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Podcast Evaluation Form

Critical race theory and the effects on children by Kyle Roberts.

The discussion on Critical Race Theory has been meticulously discussed. The speaker has described CRT as a group of beliefs that many aspects of Western civilization, including its statutory and social institutions, are biased against people of color since they were primarily planned for and executed by white people. There is a clear connection between Critical Race Theory and how it affects children. It is arguable that learning about one’s own ethnic and cultural identity, about other people despite their differences, and about the existence of and the need for social justice are all important topics for children to explore. Suppose they lack insight into the challenges our society faces. In that case, although the previous generations have strived to correct these problems and fight against tyranny to gain power, they cannot solve the problems facing society (Delgado & Stefancic, 2023). Suppose we fail to educate children about racism and how it manifests in the world, institutions, and everyday life. In that case, we cannot anticipate them not to be racist or to resist racism actively. However, CRT has received backlash, as discussed in the podcast; many people assume that it is about black history and only aims to paint one race to discriminate against other races. This is, as discussed, misguided information since CRT focuses on all races in America. It has also been mentioned in the podcast that racial prejudice is a systematic problem. This means that discrimination is deeply rooted in various systems in the U.S. Therefore, one effective way of eradicating it or at least attempting is to indulge systematic, cumulative measures such as the theory. The topic of discussion is interesting since it has picked one of the most controversial topics. Racial discrimination affects every American directly or indirectly, and it is time we should all come together and eradicate the issue and set a clear footstep for the next generation.

Examining the influence of motivation on students learning today by Cristine Hodac.

The discussion connects motivation and education performance effectively. According to (Handayani et al., 2020), Learning is something that the learner initiates on their own. Thus, they need to have a reason to keep at it if they want to make any progress. The value of having a clear purpose extends far beyond education. The more prepared you are, the more focused you will be on the task at hand, and the faster you will reach your goal. The discussion explores different types of motives. The first motive is discussed in cognitive motivation theory. This is a cognitively mediated behavior in which students push themselves to succeed by creating personal challenges. Persistent actions indicate this theory, which is decided by the importance of the goal and the confidence that a given course of action would lead to success in realizing that goal. The second motivation discussed is reinforcement theory. This is a motivation based on fear of repercussions; for instance, losing a scholarship or punishment. The intrinsic theory is also discussed as a motivation based on the inherent urge for success. Other motivation theories that have also been discussed include self-worth theory and self-system theory. As much as Learning is self-motivated, teachers and parent plays a significant role in learners’ motivation. The podcast is engaging and adequately outlined. It is a good podcast for teachers and parents as it gives insight into their role in learners’ lives.

Dopamine Detox and how it works by Ruirong Yu.

The podcast is very educative on this isolated issue of dopamine detox. Detox dopamine involves recognizing how you overuse distractions like social media, gaming, and television and then giving yourself a break for a few days, which can help you get back on track. The idea is to reset the pleasure centers in your brain. The discussion has established that taking a break from some toxic, addictive, or unhealthy behaviors can help regenerate the brain. The speaker relates dopamine release to social media and other pleasurable or intriguing activities by explaining that when one scrolls through a social platform, they keep scrolling, hoping to get more exciting content. This is the role of dopamine; when one completes an activity, dopamine is released to increase motivation to complete more tasks. The speaker has connected dopamine to education success. If learners initiate dopamine detox, they can manage time and have ample time for studies and better performance (Chen et al., 2020). The discussion is interesting since everyone at some point has felt trapped in the overuse of social platforms and or other activities like video games, and dopamine detox is an excellent measure to break the bondage.


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Delgado, R., & Stefancic, J. (2023). Critical race theory: An introduction (Vol. 87). NyU press.

Wardani, A. D., Gunawan, I., Kusumaningrum, D. E., Benty, D. D. N., Sumarsono, R. B., Nurabadi, A., & Handayani, L. (2020, November). Student learning motivation: a conceptual paper. In 2nd Early Childhood and Primary Childhood Education (ECPE 2020) (pp. 275-278). Atlantis Press.


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