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Political Development in a Social Context

Political development can be defined as an increase in political participation due to political unity. Public political participation is thus an increase in the involvement of the people in politics. At the same time advocating for political unity within a community rather than individualism, where people are divided and not engaged in the political development of the society. Public political development in the society involves an increase in institutions, specialization, a growth of structures, division of labor, and finally, bringing a sense of integration in the community. Political development in the society is thus based on a three-dimensional process that involves capacity, equality, and differentiation.

An increase in institutions in the society can only be advocated for in unity and collectivism where people unite to air views towards the development of the community (Watts et al. 1999). It is the role of their legislators due to the legislative power to sanction projects that are of aid to society. Once a community joins hands in ensuring that their aired views have been adequately addressed, then the nation can be termed as developed in terms of politics.Once people join together, then there is a formation of pressure towards the legislators. Demand for more equality in a system leads to a change in the capacity of the system once the society understands that they have a say and that they have a right in regards to development then there is increased commitment from the legislators to impact changes or suffer the consequences that may accrue due to them not heeding to the demands of the population.

With political development in the society then there are acquisitions of political systems of capability in specialized structures and different orientations that aids in ensuring that the system has been reset in a manner that addresses all the problems that are raised by the community (Mink, 2019). Political development thus plays a vital part in society by ensuring that at all times, the role structures enable the systems to come up with new ideas on aiding in the development of the community as a whole.

To create better public political development, engagement has to be on the rise where leaders meet constituents and the respective people who choose him to office. This ensures that there is much public participation and growth in terms of addressing issues that affect them, In a significant way this situation also helps legislators to be transparent in their affairs and try advocating for what they have done to aid the people and the general steps that they could conduct to ensure that the peoples demands are met (Watts et al., 2003). In a significant way, this ensures that there is public political development as there is no segregation since all members are given a chance to air their grievances. The avenues also provide social work together in the process of trying to make society better.

In conclusion, political engagements with the electorate reduce the false and negative perception that might have been created by leaders. Meetings ensure that the public grows and that the government, through the representatives, understands what the electorate wants. Public political participation in society might be vital to coming up with solutions that face society. With unity and understanding of the processes, the community stands in a better position to benefit and, at the same time, accrue benefits from the government at large.

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