiles signified an excellent reason for implementing the competition legislation.

I am in line with the president’s state of address congress because he presented a well-formulated plan of tackling crucial issues the Americans are experiencing and even suggested new laws and policies effective in helping solve such matters. Furthermore, his speech meets Article II, Section 3, Clause 1 of the U.S. Constitution requirements.

Gov. Kim Reynolds’s rebuttal was based on Biden’s presidency, sending Americans back in time rather than progressing America. Kim Reynolds asserted that Biden and Democrats in Congress have lived in ignorance of or worsening American problems. The state ignored the warnings that trillions of expenditure would soar inflation. The state was made aware that the gas prices would be increased by their anti-energy policies; they invested ahead, pushing inflation to a 40-year high following the rise in the price of the pump by 50%. She further asserted that Biden’s move in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic was associated with high costs. Lockdowns and school closures have led to learning loss, stimulated anxiety, isolation, and depression among kids who will never catch up. Kim Reynolds’s reaction to Biden’s move on the Ukraine invasion is that the president’s approach to foreign policy is little. She supported her claims asserting that Biden was reacting to world events rather than driving them.

Governor Kim Reynolds’s rebuttal claims would positively influence the campaigns around the 2022 Midterm Election at the local, state, and federal levels. She asserted that republican governors play a significant role in defending liberation and securing unmatched economic progress in the American states, which has proved effective (Yellen, 2022). The local, state, and federal politics during the 2022 Midterm Election will be highly influenced by the republican governors following their suggestions which have proved effective towards solving issues affecting the American people.

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