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Plastic Pollution Essays

Sustainability: The Use of Cloth Bags Over Single-Use Plastics

Sustainability is an endeavour that everyone should adopt for the development and growth of society in a forward-leaning manner, which gives rise to my project on using cloth bags instead of single plastic bags. One way to ensure this is by reducing and eradicating single-use plastic bags. Countries across the globe have introduced laws to ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1384

Tap Water: A Healthy, Environmentally Friendly, and Cost-Efficient Beverage

Introduction: Even though tap water has many health advantages, it is generally neglected as a beverage option. Despite its convenience and the fact that it is sometimes overlooked, it has several benefits that set it out as the best option. This essay argues that drinking tap water benefits your health since it is a healthy beverage, friendly to the environment, and cost-efficient. ... Read More
Pages: 5       Words: 1270
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Reusable Surgical Gowns and Drapes: Should We Be Adopting Them More Widely?

Introduction: The field of healthcare is not exempt from the ever-increasing focus that is currently being placed on the problem of environmental sustainability. Disposable surgical gowns and drapes are part of the solid waste produced by the perioperative services sector, which has a major negative impact on the environment (Yap et al., 2023). It has ... Read More
Pages: 8       Words: 2047

The Degradation of Plastics

A synthetic organic substance created by humans, plastic is used to make goods utilized in various sectors of the economy. During the past century or two, man has built and employed different innovative materials. One such substance is plastic. Considering how widely they are used, plastics have become significant in the modern lifestyle. Polymers are ... Read More
Pages: 14       Words: 3699

Plastic Waste Management in the U.K.

Plastics have grown indispensable in the past several decades owing to their widespread use and low manufacturing costs. The world’s annual plastics manufacturing has increased by 80 percent since the turn of the century and is presently at over 370 million metric tons. However, most of this is useless garbage because many plastic items are ... Read More
Pages: 6       Words: 1397

Environmental Issue – Pollution

An environment is a condition or a surrounding of people, plants, and animals in which they live. There are specific pressing environmental issues today. These issues affect the daily living activities of the inhabitants of a given environment. The problems can be as a result of nature or as a result of human activities. Pollution ... Read More
Pages: 3       Words: 670
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Essays On Plastic Pollution

This is an excellent topic choice that can actually bridge two different disciplines together if you’re ready to do so. It’s a form of pollution that’s an ongoing global dilemma that affects everyone and due to the nature of plastic itself it’s an issue that doesn’t have an easy solution.

On one hand, there currently are massive amounts of plastic waste such as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. On the flipside, there is still constant daily plastic usage that only adds to the problem. So there are many approaches to how this essay can be researched and written.

It’s a very relevant topic to discuss because it’s exponentially grown into a global problem. Every country now plays a part in the continued growth of plastic usage and its inevitable waste.

How to write an essay on plastic pollution

First, decide if you want to write about the scientific aspect of plastic pollution or the psychological dependency on plastic pollution. If you go down the purely scientific road, you will want to remain unbiased and stick with evidence and research in your writing. Treat it as you would treat any ongoing issue, only with the facts and no inferences at all.

If you decide to do a blend, you can infer the human psychology of our need for plastics and how it’s considerably getting worse. This can be regarding the dependency on keeping our food items fresher, our movement into large cities that don’t produce any food, or the fact that many countries have embraced convenience and single-usage items as well. Of course, such a topic will also require extensive research, but it can show a more psychological component to it and how it’s not as easy to fix as simply getting rid of plastic tomorrow.

This one can have an opinion attached to it, but also make sure there are readily available alternatives that make sense to combat the growing global dependency on plastic.

Topics to consider for your essays on plastic pollution:

• The political challenges of addressing plastic pollution.
• Continual dependency on plastic
• The impact of plastic pollution on marine life
• Realistic solutions to plastic pollution

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